Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Assignment 3 MATS - Scrapbooking

Oh geez can I say week 3 of the MATS course was one I was particularly looking forward to. I need to admit I have NEVER had a go at scrap booking in my life, the whole thing just doesn't interest me. However the beautiful paper, trims, embellishments definitely makes me oooh & arrrs. Some of these things are exquisite, & what some pros at this task can create is amazing in itself.

This week, Lilla asks us to create a scrap booking page you would buy to decorate your photos. The icons we had to concentrate on were vintage cameras & typewriters. Once again it was a subject matter I have never ever drawn in my life. I was a bit slow to start feeling a little stumped, so I didn't really look at it much until the Friday before the Sunday it was due. Besides the fact I have been incredibly busy with Christmas orders (YAY), didn't help.

I googled vintage camera & typewriters & it was beautiful seeing all of the models that were familiar to me, & also ones that were well beyond my years. Such incredible & intricate pieces of equipment. After searching I can definitely see the appeal & why one would keep & collect them. I then had a look around at some samples of scrap booking paper layouts, & lets just say the availability is incredible, & endless.

I kept most of my work hand drawn this week, then scanning them into photo shop & jazzing it all up in illustrator.

So here it is, "Capture the Moment".

Can you see how much fun I had? Drawing cameras, pencils, washi tape, pins, clips, icons that could be stuck over photos, cards where you could write personal notes. Fun Fun Fun!!

I can see why people get obsessed over the art of scrap booking, not that I'll be starting any time soon though.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Brand new work at reduced prices for 2 days only!!

I am busily making new artwork lately feeling really motivated & inspired to create. When these times happens it's vital I go & create, create, create. It's just the best feeling in the world, & always wonder what it would be like to be this highly inspired all the time? Heavenly!! My husband always says to me I look most content drawing in my sketch book or busily creating at my computer.

After a few requests for a fireman I have had him in my mind for about 6 weeks, thinking about what I'd like to draw. Yes it can take me that long just waiting for the right thought to pop into my head. I really wanted to create something fun, always bright, & something that would suit every little man that is so excited when he see's these big red trucks.

Introducing Fireman Funbear & his truck, holding his hose, looking like he is having the time of his life. Both designs have been created into a cushion & some colour popping wall art.

For two days only you can purchase both of these designs for a lot less than normal RRP which are listed in brackets, until Wednesday 30th October prices will go back to normal prices. 
Large cushion $37.00 ($44.00) Small cushion $22.00 ($30.00) 
Large Art $28.00 ($35.00) Small Art $18.00 ($25.00)

For the girls I have created a princess story. A newly inspired area I can give thanks to my 3 year daughter for. Over the last few months she has hit this princess phase of her life. She is very in to the beauty of them & their castles & the magic any of them may have. 

I have created two cushions in two colour ways, one that is typically pink for the majority of little girls who really don't see any other colour. A bit like my Charlotte, everything is pink, & occasionally she will allow pops of purple in there. The other colourway I have avoided the pink & gone for the purple, red & turquoise. I love how the colours contrast against each other.  I have learnt amongst the sea of pink lovers out there, there are a few little darlings are anti. So this colourway is for the not so pink princess.

Parts of the design have been used to create a sisters print. A bit of a follow up to my very popular brothers print. The print colours have followed in the same direction as the cushions.

The same 2 day offers are available for these designs. 
For two days only you can purchase both of these designs for a lot less than normal RRP which are listed in brackets, until Wednesday 30th October prices will go back to normal prices. 
Large cushion $37.00 ($44.00) Small cushion $22.00 ($30.00) 
Large Art $28.00 ($35.00) Small Art $18.00 ($25.00)

You can find them all here in my shop.

I'd love to know what you think, let me know.  

Friday, October 25, 2013

Primary School Orientation

Yesterday was a big day for myself & Hudson. He starts primary school next year, OMG, which I still can't believe. We went to the first day of orientation, there are 5 to attend. Now I have to tell you that I am not really worried about him going to school. I hear mothers that cry, sob alone in the car, have near panic attacks & I am wondering if I am normal as I am not feeling this. When he has his official first day I may, but not today. He was happy, enthusiastic, friendly & ready to start.

All mums think their children are amazingly gifted, gorgeous souls & today I am gloating about my little man.

