Sunday, May 31, 2009

Surprise on Sunday night...

I always find it hard to get to my blog on the weekends, or making anything actually. I work on Saturday's and Sunday I guess is family day. Most times I do always manage to get on late Sunday evening. Feeling a bit unsure of what to write about I had a lovely surprise from Ollierose, I was featured in their treasury.

Thanks heaps, it is a great selection of product.

Ky x

Friday, May 29, 2009

Fab Friday Find

I have been in a desperate search for new slippers & do you think I could anything? Nope!
So I searched slippers on trusty Etsy & I found some & bought them. Sometimes I question why do I go elsewhere. They are perfect, and hopefully the fit will be just as perfect. They look so warm and comfy, even the colour name is inviting Vanilla Cappuccino mmmmmmm.

Mitallo Ballerina Slippers in Vanilla Cappuccino - 100 Percent Cotton

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Artist of the week - Nadine from Iszle

This week artist is a fellow Melbournian, and of course fellow Etsian, Nadine from "Iszle".
I love graphics that have super cool concepts and this is where you can find all those designer odds and ends that will brighten your life from pocket mirrors, keyrings, magnets and more.
She also owns the very successful "The Pendant Factory" where she has achieved 1689 sales WOW!! With such success I had to find out more out. I have also posted the items I loved most.
1)Tell us a bit about yourself?
I'm a stay@home mother, married with a gorgeous 3 year daughter and a British short-haired cat named Flossy.
2)Where did your business name come from?
We started out with the name 'The Pendant Factory'. However our product range expanded and the name no longer represented our offering and so we developed Iszle. My husband suggested we come up with a word that also has web address available. That's pretty much it - he just searched online until we found something we liked - sorry a rather boring story!

3)Tell us a bit about your business?
It started in June 2008. Over a few glasses of chardonnay with a few close friends who were selling amazing hand crafted jewelry through a craft site named etsy (check out Emma's amazing items Being a stay-at-home mum, I was looking for something to do from home. Esty was exactly the type of home business we were seeking...we researched products on esty and in July 2008 decided on scrabble tile pendants and opened our very first store Our designs have been a hit, so much so that wholesalers requested additional product lines - so we branched out into pocket mirrors, magnet sets, badges and bottle openers.
4)What inspires you to create what you make?
I enjoy having the freedom to be a stay@home mother - being able to experience her early years is what really drives me - Etsy sales provide a steady income stream to supplement my husband's income and support this lifestyle.
5)What do you think is the key to achieving successful sales?
We are still learning every day - we have only been selling and making our items since July 2008. I guess our success stems from the variety of designs, our attention detail, the quality of the finished items and being responsive to customer orders/requests - we try and make sure every order is post within 24hrs. Oh it helps having a husband who is a graphic designer :)

6)What is your favourite music/artist/movie/book/website?
I like most music, currently listening to the Getaway Plan, Artist is my 3 year old (she loves to create!) Fav movie at the moment is Marley & Me (very funny), rarely have time to read but I love pretty much anything non fiction, website would have to be Etsy ;)

7)If you could interview anybody in the world who would it be?
Richard Branson
8)Where is your next holiday destination?
Maldives (in my dreams!)
I think I would like to interview Richard Branson too Nadine, I have read most of his books a very clever man and he has things I would love to have. AN ISLAND!!!

To check out more of what is happening in the world of Iszle visit her;

Thanks again Nadine for your time and good luck with your expanding sales.

Wishlist Wednesday

If I had a little girl this is what I wish for......

Cherry Blossoms Necklace by Melanie at Whimsical CreationsIssie Reversible Baby Shoes by evielala

You never know maybe next time.

Ky x

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Monday, May 25, 2009

Manic Monday

My first comment for this week is actually a big thanks to Lou from Buttonsbyloulou.
Not only was she my first customer to my new store "MarkedbyTigesWeince", she also very generously commented about my bookmarks on her blog.
Thanks again Lou.

The morning has been quite manic to say the least;

1.Up with the sparrows with my boy. Milk, breakfast, showers, playtime and of course Hi5 so I can get ready.
2.Then I caught up with the girls from my mother's group today instead of our usual Thursday catch up. We decide to go to a play centre, I am not a fan of those centres for "germ a phobe" reasons, but one bonus is it knocks Hudson out for a couple of hours so I have some peace.
3.Eventually I will mop, the place has been vacuumed & chairs are up and out of the way, but I would much rather reads everyone's blogs. Mopping is one thing I HATE!
4.Work out whats for dinner. I have defrosted chicken thighs, I think I will head to for inspiration.
5.After that who knows....My little man will be up and tearing the place apart, hence cleaning again.
6.Tonights plan is to start walking on my treadmill for 30mins as I have been so lethargic lately it's awful. When I don't move I tend to want to sleep more.
7.Hopefully after I work start getting stuck into some new baby products as in June I have 3 markets on Sisters, Flemington & Mathildas.

