Tuesday, February 1, 2011

What I am reading - February

I finished reading my 1st book for 2011 called "Almost French", my chosen novel for January.
You can read about here, in 2011 my goal is at least one book per month.

My thoughts - The book was quite enjoyable and I really did like it. I have visited Paris before, and I adore the city, and to be honest with you always day dreamed about what it would be like to live there. The fashion, the glamour, the food, the language, oohlala. But to be completely honest with you, the book has kind of turned those day dreams upside down. My fairy tale has had a reality slap. Each chapter was a great journey of her new life in Paris with many ups, and probably more downs. I admire Sarah (who wrote the book & lived there), it was a cultural challenge for her to say the least. It wasn't easy to make a friend, to find a job, to communicate, and she felt genuinely uncomfortable. It was a real eye opener. It did get better as life went on there I promise, she just adapted and started to understand the French way. She must have loved Frederick to have stuck it out she was one tough cookie. A great read definitely if you have a passion for anything French.

February - this one is fabulous.
My mum bought this for me for Christmas. It was a surprise as generally really my mum would never be so bold as to buy me a book, as I am the first to admit I am a little picky. I am reading
It has 3 things my mum knows I love so she assumed it will be a winner,
New York City

Briefly, it is about Pandora English, an orphan with a special gift, who moves from a small town to live with her Great Aunt Celia in NYC. Pandora's dream is to work as a journalist for a fashion magazine. Her Great Aunt lives in a Gothic mansion, and used to be a fashion design to Hollywood's Golden Stars. Pandora understands her Aunt should be in her late 80's.
However things aren't as she expected...Her Aunt is unnaturally young & is always wearing a veil. Pandora lands a job at a fashion magazine, and her first job is an assignment on the newest A-list miracle cream called "Blood Of Youth". She finds something isn't right about the product as there seems to be a secret ingredient....Worth killing for.

I have only read the first 80 pages & I am captivated.
I think I will get through this one quickly, it sounds exciting. It's also the first Tara Moss novel I am reading. Has anyone else read anything else of hers? I would love to know more.

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Sarah said...

Hey, I just read this book a few weeks back and loved it! I've read all of Tara's other books - a series of four books (Hit, Covet, Split and Fetish), all thrillers about a supermodel who is studying to be a forensic psychologist! Sounds cheesy, but they're actually pretty good! I met her when I interviewed her when she released Hit. Gorgeous woman! ps. just came across your blog and love it - your art is brilliant.