Sunday, May 1, 2011

Some eggs for Charlotte

I didn't buy chocolate for Charlotte this year, instead bought some lovely hand painted eggs from Brusselsprout kids. They were so dainty, each with a little ribbon there so they could be hung. That wasn't my intention, it was to pop them in a glass jar. This is what I have come up with.

The eggs, a glass jar, some paper twine in pink which I just love & a pink & white stripe ribbon.

I wanted the looked to be subtle, pretty, & not too over done. Really simple actually. I loosely placed in the twine at the base of the jar, then arranged each egg carefully on top of it, making sure the same design wasn't next to each other. I then placed more twine on top of the eggs, and screwed the lid on.

Done...easy hey?
I decided not to include the pink & white stripe ribbon as it made the whole thing look overdone. Overall I am happy with the simplicity.

I am just surprised that I actually finished something for a change hehehe!

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