I don't know about you guys but my time management really has a lot to be be desired. I would love somebody to pass on some of their useful hints as to how they keep themselves organised and committed to a daily plan. Yes I have a diary, & I know about the task list, is there another miracle?

In search of great time management I looked to Etsy for help and found these great "In touch Clutch", I don't know if they will help but they will make me look like I am hehehehe...
Have a great Monday,
Ky x

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Super Saturday Sales

I have a "Super Sale" in my Etsy store right now.


Spend $40 (before shipping costs) or more and receive 15% off total order..

This is a great opportunity if you are needing a baby gift & would like to bundle a couple of items together. Offer is not forever so be quick......ends 5th June
Just convo me on the 3 items you would like & I will create a personalised listing for you.
Why don't you consider together?

Black and white polka dot nappy compact

Black and white polka dot polka dot bib

Black and white polka dot change mat
Great unisex idea for those special surprises


size 3-6 month baby girl owl tee

3 mixed print baby girl face washers

hot pink with mini spots change mat
Don't forget my new Etsy store has just opened also "Marked by Tiges and Weince".
If you love reading and appreciate beautiful bookmarks then you will love these. I am also having an opening sale until 5th June, savings include
Check out yesterdays blog post for details as well as heading to the actual store itself.

Friday, May 22, 2009


Yay I have just finished uploading my Etsy new store, Marked by Tiges and Weince.

You will notice though which is a bummer that my store name is "markedbytigesweince" as Etsy ran out of letter space for me.

I have a great "ETSY opening special" that I hope everyone takes advantage of. It starts today and finishes June 5th 2009.

Buy 1 bookmark and get 50% off the 2nd Buy 2 bookmarks and get the 3rd for FREE

Take a look below at some of my new items available but make sure to go to my store to see everything.

Martians in Space

Feeling Fruity


A European experience

Like we all do with our stores I hope this goes really well. But whats even better for me it has been fantastic to get back into drawing, it's given me a real buzz.

I hope you all like what you and would love to know you thoughts.

I hope everyone enjoys their weekend.

Ky x

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Artist of the week - Camille1955

This week I am featuring Camille from Etsy store Camille1955. Camille is a native of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and lives with het husband, six children and ten grandchildren. Thankfully she clarified not all in the same house, as initially I was completely stunned. She loves making things like jewelry, greeting cards, beaded purses, scrapbooks and so much more and has had a few of her handcrafted items featured in magazines, books and television.
If you remember the owl I purchased last week 'Patridge' who sits in my office with me, well these paper crafts were inspired from her & other owly friends. Soooo cute!!

1)Tell us a bit about yourself?
My name is Camille Petrocelli.
I am a native Floridian, (Ft. Lauderdale), married for 33 years with six children and ten grandchildren. I'm 53 years old and have been an artist since I came out of the womb, so my mother tells me. I love the beach, nature, gardening and everything colorful and creative. I have worked at a rubber stamp store, bead shop, scrapbook store and learned so much from each place. I have also taught classes at all of them, including Michael's Arts & Crafts stores.

2)Where did your business name come from?
My husband named my business, "Camille's Creations", when I started a rubber stamp line about 12 years ago, and the name stuck with everything I do.
I had a little shop several years ago with the same name, where I sold a little bit of everything and held classes on jewelry making and paper crafting.

3)Tell us a bit about your business?
Right now my main business is making and selling items on ETSY & ARTFIRE. Mostly I make wire and bead jewelry although I love to do scrapbooks and greeting cards. I would never be able to pick just one medium to work in, because my attention span is too short. I have a bead and wire dragonfly that is one of my specialities, but the last week or so, I got back into paper crafting. The paper owls were an inspiration from another etsy seller that makes stuffed owls. I made them for my scrapping/card making friends and myself, and they became quite popular. Now I'm obsessed with making them and starting a line of greeting cards and scrapbook embellishments.

4)What inspires you to create what you make?
The thing that really inspires me to create, is what is going on around me at any given moment. I may see something on TV, or in a magazine and jump up and draw out a plan, and then before I know what hit me, I am making a prototype, or maybe the real thing. Many sleepless nights have led me to create most of the items sell.

