Sunday, January 2, 2011

What I am reading

Ahhh reading, I could do it all day, a good book is very therapeutic.
It has the ability to stop your crazy trains of thoughts, and take you somewhere else. What ever your style is, just to shut the mind down is so refreshing. I haven't been reading much lately, it's a bit had with a new baby, but 2011 is here and the bookworm in me has returned. One book a month is my goal, usually I can turn them around much faster, but I am not pressuring myself.
A book bought for me by a very best friend.
I got it for my birthday & was so happy when I received it as I am generally on to any books that have a French them. I have just started this so I will let you know what I think when I am done.
A quick overview.
This is a non fiction book about an Australian girl who tells her story of when she met a Frenchman name Frederic. Before returning home to Sydney he invites her to Paris for a week. It's about how their relationship grows & the cultural clashes. She ends up living there and it then turns into a journey of learning French etiquette and the new challenges of a new country.

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Jane said...

You'll love it, Kylie - good for you to set yourself a goal! Enjoy ☺. J x