Friday, September 30, 2011

Miss Charlotte loves Miss Ruby May

Charlotte has a doll from the gorgeous collection Miss Ruby May.
I absolutely ADORE these dolls & very protective of it being chewed, drooled on, or squished. To date I have been a mean mum & not let Miss Charlotte have it in fear of it being ruined. Yes I know 'precious'. Lately, every time I change her nappy she makes this noise, which I know means "I want the doll", as she can see it sitting on her shelf. So we pick it up, she kisses her, I kiss her & she goes back on the shelf. Until the other morning after our shared kisses she was not going to let me put it back. There was a gentle tug of war & then I gave in. She ran to the couch & shared a moment.

My Miss Ruby May Doll. Back off mum!!!!!

The look of love.

The act of love, admiration & affection.

Charlotte is so much more girly than I thought she would be. I honestly thought she would end up being a little rougher having a big brother. She never shows real interest in Hudson's cars & trucks, but if you pull out a doll a whole world of nurturing happens. Hugging, kissing, combing the hair, & feeding them.

It's very cute & I love it.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

2011 Christmas Collection

With less than 100 days away until Christmas I thought it would be time to reveal all things Christmas at Tiges and Weince.

A couple of weeks ago I gave you a sneak preview of my Christmas collection in illustration form only, which you can read about here. I am happy to say they are complete & available now.

There are 5 different stockings to buy.
All $20 with FREE personalising
FREE postage too.
I think these are a great Christmas gift especially if you have to post interstate or abroad as they are so light & flat to post.

Bird on a bauble Christmas stocking.

Christmas tree stocking.

Pink owl Christmas stocking.

Blue owl Christmas stocking.

Santa Christmas stocking.

Something new to add this year.
A Christmas bunting to hang around your festive space.

Also a Christmas doorstop.
Use to hold open your front door to let in that summer breeze over the Christmas break.

All are available in my etsy & madeit shops.
Also if you follow my newsletter you can receive some Christmas bundled items.
Just look to the left hand side of my blog under the big mailing list tab to subscribe.
Would you like to see what's on offer? You can also read my newsletter here.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday love....Reading

Reading is a huge passion of mine & something I don't get to do as much as I would like to these days. I love it so much that I have created a spare room at home dedicated purely for the collection of my books.
You read about this here & here.
Nothing warms me more than having my books around me. Some are heavy in depth stories, some are light with fresh story lines, some are educational as I love to read bios and business related books, some are crafty, and a lot are arty. I love beautiful photos of objects and people.

The room still isn't complete, I would say a work in progress. But today I wanted to share some images I found that are about this love.

I just ADORE this print. I have actually bought it from this store. I am looking forward to receiving it & sharing with you all as to where I hang it.

This beautiful photo is how I would love to spend some of my days. I would imagine the air is warm, the grass is soft, the flowers smell divine & that book is a fantastic read.
image from pinterest.

This is what I wish my kids would understand!
image from pinterest.

Another fantastic illustration that I love.
image from pinterest.

I am reading this now. It's a daggy cover I know, but it is full of information regarding direct sales & party plan, especially relevant for my other business. Even if this isn't you thing it's a great read for sales in general and has definitely given me ideas & so forth for when I do markets.

I hope whatever you're reading inspires you.

Have a great Friday.
Kylie xx

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sweet dreams

A while ago I found some time to sit & draw, I don't do it as much these days as I would like to. I have really become accustomed to drawing straight on to the computer. I just find it faster & easier.

So...I wanted to create a design than had a hand drawn element.

I didn't have any particular idea in my head as to watch I was going to draw. I knew I wanted to create a circular design, add some birds, love hearts & flowers. I definitely wanted the letters hand drawn and irregular.

A completed sketch along with some coloured pencils with a loose idea of a colour palette.

Moving fast forward, I scanned the image in, adjusted it & recoloured it & here it is done.

Keeping it round was so new for me as I usually keep my designs square.

I thought a ruffle would change the design up nicely for a change.
using the baby lock stitch on my over locker was great as I haven't used this in ages. It has actually got me a little inspired to get ruffly!!

This is a one off design that I have added in my madeit shop, so basically first in first served.

Monday, September 12, 2011

What do little people talk about I wonder?

When the sun was shining in Melbourne last week I took advantage of it & spent a lot of time out doors with the kids. On one of those sunny days I sat the kids on out park bench with their afternoon tea. During this time my mobile rang so I raced upstairs to answer it. As I was heading outside I could see the two of them chatting away.

I couldn't make out what they were saying as they were some distance from me. I grabbed my camera to capture this moment. Thank heavens for a zoom lens.

I wonder what they are looking at, or are they contemplating no good?

Is Charlotte asking a question? Or is Hudson telling her something?

It didn't take long before they realised I was there & there moment ended. So while they were in the mood a couple more happy snaps to finished the moment.

Screaming Cheeky!!

All sealed with a sibling kiss...mwah!

I truly love these moments it's so heart warming & reminds me there are so many wonderful things about being a mum even though at times it can be very challenging.
I count my blessings everyday for the happy healthy kids I have.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Felt Balls & Friday fun

I was very excited yesterday when I got the knock as I knew what it was.