5)What do you think is the key to achieving successful sales?
I wish I knew the answer to that one. I do think you have to work at it everyday and keep your product on the front line. I carry business cards with me to all local craft shows, I also wear my jewelry and if someone compliments a piece, I hand them a card and ask them to hit etsy or artfire. I track others and try to see what they are doing as far as sales and sometimes I will email asking for advice. Most sellers are happy to help and are not worried about competition, they just love what they do and are happy to help. Creative people are happy people.

6)What is your favorite music/artist/movie/book/web site?
I have an eclectic mind that loves everything. I hop around from site to site, as well as movies.
I love "how to" books, music in every group and I know I watch way too much television...(what a great invention the remote is)!
7)If you could interview anybody in the world who would it be?
I would love to go back in time and talk with my grandmothers who died when I was a baby. I never got to know them, and would love to ask them about my parents, who have also passed away. maybe we could have a big family reunion of all those who have gone before us, to tap in to secrets of why we are who we are.

8)Where is your next holiday destination?
Because we live in a tropical climate, I take a ride to the beach (about a 20 minute ride) or my backyard, (1 second) to enjoy the pool and garden. We also have friend who has a condo, right on the beach, that he lets us use whenever we want (great friend, huh?) We call these our mini-vacations or day trips that free our spirit...looking for shells, taking pictures of everything, another hobby of mine and just enjoying the sites and smells.

Make sure you visit Camille's Etsy store and see what other items she has on offer. You can also read more about her work at;
Thank you so much camille for your time and fantastic answers, and I wish you lots of sales in the future!

Have a great day,
Ky x

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Whisper Wednesday...

I have a little whisper for you......... I am in the midst of opening another shop on Etsy.
I do question why as getting great sales is still challenging in my first shop. But hey we do it all for love and creativity don't we?
To give you a little back ground as to why I am jumping in to this. Prior to discovering the handmade world and especially Etsy, I used to work in the fashion industry. Amongst the different companies I worked for, I designed children's wear for two of them which I absolutely loved. A part of my job besides designing collections for each season, was to also design and draw the majority of yardage and placement prints. I have decided to jump back into graphic illustration as I have been quite paranoid of losing any ability that I have, and complaining about how I don't draw anymore to my husband.

My new creative outlet are BOOKMARKS!! I bet you would never have guessed that!
I absolutely love, love, love reading, if I could do it more I would. What's special about my bookmarks? Beside original design, is that they are magnetic, so they don't accidentally fall out of your page. The bookmark is folded in half and all you have to do is place it over your page and voila....It holds!!

See what I mean it's not falling out. It's so frustrating when you lazily pick up your book & you lose your page.

I am using HP quality photographic paper weighing in at 25gsm. The gloss finish is superb.
Here is s sneak peak of 2 of my retro spots & stripes designs.
And another sneaky peak at 2 more. I just had to throw some kind of Parisian representation in there.
I am planning on many designs to come that will capture everyone's style, for the kids, mum, dad, and also personalised items. These are fab gifts for ourselves and others as well.
All I have to do is finish all of my photo's, build my store, complete my logo, confirm a name and prices, packaging, and of course have fabulous opening special!!
Keep in touch.
Ky x

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Thanks Tuesday

I had a lovely surprise when I opened my emails today, Christine from the fabulous Etsy store
Bon Tons included me in her Treasury.

I love a little of the unexpected. Take a look....

She featured my favourite applique tee, 'Mr Owl'.. I love this tee so much as it reminds me of my son, when he is unsure of something, or gets upset, his little mouth goes into the shape of an 'O' and quivers. It reminds me of an owl.

Oh also make sure you check out her lovely personalised items, and if that isn't enough check out her blog too.


Monday, May 18, 2009

Hudson's 1st birthday

For those who read my blog knew I was organising Hudson's 1st birthday this week. Boy oh boy was it a journey of organising. I have never cooked so much on my life, baked, created, cleaned and stressed. Hudson's birthday party was Saturday & it was just great. The only downfall as most of us know who become host for a day, I spent a lot of the time in the kitchen getting food in & out of the oven. I just wish I had taken my families advice & left most of that for them to do. The day went so fat I just didn't feel like I spoke to EVERYONE enough, or took enough photo's, or jumped enough in the jumping castle with Hudson. There the downfalls I guess. However it was an amazing day & here are a couple of snaps for you.

His cake I made, a labour of love, even if my fingers we stained blue.
I made all of the lolly, or loot bags whatever one calls them, which I had a ball doing, actually my favourite part.