My eyes fill with tears when I think about him deeply. I have created such a gorgeous confident & social person. He talks to everybody, never any judgement, or negativity & is always polite. He is happy, has a genuine warm soul, & always shows empathy for others, and he cares. He shows enthusiasm at any task thrown his way. He also has quite the competitive streak in him to achieve. Mmmmm just a tad like mama here. He is gentle & sensitive, & understands not to be rude or cruel to others, as he knows if he is treated that way it would upset him.

I feel excited for him. Super excited actually. He is a May baby so on the older end of the some of the kids in his kinder class. I still remember his first day of 3 year old kinder. He was excited, I was nervous. I was praying he would make friends, & nice friends. I remember taking him to the door on his first day, feeling unsure what the routine was. I didn't have to worry about him crying or being scared, because he went & sat on the mat with the rest of his new friends. The little bugger didn't even say goodbye. Again he was ready. I had a look of incompleteness on my face, my baby didn't kiss me goodbye. His adorable teacher, with her experience must have known what I was thinking, so invited me in to say good bye & take a photo. He waved. That moment is still so clear in my head.

The first day of 4 year old kinder was quite different. I knew what was going on, & after 6 weeks of this active little energiser bunny at home, I was happy to say goodbye as he went in. Again he was ready to learn the next stage of his life. What a years it's been. He has a friend with whom he is inseparable with, & I am blessed his mum is a fantastic lady & new friend. 

This year he has grown up incredibly. Bye bye to the little baby boy I said goodbye to on his very first day. My baby is a real boy, he looks like a boy, acts like a boy & runs 24/7 like a boy. Yesterday at orientation he left willingly with his new teacher for an hour, as I stayed & listened to the information provided. He came back to me gleaming, wanting to run around the school, with his best mate beside him, together they wanted to explore.

He is so ready for primary school, so eager, & so enthusiastic. The world is his oyster & I can't wait to watch him go for it. He is my world & I love him.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Assignment 2 - MATS - Baby Apparel

This week I have been running a bit behind with lots going on. Work, the kids, blah blah I could bore you but I won't. I didn't get a chance to show you my initial sketches for my second week MATS assignment.

This week was all about baby apparel....squeal!! I was pretty excited as it's ME ME ME. I have been really looking forward to this area. I love doing baby & kids designs, as I am sure you already know, so I found the brief a lot of fun, & took me back to my works days when I designed kids & baby wear. However a really new topic....CAMPING!!

A subject matter I have never really tackled, & not being much of a camper myself, I had to work really hard to make sure the icons I added were relevant.

Above is my submission. My illustration on the right, & on the left how I could utilise the icons into some apparel.  I wanted to keep the sweet cutesy feel, & thought I'd design it for girls. Only because most camping themes tend to be more boy like. Besides the fact I could draw pink bunnies made me really happy.

I really got into this theme & found it a lot of fun. It was a subject that had so much potential to go into so many different directions. Fun fun fun!!

Week three's area of design we are tackling is scrap booking. I am really eager to get into that, although I don't scrap book myself, there has been many a times I have oooohed & ahhhhed over the beautiful papers & embellishments I have seen. It should be interesting.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

20% off Christmas Range

Guess what?? I am having a very short Christmas sale. 
You could even call it a thank you sale. If it wasn't for my lovely customers I wouldn't get to have the full time job of art that I have. So thankYOU

Note - For some reason my shopping cart isn't deducting the 20% off the stockings. It's driving me nuts & I can't work out why for the life of me. If you do order those, I will refund you the 20% difference.
My apologies for this.

Thanks xxxx

Monday, October 21, 2013

Inspiration & Creativity - part 3

This is my favourite area of imagination & creativity. I love colour. Colour inspires me. Colours excites me. Seeing colours I am drawn too can bring ideas flooding to me, really quickly.

Colour can speak so many words happiness, moodiness, memories, comfort, excitement & joy. We are surrounded by colour from the moment we open out eyes in the morning, until we go to sleep at night, even then we can dream in colour. 

Colour inspires the seasons we design for, spring, summer, autumn & winter. 

So how does it inspire me? The colours that inspire me are almost like an instinct, I just know, it's a natural tendency that my eye is drawn constantly to. My logo is a give away to what I love. At the moment I can never get enough of turquoise, I adore raspberry red, tangerine, white, grey & recently chartreuse. 