MY RUG....well Charlotte's actually.

I have wanted one of these ever since I first laid eye's on them. I still hadn't bought Charlotte anything for her birthday which was May this year. Yes bad mummy! I honestly didn't what to buy her, I gave her a great party so that has eased my conscious.

When I saw the rugs I just knew that was it. A present she could keep forever.
The quality is amazing it's so soft yet firm, and made just beautifully. The colours are mesmerizing so vibrant and intoxicating.

The kids were so curious asking over & over, "What is it mummy".
When I unrolled it their eye widened right up, they were so into it touching it, rolling on it, & Hudson couldn't wait to tell me every colour in there & attempt to count them.

So I thought I would run some testing.

Charlotte kept walking over it, obviously it was a great texture the soft round balls. By the look on her face it passed!

Hudson did the sleep test & by the look on his face it was far to comfortable as he drifted off hehe.

Stretch out & relax was a sure winner as the stretched & rolled all over it for ages.

It was certainly 30mins of fun this rug. Now it lays perfectly in Charlotte's room.

They are so divine you can buy 4 colours, I have 2 of them here. There is also a red/pink combination & black/grey/white version. I bought this from Mini Me and You & you can also buy them from Quirky & Quaint as I will be selling them in my party plan range.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Christmas Preview

I have been working frantically on my Christmas designs for this year 2011. I felt like it was never going to end, the continuous changing & tweaking was becoming obsessive. I have arrived so to speak at my "final destination" of completion. There are 6 & I am thrilled to share each one with you. At this stage they are just illustrations to share & will soon be created in the real form.

This year I will be of course doing my mini Christmas stockings. I made them last year for the first time & was thrilled at the response, you can see last years designs here & here.

Here are my designs;
Bird on a Christmas Bauble & Merry Christmas Tree

Christmas owls, one for the boys & girls

Santa of course & a Christmas Angel

The Christmas stockings of course can be personalised which seemed to be the most popular choice last year. Add a name & year, or just the year, it's up to you & again this year personalising will be free
I am wanting to add a new product to work along side the Christmas Stockings, but am still to decide what. If you can see these designs as something else I would LOVE to know you thoughts.

I still can't believe how fast this year is flying & I am scrambling to get my Christmas collection together. What are you racing to complete in time for Christmas this year?

Monday, September 5, 2011

Christening Gifts for Spring

With the Spring season now upon us, I have noticed the last month has been busy with customers buying my 2 current Christening cushions.

I thought it was time to create 2 new ones.
With a different feel to the last 2 which were soft & whimsical, these 2 are bold and bright.

One for the boys.

One for the girls.

These cushions are a unique option when having to buy a Christening gift if you are not in favour of buying traditional items. Still a gift to be keep, with the date remembered, yet a fun addition to their bedrooms.

Available in my etsy & madeit shop.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Business reality check - spring clean challenge

Yesterday I had to do all of my figures for my accountant.
Numbers bore me, I know they are really important for business, but the just don't do it for me. However if the numbers on excel looked as pretty as these I just may be more inspired hehe!

image from pinterest

In saying that I love the numbers that make sales!! That makes me say YIPPEE! Really who doesn't?

Back to my point I had quite a reality check.
Firstly I was so happy with my sales, I did far better than I thought, so from that aspect I am definitely proud of myself. It's been a journey creating around the clock & the kids. It's also very inspiring to think of what could possibly be achieved without distractions & if I ran my business full time. I hear so many other mums talk about how their business takes such a different turn when their kiddies are at school, & you can be more attentive. That's a fair way away for me, so I just work with what I can. Strange hours around the clock.

After looking at my sales then I looked at my expenses.


My eyeballs nearly fell out on my sketch pad. They were close to my sales. YIKES! Admittedly I have used money for things for the kids, & some furniture, & other luxuries, but I was still very surprised. I am not kicking myself for it by any means, I work hard & I reward however my heart sings, which is generally on the kids. After sitting there & thinking I started aimlessly looking around my work space. I saw a whole lot of fabric, some trims, paper, & ink. A lot of it are necessary. There was a whole lot of fabric just sitting there, doing nothing, just sitting. Then it just dawned on me, there are my expenses. Not all of them but a lot. Fabric, fabric, fabric, for me equals impulse buying. I really need to use it up & turn it into some sales. I mean what a waste, I am positive it all had a purpose at one stage, but knowing me that idea or concept has dissolved & I lost interest.

Here is my stash....
I know I know there is a lot.
I am giving myself a bit of a "Spring Clean" challenge. With Christmas only 20 or so weeks away I am aiming to make as much as possible up to put in my Etsy & Madeit shops, as well as take to my Quirky & Quaint parties, and of course my favourite way to sell....Markets.
A new item a day, that's 30 pieces, can I do it? It's a huge challenge for me, I am not going to create super doopa pressure, but I am going to have a go.

I will post my creations for you too see. Wish me luck.

If you would like to join the "Spring Clean" challenge, let me know on facebook so we can do it together.