The important family birthday photo even if we couldn't get Hudson to smile, all of those people singing at him seemed a little strange for him I think.

I am a little buggered as I had 2 other 1st birthdays yesterday however I am just glad to be back to a normal week.

Have a great Monday

Ky x

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Artist of the week - Shanwen from Pretty Peonies

This week I am posting about one of my favourite jewelry artists Shanwen from Pretty Peonies.
You may remember my "Amelie" Necklace I bought a while ago, well this is the lovely person I purchased it from. I love Shanwen's works as it feels so nostalgic, romantic and gives me great memories of Paris, which is clearly a troubled obsession. Make sure you visit her Etsy store.

1)Tell us a bit about yourself?
I am originally from Singapore, now i live and work in Melbourne. My day job as an analyst at a bank requires lots of number crunching and logical thinking, so the shop is actually a creative escapism for me. I love to knit and has created countless of scarves and cardigans which naturally leads to more crafting in different avenues. This is how i stumble upon jewellery making as well.

2)Where did your business name come from?
It was a ' eureka ' moment for me. I simply love peonies and when i register my shop name on Etsy, i was so happy that it was available.

3)Tell us a bit about your business?
It started off with my friend ranting on and on about etsy and creating items to sell. I always love jewellery and had a passion of seeking out those unique " one of a kind " pieces which are affordable. My dad, being an entrepreneur himself, is very supportive of me. He was the one who gave my business tips and encouraged me when times were down. My partner helps me outing with the mailing and my sister helps me source for unique supplies wherever she goes. Hence, I am really grateful for the supportive people i have around me. I hunt for supplies myself too, usually online to see what's possible. I usually go to the flea markets on sundays to get inspired and hoping to stumble upon unique pieces. I work on my shop on weeknights and weekends, the only time when i am most creative .

4)What inspires you to create what you make?
I am inspired by vintage items, flea markets and romance. I love the pale pastel colours and Paris and would usually try to incorporate the inspirations into my work.

5)What do you think is the key to achieving successful sales?
I haven't been selling for long. But i believe a good word of mouth and excellent customer service are the way to go. Treating your customers like GOLD will definitely reap the rewards later on.
6)What is your favourite music/artist/movie/book/website?
Beside Etsy, i love Decor8 for its unique approach towards everyday decoration and style. I adore Audrey Hepburn too.
7)If you could interview anybody in the world who would it be?
Well, can i name a few regardless? ! Perhaps Richard Branson and Brigette Bardot.

8)Where is your next holiday destination?
I really would love to visit to Paris.. We shall see!
Make sure you pop into 'Prett Peonies' as there is a buy 1 get 1 free sale. I know I will be visiting. You can also read more about Shanwen at her blog

Thanks again Shanwen & good luck with you future creations, I look forward to seeing them.

Ky x

Wednesday Wish List a stress free 1st birthday party

It's Hudson's 1st birthday party on Saturday & I am running around like a chook without a head. I have kind of left everything to the last minute ARGHHHH!
Anyway it was my baby's 1st birthday & it was fabulous. I had my parents, brother & in laws over for some cake & coffee. I made his cake 'chocolate yogurt' & it was good, not the flashiest looking but it tasted great. I am still planning his big cake for Saturday, I will keep you posted on that one.
Here are a couple of photo's from the occasion, one of him eating his first slither of chocolate cake. There was more on the floor than in his mouth.

I guess my "Wish List Wednesday" is for everything to run smoothly & I finish everything I need to have finished. At the moment all my attention is here, so hopefully next week I will be back focusing 100% on my product.

Ky x

Monday, May 11, 2009

Belated Mothers Day Wishes

I had every intention of wishing you all a very happy mother's day yesterday but it just didnt happen. I hope you all had a wonderful day with your families, and those with kids received lots of cudles and kisses. I also hope you all received something from your wish list.

Well I didn't receive anything from the wish list that I posted about, but got something else that I desperately wanted. I got season 2,4,5,6 of one of my favourite shows Gilmore Girls. I already had 1 and 3, so I just needed the others. All I need in number 7 and I am done. I love this show sooooooo much & have always watched it on free to air TV and Foxtel. However the episodes jump from current to past so I have always wanted to watch the lot to see just exactly what I have missed. No I am asking for something even bigger, peace an quiet to watch them??? Nope ain't going to happen anytime soon.

I also got a gorgeous Eiffel Tower, Daniel said he bought it for me due to it's top platform as we walked around it together. Yes a soppy memory.

