About Me

Hello lovelies.....Thanks for droppping by.

My name is Kylie & guess what? I love to design, illustrate, create patterns, & make scrupmtious decor for the home. I predominantly create for children, but occasionally I like to sneak in something for the grown ups.

I love, adore & dream in colour. Colour makes me smile, it can brighten up any dull space, set a cheery mood, & make someone else so happy. I think we all need it, no matter what our age is. 
My goals are to create artwork & decor that puts one hell of a smile on your face. I live to hear about the ooohhs & ahhhhhhs, & the shrieks from customers saying, I just love it, it's perfect!! Nothing makes me happier. Beside brightening up your happy space, my pieces are intended to capture memories for every occasion. 

I also create work that injects a whole lot of positivity & happiness in to kids. Making kids feel good about themselves is so important to me, so important in fact I could burst! I have a real passion for creating what I like to call 'very happy art', with affirmations of positivity, encouragment & beauty. Some sayings are borrowed from people who know a lot more than me (always credited), & some are my own feelings. 

A little bit about me.........
I live in Melbourne Australia withn my two kids Hudson & Charlotte, & have been married to my husband Daniel for a long time. I have a wonderful dedicated space at home that acts as my own little studio, where I work in constantly. Being a work at home mum, doesnt mean I work less, or 'normal' hours. In fact it's the opposite, I have never worked so hard in my life & at such weird & irregular hours to accommodate my family. It's tough, frustrating, but I wouldn't choose to do it any other way.

I worked in the fashion industry for 12 years before quitting to start pursuing my own dreams. I learnt a LOT about design, developing ranges, & lots of technical stuff, but it's just not what I want anymore. I am here to chase my own dreams creating art for a living & I am loving every challenging minute.
Thanks again for dropping by & I hope my work brightens up your happy space.

I have been running my business since 2008, it's always been something that I have aspired to do.
The basis of my business are illustration & surface design targeted towards children and babies. What I illustrate is translated on to different products ranging from prints for the home, cushions, door stops, wall art, and clocks, heat bags, buntings & just recently some jewellery. These are created and sold to customers all over the world.

I also offer licensing of my work to designs companies. If you are interested in my work please feel free to contact me at tigesandweince(at)gmail.com I would LOVE to work with you.

My blog is inspired by my love of illustration, drawing on my beloved MAC, putting together collections, loving interior design, sewing, reading, writing, and my kids. I try to write at least 4 times a week, but if I don't do it please don't hold it against me. and I love to discover other designers that inspire me. I am always reading books on how to improve my business, & would love to share my knowledge one day on my experience of working in the fashion industry for 12 years. Here you will read about my journey of the products I design, and their development, good and bad to reach the end result. I also love to tell you about what inspires me, what I am reading, where I am going, and what photo's I am taking. I am a visual person so there will always be something pretty to see.

Thanks again for stopping by.

I am friendly & always happy to answer any queries you may have :)
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