Friday, May 29, 2009

Fab Friday Find

I have been in a desperate search for new slippers & do you think I could anything? Nope!
So I searched slippers on trusty Etsy & I found some & bought them. Sometimes I question why do I go elsewhere. They are perfect, and hopefully the fit will be just as perfect. They look so warm and comfy, even the colour name is inviting Vanilla Cappuccino mmmmmmm.

Mitallo Ballerina Slippers in Vanilla Cappuccino - 100 Percent Cotton


Nikki @ My Black Cardigan said...

They are gorgeous. Definitely a reason to stay in your PJs all day!

Jennifer Colon said...

Thank You:) You Made My Day:)Now find a warm spot while I make these for your tootsies and I will get them to you asap!

Jennifer Colon said...

Thank you so much! You Made My Day! Now go find a warm spot and I will make your slippers to warm your tootsies, and get them to you asap:)

Jodie said...

These gorgeous slippers put my dagging terry towelling ones to shame!!

Hope your great,