Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding Fever

Eeeeee the Royal Wedding is today & I can't wait.

It's like a fever & everyone is catching it, well the buzz and excitement anyway.

I wonder what the bride to be would be feeling today? I am sure nervous like any bride, but what would it really feel like knowing that the world, YES THE WORLD, will be watching you today & forever. Personally I wouldn't like it.

After my morning snoop around on Etsy, I found some fun Will & Kate inspired pieces.

I wish I was having a Royal Wedding inspired catch up with girlfriends, having high tea & watching it, but I won't. I will be hand sewing cushions together, hopefully in peace, & no kids demanding my attention.

Are you doing anything to celebrate this occasion?

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Some holiday photo's

Had a great time at Phillip Island, the sun was shining and the air was warm. It was definitely a well earned break, and actually really important to have family time. Down time as commonly said, away from technology and an attempt to get back to nature.

Before I get too back into the my well known routine of kids, naps, food, house work (apparently??), catching up on orders, and planning a very special 1st birthday party, I thought I would post a couple of my favourite holiday snaps.

Walking along the beach in Cowes, Hudson tests out his new gumboots & rain coat. Amazingly he found he kept quite dry.

Rarrrrrrrrrr you seagulls, I am going to catch you!

Miss Charlotte just being cute.

A family shot down at the Nobbies. This landscape was truly amazing. The fact the sun was out, the water was flat made everything look perfect.

I loved it down there so much that we will probably head down there again at Christmas for a summer experience.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Wishing Everyone a wonderful Easter

Wakey Wakey it's Easter Sunday.

The Easter Bunny has been, and there are chocolate eggs to be found.

The kids are hunting, parents smile with enjoyment while watching and sipping their lattes.
Well that's what seemed to be happening in the holiday park where I am staying, until Mr Rain decided to visit us. Boo Hoo....Everyone had to rush inside what a shame.
Without a doubt behind every tent, caravan and cabin door, there are lots of chocolatey grins, from ear to ear. Even though I am being the mean mum and rationing Hudson's intake, he still enjoyed his small taste of heaven this morning. He can have more later.

I found this image this morning and had to post it, what a beautiful basket of hand painted eggs.

This evening I am off to visit the Fairy Penguins while down here at Phillip Island, I haven't done this since I was a kid. I just can't wait o see the look on my little mans face. My sister in-law and her kids are coming down, as well as a few other family members so I am sure it will be a great experience all round.

I hope you all have a wonderful Easter Sunday.
What are you doing?

Saturday, April 23, 2011

My 2 page feature in the Herald Sun "Home Magazine"

A very exciting day for me today, my business was featured in the Herald Sun's HOME magazine. I still remember when the editor emailed me asking if I was interested. As you could imagine I needed absolutely NO thinking time what so ever, YES, YES, & did I already say YES! This all started in Feb this year, & I was advised the feature would be published anytime from 1 week to 6 months. I assumed the longest length of time, that it would go in around August. But as you can see this wasn't the case.

These photo's were taken by my best friend, as she was surprised when I told her I hadn't seen it. I am currently on holiday in Phillip Island for Easter & the HOME mag insert doesn't go into the Herald Sun outside of Melbourne. My sister inlaw is coming down tomorrow with the insert for me, so it's all good.

A big thanks to all of the lovely people who have sent me a congrats message, I really appreciate it.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Easter Holiday - BIG SECRET

I am leaving tomorrow for a 5 day break over the Easter holidays.

No where lavish, we are staying local, and heading on down to Phillip Island. South of Victoria for those who may be wondering where that is. I haven't been there forever, I am looking forward to seeing the lovely fairy penguins come in from the beach. Most of all I am looking forward to spending time with my husband and children. We haven't had a family of 4 holiday yet, and I know it's going to be full one, very busy, but just wonderful!

It's also going to be very exciting for another reason. One in which I am still very reluctant in sharing anything as I can't believe it. All I am going to say is, for those who live in Melbourne, when you grab the Herald Sun on Saturday, have a read of the 'HOME' magazine!

I am taking the lap top while I am away with intentions of having some leisurely internet surfing time, and even posting a blog. But if I don't I will return next Wednesday.

Happy Easter, eat lots of chocolate goodness, everyone & be safe.
Kylie xx

Monday, April 18, 2011

Monday's Buy - Moonlight and Whimsy

As I am busily trying to get orders posted before Easter, and also because I am heading away for a few days, I don't have anything "NEW" this week to show you.

Instead I thought I would brag about a few purchases I made online today.

Charlotte is turning 1 soon & I know I want the colours pink & red, with lots of polka dots and lady bugs in the theme. I started with a couple of purchases today from Moonlight and Whimsy. A brand new store I didn't know about, & what a wonderful experience. I loved everything in there it was hard narrowing down what I wanted.

First Buy - The pink polka dot lanterns. They will be great to adorn the birthday party space, and later will look equally impressive in her bedroom.

