Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Whisper Wednesday...

I have a little whisper for you......... I am in the midst of opening another shop on Etsy.
I do question why as getting great sales is still challenging in my first shop. But hey we do it all for love and creativity don't we?
To give you a little back ground as to why I am jumping in to this. Prior to discovering the handmade world and especially Etsy, I used to work in the fashion industry. Amongst the different companies I worked for, I designed children's wear for two of them which I absolutely loved. A part of my job besides designing collections for each season, was to also design and draw the majority of yardage and placement prints. I have decided to jump back into graphic illustration as I have been quite paranoid of losing any ability that I have, and complaining about how I don't draw anymore to my husband.

My new creative outlet are BOOKMARKS!! I bet you would never have guessed that!
I absolutely love, love, love reading, if I could do it more I would. What's special about my bookmarks? Beside original design, is that they are magnetic, so they don't accidentally fall out of your page. The bookmark is folded in half and all you have to do is place it over your page and voila....It holds!!

See what I mean it's not falling out. It's so frustrating when you lazily pick up your book & you lose your page.

I am using HP quality photographic paper weighing in at 25gsm. The gloss finish is superb.
Here is s sneak peak of 2 of my retro spots & stripes designs.
And another sneaky peak at 2 more. I just had to throw some kind of Parisian representation in there.
I am planning on many designs to come that will capture everyone's style, for the kids, mum, dad, and also personalised items. These are fab gifts for ourselves and others as well.
All I have to do is finish all of my photo's, build my store, complete my logo, confirm a name and prices, packaging, and of course have fabulous opening special!!
Keep in touch.
Ky x


Giggleberry (Amy) said...

LOVE them... what a great idea!!! and perfect for that little gift too!
Can't wait for the grand opening!

incalesco said...

They are clever, gorgeous, and would make fabulous gifts, can't wait until you're up and running!