A great way to find out what you naturally gravitate to, & inspires you, is grab some books, magazines, or jump on pinterest & just look around. Pull out or pin what you are drawn too without thinking about what you're selecting. You could easily do this for an hour, time flies when you in the land if inspiration. When you have had enough, have a look at what you have selected & see what you notice? Have you selected similar colours? Patterns? Shapes? It's amazing how obvious it can be.

You will be amazed at what you see. I did the exercise only 6 months ago, & noticed a lot of what you can see in the colours above. These colours make me happy & feel creative. To me they are fresh, bright, summery (my favourite season) & fun. It was for an online course I was taking, & here is what I collected as colour inspiration. Pretty close isn't it.

I also use two fantastic sites for colour research.

Colour Lovers - This is a wonderful social website that in filled of colour inspiration & creativity. You can join the community & become a member, or even just search on it for colour inspiration. When I am design something I usually jump on there & type in the search bar what I am looking for. At the moment I am drawing a princess range, & I knew I wanted a great pink colour palette. I typed in candy pink & a tonne of different combinations appeared. It was heaven & saved me hours of research.

The next is the glorious design seeds. Wonderfully collated & themed images are used to create palettes. It's just spectacular. From a photograph the colours taken from it to create divine palettes which are truly amazing.

Pinterest is another place I visit for colour inspiration. A place I used a lot for my own inspirations. It's a blessing isn't it that we don't really need to bookmark websites anymore. Our pins do it for us. You can find my colour board here.

There are so many ways to let colour inspire you. Take a seat & just have a look around you. Who knows what your eye will find. I truly believe that colour inspiration always finds you, & you inner thoughts deep down are always sub consciously on the look out. Just remember to keep your phone on you so you can take a photo!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Water colour playtime again.

I made some time to play around with water colours again. I really enjoy them.
Here is my next piece.

It isn't brilliant I know, but isn't it important to have a go at things that just make you happy?

I hope you're having a relaxing Sunday.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Searching for simplicity

I had one of those moments during the week, one that shone all the lights brightly in my head & gave me the aaaha moment. I was listening to a podcast on blogcastFM, which is a fantastic place I go to when I need to inspiration from successful creative entrepreneurs. There was an interview with Alexandra Franzen, someone new & amazing I have just discovered. 

The questions revolved around how she makes some really important creative decisions in her business, how she goes about it & how she markets them. She seemed to be a really big advocate on stripping everything back to the bones & looking at your goals, intentions & strategies in the most simplest of forms. To me it came across she wanted to create as little work as possible. Sounds good to me!! It was also discussed how perfectionist (like me) try to make tasks far more complicated than they are.

At that point I started to feel like they were talking about me. I do that quite a lot. I work so hard, & try so hard at everything I do, & I know I have made my working goals at times more complex than they are.  I plan, & plan, & sometimes get a little lost in the planning that I become too overwhelmed about it & just don't do it.

I know I am not alone here. 

It has really got me thinking. I need to think about the business goals that I have at the moment & look at them simply, don't over complicate them & just get them done. 

The first one that sticks right out like a sore thumb is my art licensing dreams. I am crazy busy getting my folio ready for submission to art directors. Hence why I am doing the MATS e-course. I am constantly improving & changing things for the better I believe, waiting for the moment of 'readiness perfection'. I think it's time to stop over complicating this, ask myself whats the goal, & then simplify the actions.
The goal - Completing my folio for submission
The simple action - Just submit it. I know what I have to offer is acceptable. 
If I keep messing about with it waiting for the right time, or the perfect moment, I am going to lose my potential opportunity.

I also need to start doing this with daily tasks. When I start working, I work off my "to do" list, but I tend to have a problem with slightly reworking the task differently making it seem substantially more complex than it is. It's like I am over thinking it, & making it more perfect, it's such a bad bad habit.

By doing this I am limiting how productive I really am. My time is limited having to kids, I can only work solidly when they are asleep, or at kinder/care. Lately I don't feel like I have been having any R and R & I know I deserve it too.

The words simplify have bee really floating around in my head, like crazy, almost like neon light flashing. I am just so focused on how I can simplify everything in my life so I can have more time to do what I want. Like catch up on some trash reality TV haha, or maybe do some of the DIY's I pin, & what I really love, play in my garden.

The concept of simplifying my life has had quite an impact on me, that I still know there is more room to discuss this. Such a simply word haha.

