Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas at my house

I am sure you have all read everyone else's Christmas posts, & must be getting over them?
With running the risk of causing several yawns, I thought I would share a little of mine.

It wasn't a super early morning rise, 7.30am we woke, Hudson still isn't aware of what exactly this Santa dude gets up to, so he didn't wake with the sparrows. It was Charlotte's 1st Christmas, bless her gorgeous soul, she had no idea, a regular 6.30am rise.

Once Hudson realised he could finally open the present it was on. Paper was going everywhere, there was lots of oohs and ahhs. Actually it was quite overwhelming for him, he actually became a little silly and over excited. But that's OK, I guess he didn't know what to play with first.

Below are some happy family snaps of the day.
The tree before the unwrapping began.
My favourite picture of the moment, Charlotte wearing mummies new CHANEL sunglasses.
Hudson helping Charlotte unwrap.
A happy family snap.
Hudson and his buzz light year bubble gun.
Charlotte and her duck.

We went to my sister in laws house in Wonga Park, she lives on a beautiful acre, with lots of trees, birds, and silence. Just heaven. I am very fortunate that my parents & my in laws get on well as we have it together every year. I tell you it makes life an easy on on Christmas day, no travelling. The food was great, too great actually, like everyone I over ate. This year I stayed at my sister in laws the night which was the best part of my day, I could have that extra glass of wine & chill out knowing I didn't have to worry about driving home - heaven!

A great day, and something I could write so much more about.
I hope everyone else's day was memorable.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas

I wanted to wish everybody a very Merry Christmas and successful 2011.
Also a BIG thank you to all of my dear market friends that I have met and looked forward to seeing each month. You all make what I do an extreme pleasure. Also a big hug to all the wonderful bloggers out there who I just adore reading all about, and put a daily smile on my face.
One last thanks to the customers who purchased my products during the year & allowing me to keep on being creative. I love what I do.
I will be having a mini break over Christmas, and I hope everyone is doing the same.
A little bit of R&R is required, and some time to also start some creative planning, which has started but I am looking forward to implementing.
I should, and I say this loosely be back on board come Jan 4th, when most others are returning.
Have a great Christmas everybody xxxx Kylie

Sunday, December 19, 2010

A photo with Santa

Today was a family day, booked into my diary, not negotiable, a day to get a very important photo taken. With Santa of course.
The photos are great, but it took a lot of effort to get them.
Our first meeting with Santa today was quite a disaster. Charlotte took one look at him & screamed, bringing endless tears, she wouldn't settle. I think this must have frightened Hudson as his reaction was then just as bad. The lovely and friendly elves suggested we go into the magic cave for a 15min break & then try again.
It worked!!!
Charlotte was far more accepting second time round. However she would NOT look at the camera & take her eyes of him. The photo looks quite endearing actually, but please let it be know she unsure and wondering what that man with the beard is all about.
While in the magic cave, (which was a lovely little room with interactive Christmas decorations and lights), suddenly Hudson started asking where Santa was and decided to visit him on his own accord. I think Charlotte's reaction being far more accepting second time round helped.
It ended up being a family photo, it has to be done this way as Hudson still won't go near the man with the big snowy white beard.
You can see Charlotte still won't stop looking at him.
I hope everyone's Santa photo's were as much fun as mine were.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

A present for me.......

With all the rush of Christmas shopping, wondering what to buy for this one and that one, I decided to spend a little something for me. Since having my two kids I don't shop for me as much as I used to. Funny you know, I always swore I would never let myself miss out, but I am now completely guilty of it. I guess that's just the cycle of life.

Back to my present......
One of my daily blogs reads, as I am sure is for many other is made by girl. Jen who is the very driven entrepreneur of this business creates paper goods and typographical posters which I just love. So I bought one of her prints which really sings to me, her HELLO Languages Typography print, after the travelling I have done it's brings back fond memories.

Although I haven't been to Japan, I just love saying Konnichi Wa, makes me giggle everytime. I am still not sure where I will put up this pretty, but I am positive when I have it in my hands I will just know the perfect spot.
Also a little secret she is having a 20% off sale if you're interested, you can find out more here.

Friday, December 10, 2010

The Tree Is Up

Its been a debate in my house, "When do I put the tree Up"? Not because I don't want to, its how many times I have to keep putting it up the decorations. Hudson loves to flick the baubles off, hence why this year I have bought the foam ones & the glass one's are away!!
I put it up early this morning while my little man slept. It was peaceful, uninterrupted, just Charlotte and I. Obviously she had no idea, however she seem very intrigued with the shiny sparkle decorations, and I am sure would have loved to shove a handful of tinsel in her mouth. I wanted to enjoy the seeing Hudson's little face light up when he first saw it.
He was so excited when he saw it he jumped up and down, and did a little run on the spot.
It was such a great feeling.

What did I tell you.....Straight for the baubles flick, flick, spin, spin, drop.......Mummy fix........Mummy fix.........This went on a few times until I distracted him with something else.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Happy Birthday to ME!!

I turned a very unexciting 35 today!!
Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me!!!
When did a birthday become uninteresting?
I have had a lovely day, but I really do miss the build up of a birthday. Remember the feelings that started to bubble a week or two before you actual birthday. The excitement & anticipation of unwrapping your first present. Oh boy I loved it. I loved having a big birthday cake, lots of candles and a chorus singing to me. Today was a quiet affair with Daniel & the kids, mum & dad came by, and I received many calls, texts and facebook messages wishing me a special day.
The highlight of my day, as per usual were my kids. Hudson's joy at taking over the cake and blowing out the candles, repeatedly. More blowing, more blowing, he would repeat.
Today was Charlotte's first look at a candle, the focus in her big blue eyes was priceless. Like a deer looking into headlights.
These little happenings around my cosy kitchen table were my birthday highlights.