Monday, May 23, 2011

Charlotte's Party

If you didn't know it was Charlotte's 1st birthday on Saturday. An event I went all out on, creating a lady bird theme. If weren't aware you can read more here and here.

I just wanted to post a couple of photo's to show you all the end result.

Little Miss Charlotte, in her red tutu, something I had been saving for here to wear for ages. Unfortunately she wasn't in the mood for photo's at this point.

I am in love with this cake, it was better than I ever expected. I baked the rich chocolate delight, in dome pyrex glass bowls and cut off the top so it would sit flat. I mixed the butter icing but that was it. My lovely friend decorated the cake for me, hence it looking so damn good. Thanks Mardi xx

The table before the party goers arrived.

Not the greatest family photo, but the best of the bunch unfortunately. Charlotte was over it & Hudson decided to throw a whammy. KIDS!!!!

One thing I have learnt with kids parties, the kids don't run to your 'intended' schedule. They all didn't sit at the table as I assumed they would. They all didn't want to play pass the parcel, they were just too happy playing, the sun was out and my swing set and trampoline in the back yard was far more exciting. I have a bit more practise to go before I get the hang of these parties, I had some help however the whole time which was awesome.

No more parties to plane for another year.


Giggleberry (Amy) said...

Hopray!! Happy Birthday Charlotte!! The set up looked fab and the cake is GREAT!! Don't worry about the kids 'fitting in' to what you had thought, the important thing is that they have fun! xx

Naturally Carol said...

That's a very wise comment from 'Giggleberry'! Sounds like the guests had heaps of fun..and as the birthdays roll on Mum & Dad will relax a bit and the kids will be more relaxed too. I love Charlotte's red cute and very special for her big day. A very pretty party and cake. A big Happy Birthday to Charlotte too.

MooBeeTees said...

Happy children playing - sounds like a great success to me :0)

Charlotte looked very gorgeous in her red petti skirt!!

Jay @ Finki said...

What a great day, she'll look back on the pics one day and be so proud that her mum always did things so amazingly well ( :