Monday, May 25, 2009

Manic Monday

My first comment for this week is actually a big thanks to Lou from Buttonsbyloulou.
Not only was she my first customer to my new store "MarkedbyTigesWeince", she also very generously commented about my bookmarks on her blog.
Thanks again Lou.

The morning has been quite manic to say the least;

1.Up with the sparrows with my boy. Milk, breakfast, showers, playtime and of course Hi5 so I can get ready.
2.Then I caught up with the girls from my mother's group today instead of our usual Thursday catch up. We decide to go to a play centre, I am not a fan of those centres for "germ a phobe" reasons, but one bonus is it knocks Hudson out for a couple of hours so I have some peace.
3.Eventually I will mop, the place has been vacuumed & chairs are up and out of the way, but I would much rather reads everyone's blogs. Mopping is one thing I HATE!
4.Work out whats for dinner. I have defrosted chicken thighs, I think I will head to for inspiration.
5.After that who knows....My little man will be up and tearing the place apart, hence cleaning again.
6.Tonights plan is to start walking on my treadmill for 30mins as I have been so lethargic lately it's awful. When I don't move I tend to want to sleep more.
7.Hopefully after I work start getting stuck into some new baby products as in June I have 3 markets on Sisters, Flemington & Mathildas.

I don't know about you guys but my time management really has a lot to be be desired. I would love somebody to pass on some of their useful hints as to how they keep themselves organised and committed to a daily plan. Yes I have a diary, & I know about the task list, is there another miracle?

In search of great time management I looked to Etsy for help and found these great "In touch Clutch", I don't know if they will help but they will make me look like I am hehehehe...
Have a great Monday,
Ky x


Giggleberry (Amy) said...

Ahhh another Monday rolls around! I think the idea of wearing the kids out so they sleep for a good amount of time is one of the best time management ideas - Stick with it!

Love the stay in touch clutch too!

Whimsical Creations said...

My time management skills are awful, too. I would much rather be on-line reading blogs, too. I would love for the cleaning fairy to come by. =D