Saturday, March 24, 2012

My fitness journey....part 2

January 31st 2012, I wrote my first blog post on this topic, "My fitness journey".
I was starting to feel flat & unmotivated & heavy for what I was used to. I put on about 10kgs, & I wasn't feeling good.

Briefly.......Before I had Hudson I was very fit for a regular girl, I am definitely not an athlete, nor do I aspire to be one. I was fit enough to climb stairs without dying, I walked most days with my dog (RIP Jasper xx), I always did some form of weights as I am conscious of bone density decline, & I ate well. I also worked with, back then with 2 gorgeous fit & healthy girls which kept me inspired. I saved some money & bought 6 weeks of personal training, For joining the gym I received 2 free...bonus, another week.

Since this time I have managed to lose about 5kgs!! I am so happy & I can really tell the difference it has made, just not physically but mentally. I said I need to lose 10kgs, it's still a goal but the fact I am half way there is awesome. I have built some good lean muscle again which I can see in my arms, shoulders & YAY my collar bones are back! So sometimes that weight loss you dream off is gobbled up in a good way with popping some lovely lean muscle back into your body. I now have strength again, I felt so weak before, when I started I could do very few push ups, of the girlie variety. Now I can do 3 sets of 12 no problem, again the girlie style!! I can do about 5 real ones before I collapse LOL!!
Investing in the trainer as scary as it was initially, let alone painful, is the best thing I have ever invested in. Honestly!! She had me doing things with my body, like using my core, physical strength & pushing me in the cardio aspect harder than I EVER thought my body was capable of. Initially I started with the mind set pre training, "I can't do that any more", & I truly believed it, although deep down I wanted to achieve this. Sometimes I think we make ourselves believe certain things to prevent disappointment.

scrambled eggs - T&W image

She has definitely changed my diet around for the better. I did not allow her to dictate everything I put in my mouth as it was unrealistic to never eat a carb again, or eat sugar! I also told her no expect me to give up my skinny latte! She was taken back a bit, but respected I was happy to cut out the obvious but I had to live & enjoy my food. Besides I have 2 kids monitoring carbs & weighing protein isn't going to happen when I am a mum on the run.

We worked out this simple plan. I was able to stick to this as it was food I enjoyed. The fact it didn't require weighing was BLISS!! I have never been a diet freak so anything that I thought was going to consume my timeI wasn't interested in. She did expect me to cut rice, noodles & pasta at night & include more protein.

muesli & yogurt - T&W image


Carmen's muesli she believed was the best cereal dues to all the nuts & seed & no wheat. I just had 1 serving which is 40gms which is indicated on the side of the box. Throw in a handful of fruit, my choice blueberries, a dash of milk & a dessert spoon of natural yogurt. I had the Jalna Bio organic.

Scrambled eggs (above image) - 2 eggs - she said egg whites only I said no!
These are so quick & simple I always add some ham, tomato, mushroom & chives & straight into the microwave.
Another option is 1 piece of toast with 1 boiled egg. YUM...My favourite.

corn things, avocado, cottage cheese & tomato - T&W image


Salad of course with meat. I always went for tinned tuna.
My favourite lunch is the corn thins (above), bought from the supermarket with avocado...thick....weight watchers cottage cheese tomato & rocket. I have always eaten like this for lunch so this was no strange addition to my world.

steam veggies & tuna - T&W image

Pretty simple. Whatever you eat of a night just no pasta, rice of noodles.
Initially I thought I was missing out a bit as I had accustomed to eating them all the time, but after a while I was fine. I felt less bloated which was a great feeling.

Morning tea - skinny latte & 1 small apple
Afternoon tea - Handful of nuts including roasted almonds & Brazil nuts.

To combat the after dinner peckish time I has some more natural yogurt with some raspberries.
Or I would either have a coffee (instant) or some rose or licorice tea which are gently sweet.

I have kept my diet very simple & was surprisingly strict. I did cave in once or twice & had some chocolate, but I am human & I LOVE chocolate. Why I believe this has worked for me as I didn't deprive myself, I knew that losing some weight would make me feel better, I adapted a new way of eating with foods I enjoy. I ate most of the above every day with some for of variation, but I liked it, hence why it works. In saying that I am always on the look out for higher protein mum friendly meals.

Another reason was my goal of a new pair of jeans. About 2 weeks ago I walked into Sass & Bide, (I love their denim & have owned a pair before) & bought a size 12 straight off their rack. Buying those jeans that cost a bomb, is any motivation to keep going to never NOT be able to fit into them again!!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Cushion Love on Friday - 12

This weeks cushion love is dedicated to my favourite city in the world. I often think about when I will get to go back there for my....yes....9th time!!!!
Sorry not one to boast but I have been very fortunate, even if 8 of those trips were work related. It still counts doesn't it?
I could very easily decorate my house in a "very French" theme, it would be heaven, but unfortunately hubby doesn't share the same love.


