Tuesday, May 3, 2011

New fabric online stores I have found

Like most of us, I love fabric, lately I have been struggling to find the most basic of fabrics. All I want is a solid collection, with coordinating polka dots, or stripes.

Not hard hey?

Think wrong, I have found some new fabric stores but no one offers it. Just amazing prints which I don't need, and if I do find polka dots and stripes they have a multitude of colours in them.

I have been doing what I love researching with my friend google, and have found some great new fabric online shops. I am so excited to peruse each one page by page thoroughly, I have book marked them all for many future references.

Meanwhile I thought I would List all my wonderful new finds, all of which post internationally at extremely reasonable rates.

I will be sure to post some of my findings.

1 comment:

Jane said...

Ha, Kylie - Frangipani Fabrics is a few streets away from me! J x