Monday, May 30, 2011

My Home Library is Finished...Kind of

Earlier in the month I blogged about my love for books and a dream to create a home library. If you missed the post you can catch up here. After looking at countless images for inspiration I did a quick shop to IKEA, bought some shelving and got to work, making use of an unused room in my house.

Once that job was out of the way, the task ahead of filling the bookshelves was quite daunting to be honest. Not only have I bragged that I am a book lover, and a big reader, I came to learn I didn't own half as many books as I thought I did. Obviously my small and cramped current space, gave me this perception I owned a tonne of books. Oh well such a minor problem can be solved, BUY MORE!! Hello Book Depository!

So here is the finished result, a little sparse yes I know, but it's getting there. I love my brand new raspberry red shaggy rug, to give the space a bit of colour. I have had to really hunt around my house to find objects of desire to place on some of my bare shelves. Unfortunately I don't have the budget to buy everything brand new, and coordinating perfectly to make it look like it's come straight out of a Vogue Living shoot. Sigh..

I still dislike my red couch to the left, I will eventually get around to covering that. Time is my battle at present but I will keep you up to date about that achievement. I love my pink vase, I bought that years ago in Hong Kong on a work trip, in some dodgy back door market. It's one of my many miss matched travel souvenirs.

The fun bit, working out how to display my books. I have actually categorised them which is very exciting for me to feel so organised.

I have had to place them in piles to create the illusion of many.

Another little spot with things for me to fill. I love my apple fabric baskets, I still don't know what to use them for, so for now I just enjoy looking at them.

More books and trinkety treasures. My latest favourite piece, is the red apple tea light candle holder I bought from Mozi.

The last angle. More treasures including beer steins bought from the infamous Hofbraeuhaus in Munich Germany. My favourite wrought iron dress mannequin, and lots of photo albums.

I think my library space will always be a work in progress, I am taking my time with it and have decided to let it evolve in it's own way. I still would like some framed artwork to hang, but just need to sit and search for the perfect pieces. I have found fabric I would like to cover the couch in, but at $40 per metre, I think I will practise with calico first, to make sure my couch pattern fits perfectly.

Now I look forward to sitting up there alone and reading....Bliss.
Do you have a peaceful reading space? I would love to know about it.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Brand new cushion & door stop - Lady bird style

After a week of pink parties, and an explosion of lady birds fluttering around, I thought I would finish this obsession with two new products to the Tiges and Weince collection.

Lady Bird style of course!!

A brand new doorstop, which also doubles as a fabulous bookend.

And of course a matching cushion too.

Both items are now available in my shop.

I am off to a 40th birthday party today, I hope you are having a wonderful Saturday wherever you're headed or whatever you're doing xx

Thursday, May 26, 2011

One of many things I do when searching for inspiration

I like to be as honest as possible about my business. I would never let anybody think that the ideas 'just flow', or 'oh they just come to me so easily'.

Guess what? It doesn't always happen that way for me.

Lately I have been feeling a little bit flat on the ideas creative front. I think it's actually called 'hitting the wall'. I have been so busy with orders which is just awesome, and I am not complaining about that by any means. I just haven't had a lot for time to focus on developing new things. I am learning through out my business journey that it is really important as a creative being, to just stop. It doesn't matter if you have 30 pending orders, just stop. They won't go away if they are ignored for a few hours or an evening. I know they will still be sitting there later on for you. I have had to learn this myself as I was becoming a little frustrated as I wasn't enjoying the creative side, as I wasn't allowing it to happen. As I mentioned before, it was making me feel a little flat. My ideas felt like they had hit the wall, so I went looking for it instead.

I love books and magazines, they are my addiction of choice, so I decided to buy a whole bunch of design ones. Gotta love my favourite book home 'Book Depository', to feed this bad, bad habit. With great prices & free shipping, it's crazy not too go a little mad once in a while. I bought 6 the other day & 4 have arrived.

I think it is really important to remember this, especially those who create for a living. It is so easy to get wound up in the orders, invoicing, relisting, emailing, networking on face book and twitter, and any other responsibilities. Sit back and set aside an hour or two, you may need half a day, and let your mind wander naturally as you immerse yourself in inspirational materials. Whether is be books, store visits, surfing the net, or going through op shops, as this is the only way to allow you mind to come up with those imaginative sparks, that are at the end of the day, the most important facet of your business. Without those, there won't be any more orders in the future.

I know after flicking through some of these book, I have a few light bulb moments happening.
Happy creating, xx

Monday, May 23, 2011

Charlotte's Party

If you didn't know it was Charlotte's 1st birthday on Saturday. An event I went all out on, creating a lady bird theme. If weren't aware you can read more here and here.

I just wanted to post a couple of photo's to show you all the end result.

Little Miss Charlotte, in her red tutu, something I had been saving for here to wear for ages. Unfortunately she wasn't in the mood for photo's at this point.

