Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Spot Of Gardening

I am not much of a gardener, I want to be, I love all of the shows giving you the low down on the how too's. I dream that I can do what they can do, but reality is, I find the whole precess a little overwhelming. I visit a nursery & start to feel nervous, almost sweating, at wondering what to plant, where should it be planted, with what, and when. Not to mention how do I care for them.

Well a couple of weeks ago hubby & I decided right lets just do it. Let visit the plant nursery, buy what we find appealing & plant them. When we arrived we did ask the folk that worked there , what was was full of colour & drought tolerant. Once pointed in the right direction we when to town.

We have quite a large yard so here is the blank canvas we have started on, and we decided lets see how this develops before we buy anything else. Plants are not cheap, we spent a couple of hundred dollars on what seemed, not like a lot.
Do you love my owl I bought? Just poking in at the right hand side.
We did have very much needed help on the day from our assistants.
See what I mean doesn't look like many plants does it?
This was quite scary this step, as I can be quite indecisive at the best of times. Working out what I wanted to plant, in what position, and what I thought would look great together was a whole other task in itself. There were many variations, going away and coming back before I settled. Finally I got there, and they were finally planted. I was quite happy with the result and did the best job we could. Now it was time to sit back & relax, did I mention pray for the best.
Luckily it had been a wet summer, so my plants weren't dry and thirsty.
Six weeks later they are still alive and thriving. I took these photo's today just to prove it.
I am so thrilled everything is growing and starting to become quite large, making it look a little more established, not so new. This victory has made me want to continue with the other side of this sloping bank, it shouldn't bee too hard as we are just going to replicate it.
Wish me luck!!

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