Thursday, April 7, 2011

Time Out

I don't know about you, but I admit I am a bit of a workaholic?
Some call it over achievement? Some even crazy?
I know I am not the only one with such love for what they do, and that burning desire inside to make something of it? and yourself? Anyway, however you describe it that's me.

Lately I have been go go go at a high rate, and I love it, thrive actually. Between the kids, their activities, family, friends, housework (kind of), and my business I don't seem to slow down. Of late, I think I have been starting to burn the fire at both ends. Know that feeling? In bed late, up during the night to Miss Charlotte (god I wish she'd sleep through), and up early for Hudson.

It's starting to take it's toll.

The last few days I haven't felt my normal self, not unwell, but kind of feeling like I am walking through mud, you know flat. Dragging myself throughout the day, wondering how wonderful it would be to have a nap.....Right Now.

It dawned on me after reading a wonderful post by Danielle Cresp, that she had become unwell due to going, going, going. We all need to take a break before we crash and burn.
I know I needed it.
But I question why do we feel guilty to do this? I mean don't we make the decision to work for ourselves so we can be flexible with our time? Whether it be due to your kids, or other reasons?

I decided last night some of my orders were just going to have to wait. Yep sorry, but as my husband says, the world won't stop spinning if you do this. Last night I popped the kids in the bath at 5pm, and my husband was home by 5.30pm. I looked at him & said can you finish bathing the kids I am going to lay down. I layed on my bed & woke at 7.45pm. To late to cook a meal I had tomato, avocado & cheese grilled on toast, followed by a cup of tea & an Easter egg. I jumped on the computer briefly (FB is addictive), to answer a couple of queries, load a new design, and then I was off. I got back into bed & slept right through last night.

Due to this I feel 100% today, I probably could do with another night like that but I'll see.

I think we need to remember if we aren't 100% then nothing else be.


Anonymous said...

Oh I hear you loud and clear....I have been feeling this exact same way. We need to listen more to what our bodies are telling us.
Have a wonderful day.

Jane said...

No, Kylie, you're definitely not alone. I think you're doing such a brilliant job managing two demanding littlies and running a business at the same time. Not to mention all the housework, family life etc.

Good for you for realising you need to take a breather. Can you stay 'unplugged' this weekend to get some headspace? Oh, and I've really cut back on FB and am thinking of stopping it altogether - it can be such a time-sucker. J x