I am in love with this cake, it was better than I ever expected. I baked the rich chocolate delight, in dome pyrex glass bowls and cut off the top so it would sit flat. I mixed the butter icing but that was it. My lovely friend decorated the cake for me, hence it looking so damn good. Thanks Mardi xx

The table before the party goers arrived.

Not the greatest family photo, but the best of the bunch unfortunately. Charlotte was over it & Hudson decided to throw a whammy. KIDS!!!!

One thing I have learnt with kids parties, the kids don't run to your 'intended' schedule. They all didn't sit at the table as I assumed they would. They all didn't want to play pass the parcel, they were just too happy playing, the sun was out and my swing set and trampoline in the back yard was far more exciting. I have a bit more practise to go before I get the hang of these parties, I had some help however the whole time which was awesome.

No more parties to plane for another year.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Ladybird 1st Birthday Party - Part 2

Apologies in advance for my lady bird obsession this week, just in case you're over it, but it has created a fun & fulfilling creative spark. With such inspiration I have also started 2 new products for my shop which is in the pipe line, and I will show off later.

After suffering a bad stomach bug for the last two days, of all damn weeks, it's time to share some more of my party selections for Charlotte's first birthday. If you haven't read part one of this post you can do so here.

I used the lady bird & toad stools on her birthday invite, and printed it on 100% cotton for her to make a party bunting. I am sure it will look great around the table.

I am loving it as it will finish up in her bedroom after Saturday.

Next I am going to attempt to make some toad stool cookies. The cookie cutter I wanted to buy was sold out so I have had to improvise, making my own toad stool cutter from card. Will work out just as well, however may take a little longer as I will have to cut out each one individually. Wasn't sure what cookie recipe to use, so I have opted for the popular smartie biscuit recipe, but I obviously won't be using the smarties. I found these cute designs from the good fairy.

Lastly I am borrowing this sweet drink idea that I found on taste, Apple, bannana and Cranberry punch. Looks so yummy, think I will have some myself.

Next thing for me to work on are some gifts for pass the parcel, pin the nose on the lady bird, and of course what to pop in those party loot bags.

I am getting excited.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Home Library

I have a spare room in my house right at the front, it doesn't have any doors on it, it's more of a show room actually. To be quite frank with you, its useless. Always wanting a place to be alone, which is almost impossible with two babies, the dream and determination to have something has resulted in trying to create my own library, a little sanctuary I guess one would call it. The last few weeks I have been planning this dream library in my house.

I love books, they are my way of leaving the place that I am at, it could be a juicy novel, or dreamy and inspiring design books, it just fills my mind with other thoughts. A perfect place you could say. I have always loved the library of Nile's, on the sitcom Frasier. So grand, large & the best part is the ladders that glides along the shelving, getting you from one reference to another. MMM I don't think I will be having a library on that scale.

Looking for inspiration I found these amazing libraries.

I love all the books colour coded, isn't it divine?

This library looks so cosy and inviting. I love how the green curtain could be dragged across to hide the books creating a whole new space. Oh, and I love the ladder.

Now my library is not on this scale by any means, it will be cosy & tiny that's a guarantee. After a visit to IKEA, and a tonne of book shelves later, here is the beginning of my own little in home library. I definitely knew what I wanted in my head, all the shelves to sit in the corner, and not all the same height or width. I wanted to create some interest and opportunity to find some new artwork to hang later on.

Here is the room, see that window? Well that is the front of my house.
These gerbra pictures are not my favourite at all now. They used to be up in my old house & suited it perfectly. But because I went from an 11sq house to 34square house I had to fill spaces with everything I owned. The rest of the stuff is just kids things that should be put away.

One shelf on it's way.

All done in the corner as I wanted, and still leaving space to hang some great artwork. Told you it was tiny.

From another angle.
This is wear my couch will sit. I am going to eventually cover it as I am so over the red. I am thinking a print of some sort, not sure yet, and definitely snuggle cushions and a rug of some sort. I also need to buy a lovely rug to lay in the middle as I am not thrilled with how the unit colour & the carpet kind of blend.

Now I am just adding in all of my books, some little collectibles I would like to display. I am not showing the finished result yet, as I am a rather fussy and will most likely rearrange several times until it's right. Even then I am sure I will change it around again. Now I need to find the right artwork for the walls.

When its done I will post it, should only be a couple of days.

Monday, May 16, 2011

A Ladybird 1st Birthday Party - Part 1

Charlotte turns 1 on Saturday, I can't believe it, so I thought I would throw her a little party.
I have decided to create a Ladybird theme, I have always loved these little insects. They are so cute, pretty, and have such a friendly persona about them. It also gives me opportunity to use lots of red and pink together, and get my creative cap on.

