Monday, October 21, 2013

Inspiration & Creativity - part 3

This is my favourite area of imagination & creativity. I love colour. Colour inspires me. Colours excites me. Seeing colours I am drawn too can bring ideas flooding to me, really quickly.

Colour can speak so many words happiness, moodiness, memories, comfort, excitement & joy. We are surrounded by colour from the moment we open out eyes in the morning, until we go to sleep at night, even then we can dream in colour. 

Colour inspires the seasons we design for, spring, summer, autumn & winter. 

So how does it inspire me? The colours that inspire me are almost like an instinct, I just know, it's a natural tendency that my eye is drawn constantly to. My logo is a give away to what I love. At the moment I can never get enough of turquoise, I adore raspberry red, tangerine, white, grey & recently chartreuse. 

A great way to find out what you naturally gravitate to, & inspires you, is grab some books, magazines, or jump on pinterest & just look around. Pull out or pin what you are drawn too without thinking about what you're selecting. You could easily do this for an hour, time flies when you in the land if inspiration. When you have had enough, have a look at what you have selected & see what you notice? Have you selected similar colours? Patterns? Shapes? It's amazing how obvious it can be.

You will be amazed at what you see. I did the exercise only 6 months ago, & noticed a lot of what you can see in the colours above. These colours make me happy & feel creative. To me they are fresh, bright, summery (my favourite season) & fun. It was for an online course I was taking, & here is what I collected as colour inspiration. Pretty close isn't it.

I also use two fantastic sites for colour research.

Colour Lovers - This is a wonderful social website that in filled of colour inspiration & creativity. You can join the community & become a member, or even just search on it for colour inspiration. When I am design something I usually jump on there & type in the search bar what I am looking for. At the moment I am drawing a princess range, & I knew I wanted a great pink colour palette. I typed in candy pink & a tonne of different combinations appeared. It was heaven & saved me hours of research.

The next is the glorious design seeds. Wonderfully collated & themed images are used to create palettes. It's just spectacular. From a photograph the colours taken from it to create divine palettes which are truly amazing.

Pinterest is another place I visit for colour inspiration. A place I used a lot for my own inspirations. It's a blessing isn't it that we don't really need to bookmark websites anymore. Our pins do it for us. You can find my colour board here.

There are so many ways to let colour inspire you. Take a seat & just have a look around you. Who knows what your eye will find. I truly believe that colour inspiration always finds you, & you inner thoughts deep down are always sub consciously on the look out. Just remember to keep your phone on you so you can take a photo!

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