At least I can look at some divine cushions instead.
This one is so much fun, I love the style sooooo much colour.

Perfect in it.

Loving the bike added in.
So French

Have a lovely weekend everyone.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

My quilt project - part one

I have been wanting to tackle a quilt for a while now. I just want one about 3x3, big enough for Charlotte in her cot. To keep her warm, & also something she can snuggle with on the couch. We all have blankets to cuddle up with here, (except hubby), especially when we watch movies.

These are the fabrics I have decided to go with, & the binding I am using. It's going to be be basic, squares only, nothing flashy at all. I haven't even got any instructions to follow yet. I'll let Google solve that for me. I have read so many quilt tutorials, I feel slightly confident I will manage.

How well it turns out is another story.

The exciting part is that I will be adding some squares in myself of my own designs. They are still being worked on, but I will reveal soon.

Any quilting tips are always welcomed.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Mother's Day - prints

Mothers Day is approaching & I have some new pieces I would love to share with you.

This one is specific for the grand mother's out there.
Words that mean so much to my kids & I am positive they are the same sorts of affections & love all grandmothers show their precious grand kids.

Not everyone is a nanna, so I am more than happy to customise it to the name you need. Also I am more than happy to change any words in general, it's easy just let me know what you'd like.

This one is for your mum.
I loved the idea of the penny farthing bike as it's classic & has such a feminine fee. A bunch of flowers & lovely butterflies as well. This design is also can also be customised, if these words are not perfect in the way you would describe your mum, just let me know what you would like written.

Prints are now available in my online shop, etsy & madeit store.

Cut off day to order & ensure delivery is May 4th.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Cushion Love on Friday - 11

Considering the week I have had....yep you know the type when one thing happens after another, don't they call it the domino effect????

Anyway all I have to do right now is put one foot in front of the other &

Have a wonderful Friday & weekend.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

This was my long weekend....

Before you know it the long weekend is over.

I had quite a busy 4 days which started with a Tupperware party Friday night...Yes I am a fan of plastic fantastic!!

Saturday I had to work but that was OK I had friends over for dinner. A casual night with lots of laughing. I cooked for everyone which is always scary!!!

The highlight of my weekend was a late afternoon visit to the Diamond valley trains in Eltham. I haven't been there since I was pregnant with Charlotte. This time it was a twilight session where the trains operated until 11pm.
I called my friend Kim & she came along as well with her hubby & adorable little pixie Allie.

Here we all are, yes including Charlotte who is in front of me & behind Hudson. The downfalls of being the smallest is not getting your head in the shot :(

After the trains it was off to the ponies. When we came here last time, as mentioned I was pregnant with Charlotte & Hudson about 20 months old & wouldn't go near them at all. Now look at him.

Hudson & Allie...Aren't they the cutest....they are such good little mates.

My babydoll!! Look at her....soooooooooo cute. As soon as she saw the ponies she was pointing at them, & couldn't get to them fast enough. As soon as she saw her big brother Hudson on them, she was pointing at the helmet to get it on.

Night time trains

The three of them laughing & having a ball.

It was such a great afternoon & so special to have family time. I cant wait to do it again.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Cushion Love on Friday - 10

Happy Friday everyone.
It's a gorgeous day in Melbourne today, the sun is out & the birds are singing.
Although most of the birds near my house are magpies & cockies, which are quite squwarky, it's lovely to hear nature chattering away.

Have a look at these gorgeous bird cushions, I am loving every sing one of them.

I love this design purely for the design and colours within it. It feels so fresh & very spring summery.
I love how bust this design is although the crane is the main feature all the floral busyness around it looks really lovely.
I adore this, the colour palette is perfect for me, & the design so simple yet detailed. I love panels & like how this one blends perfectly with the next.

These designs are just FUN!! So bright & funky, I think they are very cool. They are not something I would buy personally for my house, but I could definitely see them in a house with a bit of retro cheekiness.

Have a wonderful long weekend.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Making the change

I am making the big move this weekend, it's so scary yet so exciting.

I am going from Windows to Mac!

I have been wanting to do it secretly for a while, but as my computers are leased, through hubby's business I had to wait until the lease was finished. Now it has & I am ready all guns blazing. I haven't used a Mac in years, last time I touched one of these beautiful apples was when I was employed full time, actually not long after I was married. I remember how great it was then, so heaven knows how amazing it's going to be now.

My main reason for the change, besides the fact we all have ipods, iphones, & they are incredibly stylish, is that they are wonderful for graphics & illustration. Which as you know is what I LOVE!!! Oh and is basically what I do for a living. First thing hubby said to me, knowing what I would say, even though I think he was hoping I would change my mind was, black or white.
WHITE of course, there is nothing nicer.