I'd love to know how simplifying tasks in your life would improve you.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Assignment week 1 completed (Part B of MATS)

Assignment week 1 (Part B of MATS) was successfully completed.

The brief was winter holiday candy & ornaments, which you can see my initial sketches & how I was feeling here. After lots of drawing, redrawing, then not feeling happy, so I redrew again I finally came up with two concepts I was happy with. We are always asked to draw 2, which is such a great idea as it's amazing how one always pops out at you more. 

This is what I submitted. I was really happy with the final result, I managed to get five of the icons I originally drew into the illustration, plus some additional Christmas lights. I am still loving the hand drawn lettering, can you tell?

Here is my second submission. I was equally as happy here & enjoyed creating it. It was actually the first drawing I had created. When I was re reading the brief I noticed that the submission had to be vertical, silly me did it horizontally!! It was no biggy if I had decided to submit this I would have rearranged it.

While reading in the online MATS forum, I learnt something new & so obvious, but had never noticed this before. One of the other students queried why did we have to create a vertical card. Being surrounded by 500 other artists, it's pretty likely someone will have an answer to share. One of the students, who had licensed cards to Hallmark, had told us it's all about the consumers eye. 
When the card is vertical, there is more 'drawing', for us shoppers to see, & be attracted to. The majority of the artwork should be in the 2 top thirds of the design for this reason. Horizontal cards kind of lose there visibility as they look lower amongst hundreds of other cards on the shelf. Wow how obvious!! Lets think about it, when you shop for a card you automatically scan the top area of a card to see what pops out, & attracts you. So simple I was completely unaware. 

I LOVE learning something new.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Inspiration & Creativity - part 2

Imagination & creativity are so important to me, I rely on it all the time in order to fulfil my dreams of working as a full time artist. However I am only human & get road block, & have several times starred at a blank sheet of paper wondering what the hell to draw. I have several ways I tap into this & have been searching around to explore other methods.

Last week I talked about bring peaceful & being quiet. Learning to let go & just the mind be still & see where the imagination goes, which generally always leads me to some creative surge.

Definition; doodle is an unfocused or unconscious drawing made while a person's attention is otherwise occupied. Doodles are simple drawings that can have concrete representational meaning or may just be abstract shapes.

It doesn't get much easier than this. Grab your self a blank sheet of paper, your art journal, notebook, or that book you keep your ideas in. I always start with simple shapes like circles, squares, triangles. I draw several of them & then add. What I mean by add is, I may add small dots, some stars, create some flowers out of the, flowing lines, even some curly scribble. The above doodle word is a perfect example. First I drew the word, & started adding shapes around the edges aimlessly. You can just go on & on, each line & shape or scribble leads to the next. Join them together & start to discover what magic can happen.

The wonderful thing about doodling is that you don't have to being an artistic genius, anyone can do it. It's such a relaxing activity, I still recall my mum (who is not creative at all), being an avid doodler. Long before the mobile phone, when she would sit on the phone talking to friends, if she had taken down some details on a scrap of paper, by the end of the conversation she had aimlessly drawn lines, triangles, squares & loads of geometric shapes. Without even realising she still does it today on magazine pages, diary pages, even her mail.

The best thing is doodling it's free, is appropriate for all ages, & for so many people with different interests. You don't have to buy anything to do it. You can use any pen, paper, or paint brush & a blank scrap of paper & you're ready.

If you would like fantastic prompts, or more info on doodling, I bought this book a while back & it is absolutely fantastic for discovering different styles. I highly recommend it.

After reading through the book I found my style quite similar to these two styles. Interesting. I love how your natural style can be similar to others, yet very different. I love softer rounded objects, a little floral, also a little cursive.

Have a play around & discover your natural style. I'd love to know what it's like, let me know.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

New Artwork - Flutter Your Fairy Wings

I have been working some new & VERY girly prints. With my daughter getting older, a mere 3yrs old, she is really starting to have her own opinions on what she loves. I hear all the times how little girls loves fairies, unicorns & princesses, but nothing prepared me for how much she really loves them.

Almost an obsession! Experiencing this everyday has started to influence in my design process.

