Saturday, September 22, 2012

Superhero Bedroom Themes & other Ideas

In my quest for boy bedroom decorating ideas for Hudson, I came across the following inspirational bedrooms. I mentioned in my last post, it was time to give his bedroom a big boy over haul. He is "obsessed" with superheros so I think inspiration like this will come in handy.  

I love these cabinets & the vintage style posters.

I love this decal on the wall it's very cool. I don't have that wall space for this unfortunately.
The superhero baskets are fabulous also.

Perfectly placed details, I am assuming this is a cape, & I love the print on the shelf.

This bedroom is seriously cool! I love it.

The fact my own personal design aesthetic is all about colour, I just adore this. As well as having the superhero themes, the white walls & pops of bright look great. I didn't think red curtains could look so cool.

image source

Hudson's ultimate hero - Ben 10. The kid can not get enough of this character. If he had it his way, his room would look just like this image. I am sorry to say it's not going to happen, but I will make sure a small touch will be added.

With so much on offer as inspiration, it has certainly had me thinking about what I am going to do. I think I will borrow some ideas, but it has also sparked some other ideas of my own.

I hope you're having a great weekend.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Time to make a big boys room

The time has come to redecorate Hudson's bedroom, he is 4.5yrs & is certainly growing up really fast. His tastes have changed, and is showing signs of even wanting to play alone in there at times. I am quite happy with his room so far, it's bright with lots of lovely natural light, & reasonably roomy. I love the pops of red in the shelves, even though he has asked me for them to be green. I am happy to let most things he likes go, but I am putting the stop to the "Ben 10" green. 

Before I start to make changes I wanted to share the before photo's. I am still a bit unsure of exactly what I will do. It might be as simple as just changing the themes, or I might even go to town. I don't want to paint walls, as kids tastes change too fast, & I like how the furniture, walls & shelving are very neutral. I wont be able to change the furniture around to much, as it would bother him in a routine sense. He's a real creature of habit my little man.

So here it is..... 

Standing in from the door way. Light walls & furniture, with timber contrast which keeps it boyish I feel. I originally wanted all white furniture, but it just didn't seem to suit him. I love red, so his 2 shelves help achieve that pop of colour. I adore his Paddington Bear, & soft truck, but he just isn't interested in them anymore.

From the opposite corner, his cool zig zag shelves. I love these. Have you noticed the Lightening McQueen theme? Bit hard to not see. I adore this movie & all of the characters & feel a little sad that the love for him is slowly diminishing in favour of Ben 10 :(

Wardrobe doors & frog storage. Mind you I never really like it, it was a gift & just kind of filled space. 
Here is some of his artwork which he was very proud to show off, so I will be wanting to incorporate that into the transformation.

One of the very first buntings I made especially for him. I am note sure if mumma bear here is ready to remove those.

One of my paintings I did for him, It was sooooo long ago when I did this, & as much as I was super proud of it, I kind of look at it now and screw up my nose.

I am excited about this mini transformation & will be visiting pinterest and some of my favourite blogs for some inspiration. I will be sure to share what I find.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Christening Season

I have been getting several orders lately for Christening cushions, and have started to see a pattern when people buy them. It's Spring time, which seems to be the time when everyone wants their child dipped in "holy" water. I actually Christened both my kids in November, so without even realising I too did the Spring thing. It's a lovely day spent with family, friends and god parents. 

Christenings are so much more involved now especially when it comes to celebrations, I found these lovely decoration ideas via pinterest. I must admit I didn't get this involved, I opted for a simple occasion.

I have just designed two new cushion designs for Christenings, or Baptism's, whatever your special occasion. They have been really popular which I love as they are a different idea to the traditional gift.
Keeping with the church theme, you can see in the back ground I have placed lots of crosses there.

Another positive about Christening's happening, is that finally the weather seems to be feeling a tad warmer here in Melbourne.

Kylie x

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Neon Love

Spring has hit here in Australia, some parts being warmer than others obviously, but it still showing the same trends. If you haven't seen slowly the last few months of gorgeous neon brights hitting the stores and streets, you must have had your dark glasses on.

Personally I am just loving it, it must be that late 80's child coming out in me, but I am just loving how something so incredibly bright can still have so much class and style. I have put together a treasury via Etsy, of some of the gorgeous pieces out there on offer to snap up.

I am completely in love with the gorgeous wooden bowls & spoons. Not to mention the artwork. jewellery and other accessories, actually all of it. You can go here to read more information on any of the above products.

Have a happy & bright day,
Kylie x

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Website Change

I have made a big change to the way you can shop with Tiges and Weince.

For the last few months I have been having dreadful problems with my current website host. Not just the website itself, but my customers have been constantly emailing me about the glitches in the shop. It's been very frustrating, & unfortunately the response from my host was always very slow. So I have decided to make my main shop, my Etsy shop for the time being until I really work out what I want to do.

It's such a well run shopping extravaganza, it just seems like the obvious place, my range is always most current there, and I just adore the whole atmosphere of it.

While I am basing everything from my blog for a while, it will give me some time to give it some TLC which it's been lacking a bit of lately. It will also get me into a far better rhythm of writing regularly and keeping you very updated with new things happening, and the crazy Christmas build up which is starting to bubble slowly.

Have a great evening,