Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wednesday Wish List a stress free 1st birthday party

It's Hudson's 1st birthday party on Saturday & I am running around like a chook without a head. I have kind of left everything to the last minute ARGHHHH!
Anyway it was my baby's 1st birthday & it was fabulous. I had my parents, brother & in laws over for some cake & coffee. I made his cake 'chocolate yogurt' & it was good, not the flashiest looking but it tasted great. I am still planning his big cake for Saturday, I will keep you posted on that one.
Here are a couple of photo's from the occasion, one of him eating his first slither of chocolate cake. There was more on the floor than in his mouth.

I guess my "Wish List Wednesday" is for everything to run smoothly & I finish everything I need to have finished. At the moment all my attention is here, so hopefully next week I will be back focusing 100% on my product.

Ky x

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incalesco said...

Yum Yum chocolate cake! I hope everything goes well, and I'm sure it will. Jasper's first birthday was great - we are on the mad dash now towards his 2nd, they come around so quickly!