Good timing also as I want an ipad as well & number 3 is about to hit our shores on March 16th!! I'll have to wait for that but thats such a small thing knowing how wonderful it will be.

Again I have been dying for one of these but wanted everything syncing with everything else. Not only will I now have time to do some work on the couch & at least see hubby of a night, I might get a chance to relax & read some online mags I've bought. I am sure the rest of the family will reap the rewards to LOL!! Another important reason this will be fabulous for me is when I do parties of a night for Quirky and Quaint as I will be able to computerise my whole ordering system, instead of handwriting & calculating everything. Heaven!

Oh it just so exciting.
If you have switched recently what have been you biggest hurdle or 'brilliant' moments!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Pro'sCons & Struggles of a work at home mum

I haven't blogged for a week or so I just needed a break.....Yep that's the truth in a nutshell. I have even had a bit of a break from my Facebook page.

I look at myself as very fortunate woman that I get to stay at home with my kids, as I have built my little business up slowly. There is definitely a down side however, actually I should rephrase that there are challenges of being a work at home mum.

I am still amazed by the amount of women who oooh & ahhh when they find out that I work from home. Generally I hear,

I could go on but I won't, but I am guessing you get the general idea of where I am going?

I write this post with pure honesty, letting others know it's OK to admit to being a little overwhelmed. I have also learnt that there are other mums who have the same battles as me, but feel ashamed in fear of not being perfectly perfect!!
Lately I have been absolutely stuck on the whole organisational side of life. I need to start getting more out of my day, stop procrastinating with some jobs & utilising tome more wisely. Even if that means no social media time until everything else important is completed.

Most of you know I have 2 kids, Hudson is nearly 4yrs & Charlotte nearly 2yrs. The are my world & want them to have everything like all mums a great home life, education & every opportunity that comes their way. BUT I also need to work, like the majority of us. Lately it's been quite hard as fortunately I have been getting busier, especially with my Quirky and Quaint business. The busier I get the harder the whole routine thing is.

For the last week I have been trying to simplify my world a little more, not by eliminating anything currently going on, but instead organising myself, & utilising my time much more efficiently. Almost with military style precision. I have actually become a little obsessed with finding ways of running the house with two energetic & demanding kids & a small business. The changes I have made are truly are not rocket science but small changes that have made a HUGE difference with the functions within my own world. I desperately need to make these changes as I am needing to work more & more around the kids. Lately it seems so difficult trying to balance the home, the kids & lastly the business. Even over whelming, sometimes I feel like I am spinning hehe & it's not for fun!!

The kids are priority of course, I love a clean house, but I also need to earn an income. All of them have an equal priority but are so different. My challenge going forward is to attempt some serious time management so I can try to achieve it all. I know its going to be trial & error, but need to do so in the most simple ways.

Here is my first of many changes I am going to share & make.

The first change - Efficiency while breakfast is on.

My mornings begin, in my case about 6.00-6.30am, Charlotte is not one to sleep in unfortunately. So normally we would hop up together, sit & cuddle on the couch, she would have a drink of milk, I would have my coffee. By then Huds
on would eventually get up then we would sit & have a cuddle & he would have juice. Sometimes the group cuddles would definitely go on for a little longer than planned. I was fine with that as I LOVE them, then I'd make breakfast & we'd all sit together. Then I would see the time & be chasing my tail until we had to leave for whatever activities where on for the day. I would generally not get everything done before I left & hated knowing it was at home w

aiting for me. I just couldn't help it I love those smoochy cuddles, as I know one day I wont get them....So I have been told.

My day still starts at the same time so nothing has really changed there. I still have a coffee & sit with Charlotte for a quick cuddle. In stead of sitting there for a good 45mins waiting for Hudson to wake & watching the Today Show, I hop up after my coffee, change the TV to ABC Kids for Charlotte & I start unpacking the dishwasher from the night before, make any lunches or snacks the kids need for the day, throw on a load of washing & do a very fast 'general' tidy up. If I can I usually eat my breakfast to. It's almost like speed cleaning! When Hudson wakes I still have a big cuddle with him & get his morning juice, but have just shortened the cuddle time. Then it's breakie for my babies, while they snack on their toast & fruit I jump in the shower & get ready for the day. generally they have finished when I come out so time to clean up their dishes & wipe down benches. After that time for them to be dressed, face washed & teeth brushed, then bags packed for whatever we're doing.
Oh another thing that has helped, no turning on the computer!!!

DONE!! For some that disciplined routine is normal, for me not so. Beside needing a bit of time to wake up, I just loved cuddling with the kids, but it was kind of making me crazy all the racing around & constant calling out to them both to get things done. No once all that is done I look around for other jobs to complete or turn my computer on & read some emails I received over night.

I have implemented some other 'new' routines which I will be happy to share soon. However I would love to know how else my morning an be improved, or if you know of some fab books to read about time management.