Second Buy - These gorgeous feather butterflies, I bought the red colour, a pack of 5 of be precise. I will confess they aren't for Charlotte's birthday party but for me. I have a couple of ideas as what I want to do with them, so I will keep you posted. But don't they look great on the cake?
Third Buy - Mushroom Sprays which can be used for any type of decorative whether it be for food or the house. They have wire stems at their base. I am not sure how I will use them, but I am sure I will work it out once I get them, I think they are adorable.

I can' wait for them all to arrive.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Tomorrow I will be at North Melbourne Market...

The sun is shining this weekend in Melbourne so if you're looking for something to do, why don't you pop on down to North Melbourne Market. It will be my first time there as a stallholder, and I am really looking forward to it.

It is at 44 Errol St, North Melbourne

There are 70 stall holders showing off their collections on the day, and brands I haven't heard of before, so I am extremely excited to see what other amazing talent will be on show.

This is the last weekend for Easter cushion orders, so don't miss out & order them online or in person at the market.

I hope to see you there xx

Friday, April 15, 2011

New Blog Love

I don't know about you but I can get very excited about a new blog find.
For the life of me I can't remember how I came about it, & it was only this morning. My heart started pumping with excitement when I started reading this blog and discover what it was all about.

Erin is the author of this blog and is obsessed by the colour turquoise, I call it aqua, but it's still the same?? I have this colour right through my house, as a feature wall but in a darker tone, on my walls in that is the palest of shades it's almost white, in my clothes, jewellery, not to mention things that I buy for the kids.

I couldn't believe it when I found it, truly I was singing on the inside. I am still in the middle of decorating my house, so to see the inspiration of how to combine different colours & styling is priceless. As you all know I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE colour, so I wanted to share the amazing photo's that I found.

You can read Emma's blog here.

By the way....If turquoise isn't you thing, she has passion for other colour as well and has a web page called "decor by colour", a dedication for so many other colours.
Visit this page to see what I mean.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Colour Me Raspberry

Today I wanted to show my favourite colour, it's what I call,


I am a huge fan of the colours pink and red, and I feel that raspberry sits somewhere in between.
Not really red, not really pink.
It's a rich, strong and vibrant colour that can make you feel warm and cosy. At the other end of the spectrum, I think it's such a fresh and clean colour in the summer months, especially when teamed with white or aqua.
It's a favourite fruit, so useful all year round, fresh is best, but so handy for cooking when frozen.

What shade of raspberry do you love most? I have determined three different types.
A more pink version, a red version, or berry version?

To me they are all delicious.

Some gorgeous raspberry inspired finds on Esty.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

More door stops & cushions to reveal

Wow it's Tuesday already.
Weekends seem to fly for me, between creating, making orders, the kids activities and just life in general, before I know it it's Sunday night.

I made some time during last week to sneak in some new work. I do crave development and design time, it's very freeing, having an idea and not knowing how it will finish up.

Two new cushions, and two new door stops, finally completed in time for the Fairy Floss market on the Sunday just past. It's such a a satisfying feeling watching a design concept come to fruition. I also had a great response, which was even better, especially to the door stops.

My two cushion design were based on artwork I did a couple of years ago. I didn't even have the work on file only the prints, goodness know where they could be as I have a tonne of USB sticks. After scanning and playing around and improving both designs, this is what I finished with.

Viking Cushion - I have also done magnetic bookmarks in this design ages ago.

Blue Owl Door Stop - There is a pink version of this which has been really popular, hence my new colour way. Also if the owl looks familiar it is based off my boy and girl night owl cushion.

Birdy Stack Door Stop - A familiar bird based of many of my designs including the Girly Bird Cushion.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Saturday Inspiration Soak Up

I have been waiting & waiting for this book to arrive, & yesterday it did.

She is such an inspirational surface & clothing designer, I love her use of colour and simplicity. Her style is so simple and affective is blows me away. Sometimes it's so easy to over do a design, I know sometimes I add and add, then it looks over done & spoiled.

The book is full of inspirational chapters giving an inside to her life, inspiration, her use of colour, the amazing prints, the awesome collections, and how these have been used in the home.

As you can see I have photographed a few of the pages that spoke to me most.

Below is the amazing women herself, an oh how I love that stack of boxes.

Now all I need to do is grab a coffee, sit, flick, and read.
Better do it while I can as the kids are at swimming.

Hope you're having a great Saturday.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Time Out

I don't know about you, but I admit I am a bit of a workaholic?
Some call it over achievement? Some even crazy?
I know I am not the only one with such love for what they do, and that burning desire inside to make something of it? and yourself? Anyway, however you describe it that's me.

Lately I have been go go go at a high rate, and I love it, thrive actually. Between the kids, their activities, family, friends, housework (kind of), and my business I don't seem to slow down. Of late, I think I have been starting to burn the fire at both ends. Know that feeling? In bed late, up during the night to Miss Charlotte (god I wish she'd sleep through), and up early for Hudson.

It's starting to take it's toll.

The last few days I haven't felt my normal self, not unwell, but kind of feeling like I am walking through mud, you know flat. Dragging myself throughout the day, wondering how wonderful it would be to have a nap.....Right Now.

