Friday, May 1, 2009

Thanks KRudd

Yay for our cheques!! I received mine yesterday, 2 of them yippee!!

We are going on a holiday the 1st week of November. It's been planned for a couple of weeks, but were knew KRudd was taking us there. We have decided to stay local, which is great as I have not seen a lot of our beautiful country. I generally always like to leave our shores when I go away.

We are off to Coffs Harbour. I am really looking forward to it as it will be our very first family holiday. Hudson will be nearly on 18mths then so I am sure his eagerness to explore will have increased even more. We are staying at 'Boambee Bay', & thanks to Daniel's parents they gave us a week of their timeshare, so accommodation has been literally zilch. They only problem is November seems like a life time away.

If there are any locals who read my blog, or any readers who know the area or have been there, some ideas of great things to do, beside seeing that hideous big banana, will be greatly appreciated. I actually saw on Getaway last night this amazing buggy ride across the beaches & through the rainforest, but obviously Hudson will dictate if that happens, I couldn't recall seeing any baby booster seats.
Here are a couple of photos of our accomodation.

Ky x


Chic Little Shop said...

Thank you for your comment on my blog. Lucky you..I've been to C/H many many times but that's a long time ago. Its a nice place to visit I remember. Yup.. Big Banana is fun. Visit the C/H zoo is good. Thank you for new word
"Francophile" (smile)
x Julie

vanilla pixie (Carley) said...

We are off to Coffs Harbour in July - can't wait!!
The Pet Porpoise Pool is worth a visit, as is the Butterfly Farm just south of town. And a day trip to Bellingen should definitely be considered.
Other than that, I say lazing around beside the pool or on the beach is just heavenly!!