Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Assignment week 1 completed (Part B of MATS)

Assignment week 1 (Part B of MATS) was successfully completed.

The brief was winter holiday candy & ornaments, which you can see my initial sketches & how I was feeling here. After lots of drawing, redrawing, then not feeling happy, so I redrew again I finally came up with two concepts I was happy with. We are always asked to draw 2, which is such a great idea as it's amazing how one always pops out at you more. 

This is what I submitted. I was really happy with the final result, I managed to get five of the icons I originally drew into the illustration, plus some additional Christmas lights. I am still loving the hand drawn lettering, can you tell?

Here is my second submission. I was equally as happy here & enjoyed creating it. It was actually the first drawing I had created. When I was re reading the brief I noticed that the submission had to be vertical, silly me did it horizontally!! It was no biggy if I had decided to submit this I would have rearranged it.

While reading in the online MATS forum, I learnt something new & so obvious, but had never noticed this before. One of the other students queried why did we have to create a vertical card. Being surrounded by 500 other artists, it's pretty likely someone will have an answer to share. One of the students, who had licensed cards to Hallmark, had told us it's all about the consumers eye. 
When the card is vertical, there is more 'drawing', for us shoppers to see, & be attracted to. The majority of the artwork should be in the 2 top thirds of the design for this reason. Horizontal cards kind of lose there visibility as they look lower amongst hundreds of other cards on the shelf. Wow how obvious!! Lets think about it, when you shop for a card you automatically scan the top area of a card to see what pops out, & attracts you. So simple I was completely unaware. 

I LOVE learning something new.

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