It dawned on me after reading a wonderful post by Danielle Cresp, that she had become unwell due to going, going, going. We all need to take a break before we crash and burn.
I know I needed it.
But I question why do we feel guilty to do this? I mean don't we make the decision to work for ourselves so we can be flexible with our time? Whether it be due to your kids, or other reasons?

I decided last night some of my orders were just going to have to wait. Yep sorry, but as my husband says, the world won't stop spinning if you do this. Last night I popped the kids in the bath at 5pm, and my husband was home by 5.30pm. I looked at him & said can you finish bathing the kids I am going to lay down. I layed on my bed & woke at 7.45pm. To late to cook a meal I had tomato, avocado & cheese grilled on toast, followed by a cup of tea & an Easter egg. I jumped on the computer briefly (FB is addictive), to answer a couple of queries, load a new design, and then I was off. I got back into bed & slept right through last night.

Due to this I feel 100% today, I probably could do with another night like that but I'll see.

I think we need to remember if we aren't 100% then nothing else be.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

FREE Easter Inspired Magnetic Bookmark

I have been really enjoying working in my business the last 6 months, without speaking too soon, but I feel like things are starting to fall into place. It's a wonderful feeling knowing that everytime an order is posted to someone, they will be enjoying the design and product I have handmade, either for their home, or they are giving it it to somebody else for enjoyment.

For the next 2 weeks I wanted to say thank, well I actually always say thank you with this original Easter inspired magnetic bookmark.

Every order placed between now (5th April), and 20th April, in my Etsy and madeit stores will receive one of these.

Thanks xx

Monday, April 4, 2011

A new & different way to hang my art

I have been thinking for a while now about how I could mount my artwork in a different way, besides just printing it on paper. I needed something that represented my style, it had to be colourful of course, have an element of fun, and must be able to be hung anywhere.

I love the idea of mixing different mediums and textures together. I am always in awe of talented multi media artists, my two favourites the awesome Danita and Kelly Rae. But as I have a long way to go before I create master pieces like these guys, this is how I am mixing it up.

The design I am using is my "Garden Party" design.

I wanted this piece of artwork to have bold colour, and gorgeous girly ruffles. I adore hot pink and lime together, and because these 2 colours are already in the design, this decision was easy. So I start here with some long lengths of fabric and gather them until I get the lengths desired.

I knew I wanted my work to be round, so I had to adjust my original "Garden Party" design a bit, so it sat perfectly in a circle. After printing it on cotton, I started taking the ruffle around the around the outer edge with large lime green tacking stitches.

All done. Time for the base.

I got my paints out and painted the back of the circular board in a vibrant hot cherry pink.
Once finished and completely dry, I used some strong craft glue and applied it around the edges of the board, and on the inside of my artwork at the ruffle edge.

All done, I am really happy with it, as it's exactly as I wanted it, bright and loads of fun.
Hang it on your wall, or stand it up on a shelf leaning against the wall. To hang it on your wall I use Command 3M velcro strips, super easy and you don't have to worry about untidy hooks, they're also removable.

This was such an enjoyable piece to create and I have to admit, I loved every moment of it.

I have created only 2 of these designs with one listed on my etsy and madeit shops.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Spot Of Gardening

I am not much of a gardener, I want to be, I love all of the shows giving you the low down on the how too's. I dream that I can do what they can do, but reality is, I find the whole precess a little overwhelming. I visit a nursery & start to feel nervous, almost sweating, at wondering what to plant, where should it be planted, with what, and when. Not to mention how do I care for them.

Well a couple of weeks ago hubby & I decided right lets just do it. Let visit the plant nursery, buy what we find appealing & plant them. When we arrived we did ask the folk that worked there , what was was full of colour & drought tolerant. Once pointed in the right direction we when to town.

We have quite a large yard so here is the blank canvas we have started on, and we decided lets see how this develops before we buy anything else. Plants are not cheap, we spent a couple of hundred dollars on what seemed, not like a lot.
Do you love my owl I bought? Just poking in at the right hand side.
We did have very much needed help on the day from our assistants.
See what I mean doesn't look like many plants does it?
This was quite scary this step, as I can be quite indecisive at the best of times. Working out what I wanted to plant, in what position, and what I thought would look great together was a whole other task in itself. There were many variations, going away and coming back before I settled. Finally I got there, and they were finally planted. I was quite happy with the result and did the best job we could. Now it was time to sit back & relax, did I mention pray for the best.
Luckily it had been a wet summer, so my plants weren't dry and thirsty.
Six weeks later they are still alive and thriving. I took these photo's today just to prove it.
I am so thrilled everything is growing and starting to become quite large, making it look a little more established, not so new. This victory has made me want to continue with the other side of this sloping bank, it shouldn't bee too hard as we are just going to replicate it.
Wish me luck!!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Win A Cushion

Sorry to blog twice about my Mother's Day cushions...... But I am giving away one of them.

I have teamed up with the lovely Bec from Madeit, and she has done a wonderful post giving you all of the details. It so easy to win, all you have to do is leave a comment on her blog, telling her your best or funniest mothers day gift.

Yep it's that simple.

Oh by the way you must be able to provide a scanned image of your little Piasso's drawing, or hand/feet prints.