Friday, March 9, 2012

Cushion Love on Friday - 10

Happy Friday everyone.
It's a gorgeous day in Melbourne today, the sun is out & the birds are singing.
Although most of the birds near my house are magpies & cockies, which are quite squwarky, it's lovely to hear nature chattering away.

Have a look at these gorgeous bird cushions, I am loving every sing one of them.

I love this design purely for the design and colours within it. It feels so fresh & very spring summery.
I love how bust this design is although the crane is the main feature all the floral busyness around it looks really lovely.
I adore this, the colour palette is perfect for me, & the design so simple yet detailed. I love panels & like how this one blends perfectly with the next.

These designs are just FUN!! So bright & funky, I think they are very cool. They are not something I would buy personally for my house, but I could definitely see them in a house with a bit of retro cheekiness.

Have a wonderful long weekend.

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