So here is the first illustration completed design, Flutter Your Fairy Wings. I have quite a few other concepts sketched & ready to go & be drawn into something hopefully magical. I have to admit wholeheartedly, it's actually been a lot of fun drawing this & as you can tell I am still love my hand drawn lettering.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Cooking ANZAC biscuits

I wanted to share with you today the most consumed biscuit in my house.

THE ANZAC almost an Aussie tradition.

I think it's best to have a definition for my non Australian friends (from wikipedia) :
Anzac biscuits have long been associated with the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) established in World War I.
It has been claimed the biscuits were sent by wives to soldiers abroad because the ingredients do not spoil easily and the biscuits kept well during naval transportation. 
Biscuits issued to soldiers by the Army, referred to as "Anzac tiles" or "Anzac wafers", differ from the popular Anzac biscuit. Anzac tiles and wafers were hard tack, a bread substitute, which had a long shelf life and was very hard.
Today there are several recipes but very few vary from the original. Some "master chefs" like to trick them up, but my family & I love them the original way. 
Another reason I love to bake them is that are not a very "bad for you" biscuit & I know exactly whats going into them. Manufactures make them also for the supermarkets, but nothing beats the home cooked one.
So here is my recipe.
150g plain white flour sifted
1/2 cup caster sugar
1 cup rolled oats
100gm melted butter
2tbs golden syrup
1tsp baking soda (bicarb)
1/2 tsp pure vanilla essence
Preheat oven 180'C, pop some baking aper on a tray.
Mix flour, sugar & oats together in a large bowl.
Melt butter & golden syrup together.Combine one tablespoon of boiling water with baking sod & add to butter mixture, with vanilla essence.
Mix butter & oat mixture together to form a dough. Drop teaspoonfuls on to baking trays & gently flatten each one. Leaving 3cm aside for spreading of each biscuits.
Bake until golden brown for about 15 minutes. Let biscuits stand on trays for 5 mins before moving to a cooling rack.

Now we like ours a little chewy in this house so I bake for 11 minutes & they are delicious. Fifteen minutes is for a more crunchy texture. 
Mmmmm I love these with a cup of tea.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Pinning Citrus inspiration

Beautiful citrus tones are so fresh & crisp, & I cant wait to be wearing these colours again.
With a predicted very warm summer coming (according to meteorologists), I can't stop thinking about colours that make me feel warm, make me think of swimming, & a few gin & tonics haha.

Sources left to right - 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Back for part B - Lilla Rogers course Make Art That Sells

Monday night was the first class of Lilla Rogers course Make Art That Sells, Part B. I completed Part A in June this year, & it was the best course I have ever done. Also the most challenging. It opened my eyes a lot to how my work needed to improve, how to make it improve, & how to do it. I have learnt about following my own style & trusting some artistic intuition. Since then I have been working really hard & starting to rediscover my style.

For Part B of this course, my confidence has gown & I am feeling a lot more assured in what I have to do. There is still an incredible amount I need to learn, but it won't feel like such a shock to the system. It's amazing how one person has to only say one thing & it sticks in your mind. Lilla taught us the "people buy your joy, & that there is room for everyone's art in the market place". She is so dead right & when I feel doubt I always think of those words.

Anyway as already mentioned I have returned & we have been given a brief. The brief is for paper goods. Think cards, gift wrap, invitations, note pads, stickers & the list can go on.

The last day or so I have been sketching away, the topic, winter holiday candy & ornaments. I love drawing anything that is Christmas themed, designing my current Christmas range was a blast. Having to recreate something new is fabulous. Here is what I have been sketching so far.

I can't wait to find out what the main assignment is tonight.

I get butterflies thinking about it.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Join me on an imagination & creativity journey

Constant creativity can be tough. However I love it & could never dream of another life, but when you've hit the wall it can be so damn frustrating, even debilitating. Yes I know sounds drastic.

I am asked all the time, how to you think of the things you create. Especially from my non creative friends & family. It kind of makes me giggle as I believe everyone is creative in their own unique way. It's a matter of tapping into it, whether it be art, food, exercise, writing, organisation, woodwork or decor.

An artists creativity needs to be constantly nurtured, otherwise it can dry out. A bit like a plant you don't water, it shrivels up a bit. If I don't exercise this & allow my mind to wander, have quiet time, listen to music, read, or if I don't keep my eyes open, it's easy to lose it & it can wither a little. It doesn't always come naturally to me. like light bulb moments, at times I have to go elsewhere to get it.