Birthday parties are so full on now, the themes, the candy buffet's, I felt extremely overwhelmed, until the lovely Amy fromGiggleberry Creations steered me in the right direction of party supplies, and a load of ideas to help my theme come to life. She is a party planning enthusiast. Thanks Amy xx

I have lots to share about what I am doing, but it's all to much for one blog post, so I thought I share the first stages with you. Another reason is, I am a bit 'last minute Lucy', and still have quite a bit to do.
First...The invite, I created that myself, that was the easy part.

The party decor, from Complete Party Boxes. Lots of red and pink in spots and stripes.
Pink spotted lanterns, to be hung over the party table.
Plates, serviettes and cups, all coordinating perfectly.
Cupcake cases, I won't necessarily be putting cupcakes in those. Still yet to be decided.
A party bag for the special guests to take home.

Loving these little party straws (from Spotlight), they don't match my lady bird, I can live with that. They were too cute to not include.

Gorgeous little toad stools which will be used for the cake. I am making the cake, a lady bird of course, and a friend is helping me decorate it as she is pretty damn good at that stuff. So I am thinking the toad stools with have to be on the grass around the cake?? Still to be decided.

I love these party bags and didn't want to fold them shut after they have been filled. So I used the lady bird on my invite and created a circle design and added it to a wooden peg.

It's very exciting, and I need to write a list today of things to compete & mark them off. Some of those include;
Lady bird party bunting
table cloth
gifts for party games
helium balloons
food of course - shopping list - choc crackles for sure mmm my favourite
A little something for each of the take home party bags

I will admit this is a tad exciting, so stay tuned for more.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Happy Birthday Hudson

My baby boy turned 3 today, I simply can not believe it. Where has the time gone?

Hudson is my miracle baby, also the love of my life, before him I had multiple miscarriages. Which one day I may blog about, but it was years of hell. When I found out I was pregnant again, I wished & prayed for the best, & held my breath until I knew everything was going to be OK. After an intruding test at 12 weeks I was finally given the thumbs up, everything is perfect. I also found out I was having, a boy, as when you test DNA there can't be an error. After all of my issues I just wanted to start my relationship with the little man that was growing inside me. Thinking about what I would call him & what he would look like consumed me. As happy as I was I never really enjoyed my pregnancy as with every routine test I had, I was hoping to god there wouldn't be bad news, I couldn't relax. I had so many problems I was completely paranoid. Until he was born, which had to be by caesarean, I wouldn't relax, and 3yrs ago today I finally took a deep breath & said, he's mine. Thinking about this today brings a tear to my eye, 3 years later. I never thought I would have this little person, my own little person in my life.

Today was a simple celebration, nothing fancy, just with Hudson's little buddies, which were all born within 6 weeks of each other. It was also a celebration for his friend Patrick who turns 3 tomorrow, a joint venture & I loved every minute of it. A last minute decision to have a party, so all of us mum's contributed with some food. As wonderful as it was, I was happy to hear silence when everyone left, with the sugar consumption, there was a hell of lot of squealing.

Blowing out the candles.

A quick game of pass the parcel, where everyone won a prize.

MMM food, party pies, sausage rolls, fairy bread, bickies.

One happy little birthday boy, so grown up & gorgeous. He is mad for cars so we got him a whole city to drive in.

Happy birthday my baby boy, I love you xx

P.S Stay tuned my other miracle turns one next week & it's going to be a glorious party. There are details to be told.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Paper Flowers

In my quest lately for decorating my house, I have bought countless book shelves and other odds and ends from IKEA. Storage has become a necessity, as I am sick of things on the ground. With a very mobile baby, nothing is sacred my friends, nothing at all.

Now the fun part starts, decorating and sourcing the beautiful pieces to adorn my new places.
I am still working on my dream home library which I promise to show soon. Oooh the pressure of that.

Today I discovered a new shop Miss Isa.
While reading through the wonderful Life on Planet Baby blog, (also nominated as Kidspot 50 top bloggers) she posted her love for these gorgeous paper flowers. It was love at first sight literally, I have always had a thing for flowers. After clicking on the link, seeing this gorgeous the shop, I was sold, hook line and sinker.

I bought these 3 gorgeous colours....How lovely are they?

Also had my eye on this.

Some more lovely paper flowers.

There lots of other beautiful items in this shop like garlands and stunning pencils.
Click here to see the whole collection.

Monday, May 9, 2011


New "Viking" doorstops have been added to my shop.

Two new designs I think they work really well for the boys. I like the Vikings, this one in particular, he is strong, handsome and maybe a little cooky, with a full curly beard. I think he will succeed standing tall and strong, stopping doors slamming, or holding up as book ends.

I had no idea the door stops would sell so well and I am just loving it. My goal is to do a small range more for mums & not the kids, as I know I don't particularly want the kiddie drawings everywhere in my home. For myself, I like designs a little older. Maybe I think that way because I look at my work 24/7? Who knows.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day to all the wonderful women, that call themselves mum.