Overall my day was great, it started again in the garden which I would like to advise is nearly done. I will post updated pictures tomorrow. Hudson ate so much sand & dirt I am surprise I didn't see it in his nappies, but hey he had a ball which a picture to show it.

We then went for lunch with my parents and brother, and all of my in laws up to Fortrum's in Sassafras. For those none Victorians it's up in the Dandenongs.
Yes it was the best 1st mothers day, I enjoyed every minute.

Ky x

Friday, May 8, 2009

Fab Friday Find

I just had to show off my new purchase, my own mothers day gift to me.
My own pair of gumboots, I just love them.
Who would have thought the gardening gumboot could become a new secret fashion accessory.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Artist of the week - Carley from Vanilla Pixie

Vanilla Pixie is another talented Australian who designs gorgeous & unique hair accessories for little girls and is selling them world wide. Carley began designing these for her daughters and nieces in order to fill a void in the market. This talent and passion has taken her business onwards and upwards, reaching very promising milestones, she is now stocking boutiques and has reached 200 SALES in her Etsy store in only 9 months!!

Tell us a bit about yourself?
I am a wife & stay-at-home mum to three. I enjoy reading (there is always a book on the go), shopping, hanging out with friends & family.
I am organized, structured & under control (ok, most of the time). My background is in administration – in my pre-children life I was Administration Manager to a top Australian hairdressing salon.
My retail obsession is bags (in any form), I am easily annoyed by anyone who doesn’t respect my personal space & I have a sweet tooth… mmmm, donuts.

Where did your business name come from?
I wanted something that was fun, sweet & obviously, new. And I didn’t want to give the name any personal attachment.
So, I visited my friends at Wikipedia & looked up words that were evocative for me (food is always a good place to start). Eventually, after much trial & error – and lots of visits to ASIC making sure it wasn’t already taken – voila, Vanilla Pixie.
Along the way I toyed with pomegranates, lavender & thimbleberries

Tell us a bit about your business?
I went looking for something & couldn’t find what I was after. As it turns out, I wasn’t the only one in this situation. For me, Vanilla Pixie was born out of necessity.
I wanted beautiful, stylish, well-made & hard-to-lose hair accessories for my girls. Having worked in the hairdressing industry for 7 years, I had inside information that told me they just weren’t available. So, with nothing to lose, I made them myself.
Now, only 9 months down the track, Vanilla Pixie is closing in on 200 Etsy sales, has stock in 3 different children’s boutiques across Sydney, has taken part in 2 very successful markets & continues to grow!!
What inspires you to create what you make?
My daughters (aged 4 years & 18 months) of course!! But a visit to an exciting new ribbon supplier can get the creative juices flowing as well J

What do you think is the key to achieving successful sales?
You have to believe in what you do!! If you don’t have the commitment to your product, why should anybody else?
I have also spent time working beside one of the most creative, yet business-minded women that I have ever met. From her, I learnt that you can’t afford to get lazy. Your business always has room to grow. If something isn’t working, change it. Always be on the front foot. Take every opportunity to put yourself, and your product, out there. The very worst that could happen is that someone will say no.
What is your favourite music/artist/movie/book/website?
I’m never good at these questions – I can never narrow it down…
MUSIC – I really do like listening to anything. But, on high rotation at the moment: Nickelback, Dixie Chicks, Paramore, Pink and, because my kids like it, Justine Clarke.
MOVIE – Twister, The Lake House, You’ve Got Mail, Mr Holland’s Opus (& anything starring Nicolas Cage or Johnny Depp)
BOOK – I love reading biographies (real life can be so interesting!), My Sister’s Keeper (Jodi Picoult), Fall On Your Knees (Ann-Marie MacDonald) & Diana Gabaldon’s “Outlander” series
WEBSITE – Etsy (duh!), ninemsn, Google, Wikipedia &
If you could interview anybody in the world who would it be?
Karl Kruszelnicki, Bob Geldof, Michael J Fox & Queen Noor (all extremely fascinating in their own way). Where is your next holiday destination?
We are always planning “the next holiday” – what is there to work for otherwise? Our next is to Coffs Harbour (NSW North Coast) in July. A stunning part of Australia & hardly any tourists in the middle of winter.

You can also read more about Vanilla Pixie by visiting the blog, or say hi on Face Book.
To sweeten this occasion even more Vanilla Pixie for the month of May, my store is having a "Buy 1, Get the Second 1/2 Price" sale. You can't beat that so click here to get a piece of that great deal.

Thanks Carley for participating, your answers are truly inspiring, and I hope your next 200 sales are just as fun.

Ky x