Friday, October 25, 2013

Primary School Orientation

Yesterday was a big day for myself & Hudson. He starts primary school next year, OMG, which I still can't believe. We went to the first day of orientation, there are 5 to attend. Now I have to tell you that I am not really worried about him going to school. I hear mothers that cry, sob alone in the car, have near panic attacks & I am wondering if I am normal as I am not feeling this. When he has his official first day I may, but not today. He was happy, enthusiastic, friendly & ready to start.

All mums think their children are amazingly gifted, gorgeous souls & today I am gloating about my little man.

My eyes fill with tears when I think about him deeply. I have created such a gorgeous confident & social person. He talks to everybody, never any judgement, or negativity & is always polite. He is happy, has a genuine warm soul, & always shows empathy for others, and he cares. He shows enthusiasm at any task thrown his way. He also has quite the competitive streak in him to achieve. Mmmmm just a tad like mama here. He is gentle & sensitive, & understands not to be rude or cruel to others, as he knows if he is treated that way it would upset him.

I feel excited for him. Super excited actually. He is a May baby so on the older end of the some of the kids in his kinder class. I still remember his first day of 3 year old kinder. He was excited, I was nervous. I was praying he would make friends, & nice friends. I remember taking him to the door on his first day, feeling unsure what the routine was. I didn't have to worry about him crying or being scared, because he went & sat on the mat with the rest of his new friends. The little bugger didn't even say goodbye. Again he was ready. I had a look of incompleteness on my face, my baby didn't kiss me goodbye. His adorable teacher, with her experience must have known what I was thinking, so invited me in to say good bye & take a photo. He waved. That moment is still so clear in my head.

The first day of 4 year old kinder was quite different. I knew what was going on, & after 6 weeks of this active little energiser bunny at home, I was happy to say goodbye as he went in. Again he was ready to learn the next stage of his life. What a years it's been. He has a friend with whom he is inseparable with, & I am blessed his mum is a fantastic lady & new friend. 

This year he has grown up incredibly. Bye bye to the little baby boy I said goodbye to on his very first day. My baby is a real boy, he looks like a boy, acts like a boy & runs 24/7 like a boy. Yesterday at orientation he left willingly with his new teacher for an hour, as I stayed & listened to the information provided. He came back to me gleaming, wanting to run around the school, with his best mate beside him, together they wanted to explore.

He is so ready for primary school, so eager, & so enthusiastic. The world is his oyster & I can't wait to watch him go for it. He is my world & I love him.

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