Have great day however you celebrate it, and with whom ever you are celebrating with.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

A very special day tomorrow for all mother's around the country.

I am celebrating the occasion tomorrow with my family and Daniel's for lunch. A total of 16 of us, will be filling my house. I wanted to make the day as simple as possible so I have opted with an Italian theme. We're all contributing, which is a blessing as it's too much on my own. Starting with antipasto platter, bruschetta, some comforting minestrone soup and garlic bread, quiche, garden salad, and my very own lasagne. Followed by my mum's chocolate torte, and a new lemon slice she is experimenting with. Oh did I add a few glasses of wine too.

I am not sure what I am getting from the kids, it's actually a mystery. However I did decide to buy myself something too, I think I deserved it. I have had my eye on this gorgeous fabric basket, it's been in my list of favourites for a while. I actually bought two, I don't know why, I just think they will sit better as a pair. I just think they are gorgeous.

Have a wonderful day tomorrow however you celebrate it xx

Friday, May 6, 2011

Look what I have :0)

I got home from Soccer this morning to find a cardboard box under my door mat. I knew exactly what it was & raced to open it.

I am pretty happy to say the least.
I have looked, scanned, flicked, and said a few oohs & ahhs.
Now I just dream for the quite time to read and savour every bit of it.
I will be sure to tell you about my favourite pages and how they have inspired me.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Not everything has to be personalised

I had no idea what I was entering in to when I did my first personalised cushions. Putting your name on something is so incredibly popular. My initial idea when I started designing the collection was just to do a regular kids cushion collection. Pretty straight forward, nice and simple. Then the couple of personalised ones I did continued to sell, then I thought I'd do two more, and they sold, then two more and so on. So I guess it's you guys, the customers, that have unexpectantly altered my initial business plan slightly. But that's OK, I love doing it.

I do get a lot of queries, can I "unpersonalised' a particular design. Some can easily be altered, some not so, like the dedicated name designs.

Today's post is to let everyone know that if you like something, but don't want a name on it, that's fine just let me know. The last couple of weeks I have had several of these requests from customers and stockists.

The following have been "depersonalised".
I haven't listed them in my shop, but if you would like any of them feel free to ask me, or if you would like the name on something else removed. I will add them to my gallery & facebook decorative cushion page.

A depersonalised "Apple Pop"

A depersonalised "Monster Mash"

A depersonalised "Lady bird"

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Colour Combo - Pink & Chartruese

I know we are heading into Winter (apparently), in Australia, but it doesn't mean dark dreary colours for me. No know I am a colour obsessed.

These two colours I absolutely adore together.
While looking around on Etsy today, instead of working teehee, I found a couple of items that were so bright and happy I wanted to share them with you. After finding those, I intentionally went looking for more, and found some other great finds.

They are a such great, yet not always an obvious colour combination for some. When put against a white back drop, they just pop and scream happy, happy, happy. Also beautiful not just as small accessory items, try using them in your home. Splash the colour about in different shades, it doesn't have to be as rich as the shades I have shown you, tone it down.

A little bit of bright can make a statement, how about using the two colours as cushion covers on a dark lounge, there are heaps of prints around in these shades to make your own. Even paint a few boring frames around the house and sit them together with some fab prints. Paints some old vases, or buy some artwork predominantly featuring the two colours. It's just endless. I found this room featuring both colours and it works beautifully. Not so bright it would make it hard to live in, actually quite soft and soothing,

If around the house makes you freak, take a look at some of the lovely jewellery pieces I found.

I hope your're making something colourful today.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

New fabric online stores I have found

Like most of us, I love fabric, lately I have been struggling to find the most basic of fabrics. All I want is a solid collection, with coordinating polka dots, or stripes.

Not hard hey?

Think wrong, I have found some new fabric stores but no one offers it. Just amazing prints which I don't need, and if I do find polka dots and stripes they have a multitude of colours in them.

I have been doing what I love researching with my friend google, and have found some great new fabric online shops. I am so excited to peruse each one page by page thoroughly, I have book marked them all for many future references.

Meanwhile I thought I would List all my wonderful new finds, all of which post internationally at extremely reasonable rates.

I will be sure to post some of my findings.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Custom Order

I love custom orders, especially this one.

This was one of my very first cushion designs that I made into a 40x40cm cushion.

The artwork is from a multi media piece I made. It consisted of watercolour paint, ink pen, and a felt and cotton appliqué I created.

While away at Easter I had a request to remake this and personalise it. I found just enough of the patterned fabric in my stash box to recreate it.

I have to say I am really happy with the result and hope that Finley (and Emany) love it too.

I just love custom work and am always open to anything you desire.
Just email me tigesandweince(at)