Friday, October 18, 2013

Searching for simplicity

I had one of those moments during the week, one that shone all the lights brightly in my head & gave me the aaaha moment. I was listening to a podcast on blogcastFM, which is a fantastic place I go to when I need to inspiration from successful creative entrepreneurs. There was an interview with Alexandra Franzen, someone new & amazing I have just discovered. 

The questions revolved around how she makes some really important creative decisions in her business, how she goes about it & how she markets them. She seemed to be a really big advocate on stripping everything back to the bones & looking at your goals, intentions & strategies in the most simplest of forms. To me it came across she wanted to create as little work as possible. Sounds good to me!! It was also discussed how perfectionist (like me) try to make tasks far more complicated than they are.

At that point I started to feel like they were talking about me. I do that quite a lot. I work so hard, & try so hard at everything I do, & I know I have made my working goals at times more complex than they are.  I plan, & plan, & sometimes get a little lost in the planning that I become too overwhelmed about it & just don't do it.

I know I am not alone here. 

It has really got me thinking. I need to think about the business goals that I have at the moment & look at them simply, don't over complicate them & just get them done. 

The first one that sticks right out like a sore thumb is my art licensing dreams. I am crazy busy getting my folio ready for submission to art directors. Hence why I am doing the MATS e-course. I am constantly improving & changing things for the better I believe, waiting for the moment of 'readiness perfection'. I think it's time to stop over complicating this, ask myself whats the goal, & then simplify the actions.
The goal - Completing my folio for submission
The simple action - Just submit it. I know what I have to offer is acceptable. 
If I keep messing about with it waiting for the right time, or the perfect moment, I am going to lose my potential opportunity.

I also need to start doing this with daily tasks. When I start working, I work off my "to do" list, but I tend to have a problem with slightly reworking the task differently making it seem substantially more complex than it is. It's like I am over thinking it, & making it more perfect, it's such a bad bad habit.

By doing this I am limiting how productive I really am. My time is limited having to kids, I can only work solidly when they are asleep, or at kinder/care. Lately I don't feel like I have been having any R and R & I know I deserve it too.

The words simplify have bee really floating around in my head, like crazy, almost like neon light flashing. I am just so focused on how I can simplify everything in my life so I can have more time to do what I want. Like catch up on some trash reality TV haha, or maybe do some of the DIY's I pin, & what I really love, play in my garden.

The concept of simplifying my life has had quite an impact on me, that I still know there is more room to discuss this. Such a simply word haha.

I'd love to know how simplifying tasks in your life would improve you.

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