I have lots of things I do, & things that I knows others do, too many to go over in one post. It's such an important topic it's going to take a few posts to go over everything.  In this inspirational journey, I will be focusing on creative types like myself, finding the inspiration to create art, products & decor.

Be peaceful. Be Quiet.
This would have to be when inspiration hits most. Being peaceful & letting your mind wonder is so powerful & unpredictable. I absolutely love it, you just don't know where your mind is going to end up. Some people like to meditate, if thats your thing great, my problem is I can't sit still long enough!!
By being quiet, peaceful, & (when possible) alone, it's perfect. My quiet time is when the kids are playing & for 15 minutes I lay on the couch with my eyes closed, or when I'm in the shower. It's lovely to just start thinking about what work you want to create in the future, new design & concepts. Let your mind completely zone out so you naturally start imagining, & start seeing in your mind what you want. It could be designs, objects or colour. Remember when your mind does this, it's a natural course & direction. I know when I do this, which is quite a lot, & I start thinking of ideas I start to take notice of how I feel. You should too. When your mind is in a wonderful imaginative state, usually a top notch idea or thought comes into your head, if your heart races a little, you belly flutters a bit, take hold of the idea. I truly believe thats your intuition chatting to you about it, it's clearly telling you you're on the right track. Whatever you do at this point NOTE IT DOWN!!! Don't lose the idea.

I would absolutely love you to join in & contribute to the ways that you find inspiration whether it be commenting below or letting everyone know about it on face book. By adding your thoughts, you could help others, & possibly give you that light bulb moment.

Inspiration always comes when you least expect it.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

My DIY Loves

Did you know that I can be a bit of a DIY wanna be?

I look at these amazingly talented women who can repurpose something old & make it unbelievably functional & incredibly beautiful. the main reason I do not do a lot of it myself is I lack time, & I don't consider myself a real crafter. Lately though I have been feeling brave & have decided to start getting involved & do it. I have jars, containers, paper & a tonne of other things I have kept for so many, "I'll decorate or remodel that purposes"moments, it's time to make it happen. I need to stop looking & wondering...JUST DO IT. The weather is getting better with spring in the air, so inspiration is striking.

I found this superb idea....Holder for charging phones, made from a lotion bottle....& I am going to give this one a go. Like most households my husband & I have mobile phones & charges, & they loose cords drive me nuts. I can't stand all of the messiness everywhere.

Just take a look at this, in't it fantastic? 

You can find the direct source right here for a full description of details & how to's.
I hope to have this created really soon to share. My biggest challenge at the moment is finding the bottle required to make it. 

Lets see how it all works out. Stay tuned for some crafting goodness.

Friday, October 4, 2013

New illustration

While I was away in Queensland I sat quiet;y for an hour & just sketched away. With the weather so warm & divine drew this.

Last night I finally sat down & put some colour into it, my favourite process playing around with colour combinations. It truly is endless.

If you would like to add some sunshine to your wall it's available here in my shop.

I hope the sunshine is warm wherever you are today.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Link Love & Inpiration

Feel like some link love, check out where I have been visiting. & what I have been loving.

- I have made a daily change in my life, & have one of these everything day. You should try it yourself, you body will thank you.

- Who would have though I could find a succulent rainbow. This is adorable & I would love it in my garden.

-  I have just discovered this woman, & if Oprah has worked with here then hell yes to learning a whole lot more.

- This artists continually inspires me. He work is amazingly dreamy.

- I am so excited its been confirmed I am getting this for Christmas. I would actually like it now but I don't have the time to dive in & absorb it all. Perfect for Christmas break.

- An incredible DIY, what you can do with a plain ol' pair of ballet flats. Heaven!!

- I think I would love being in this wrap.

- I don't believe one of these would be enough.

I hope you found something to love also.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Celebrate October with a new desktop

Hello first of October. I can not believe you are here.
In continuing ways to keep myself busy I will be giving you lovely readers a month FREE desktop background for you computers & iphone's.

Here is Miss October....enjoy.

This design is based on my dandelion & butterflies design I released a few months ago. The colours are so soft & pretty, feeling just like spring, & I hope by reading the type "Make everyday a beautiful day", you shine no matter what you're doing.

Please click below to download the free images, & here is a link for downloading the background to your iphone. It's really good because the first time I did this I got a little stuck.