Tuesday, June 28, 2011

New Design - Owl sitting on a Penny Farthing

My new bolts of fabric arrived today...Yippee!!
They are so beautiful & so much more gorgeous in the cloth so to speak.

Choosing these fabrics has been a task and a half, I looked everywhere and anywhere. I wanted to design my own on Spoonflower, which is something that I will definitely be doing soon.
You can read about & see my final selections here.

Today I am showing you only 2 of the designs.
These 2 are going to be in my new design story "Owl on a Penny Farthing". It's a softer feel for me, as you may be aware I love bright and bold. It's a lovely change. I am just loving the charcoal grey dot it really finishes the colour palette, giving it a bit of substance. As I knew I was ordering this, I started on an illustration that I felt best suited it. Sticking with the dots, (as I LOVE polka dots), I wanted to keep that theme.

A month ago, I was at Scienceworks with my mum & Hudson, & there was an original Penny Farthing bike on display. Right next to it was a huge step so you could climb up & sit on it. I just loved it. I am completely fascinated how anyone could keep their balance riding the damn thing. Personally I think I would fall off in a heart beat.

I was so inspired by it & wanted to use it in my next illustration. I also wanted to use my Owl again, I thought she would be lovely sitting on the seat. The balloons, they are there because they look pretty!

Here is the finished design, available at Etsy & Madeit.
I have also finished the back of the cushion with the a perfectly matching coordinating design you can see in my listings.

Also available as a doorstop or bookend.
Available on Etsy and Madeit.

Now I have my prints in my hands, I am looking at playing around with them with some other items. It's so exciting, I love being inspired.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Fabric Choosing

Fabric choosing is a tough decision.

I have decided to streamline my range. I am making it more story orientated, so I need more coordinated fabrics. I am still extremely happy with the designs I currently have, but there are so many, and so many colours, hence my reasoning to do this.
Just incase you don't know what I mean by this, I want fabrics with same overall colour palette, however different pattern designs. So to up the anti, I have been on the hunt for a collective group of fabrics. This has been a long journey to date as I have had to source fabrics that will compliment, and not over take my own illustrations and pattern designs.

One of my BIGGEST, BIGGEST dreams is to one day design and print my own textile range. As this is not happening today, I am using other wonderful design work instead.

I recently came across a selection from PK Fabrics, and have taken a fancy to all of them.

designs by MODA

I like how they are full of colour of course, and their design details are not overwhelming.
I love how the colours are collective, and all cross over each other.

I am sitting on these over the weekend. Once I write this post I am not looking at them until Monday. Hopefully I will still love them just as much. I have lots of new ideas already on the go to work with these fabrics.

I just need to start getting it all together.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Dream Bedroom Décor for Hudson

Cars 2 is out today & I have one little boy who is bursting at the seams to see it. His dad is taking him on Saturday. He is so hooked on this movie, as lovely as I think it is, it drives me a little batty. It's pretty sad when your are starting to remember the dialogue.

Everything he does is "Fast like McQueen".
There is a positive about that saying, if he is dawdling along I can usually tell him that McQueen would do that much faster he is. That usually turns on his engine & off he goes.

I wont buy all of the merchandise, as I couldn't bear it. He own a long sleeve t-shirt, some pyjamas, slippers, several of the cars, and that's it. I was curious to see what was actually available out there for the bedroom & I was flabbergasted.

Check out this furniture, & this is a small selection.
All products were found at Wallmart.

Oh man, what Hudson would do to sleep in that bed.

Look at this, a dream chair to watch the movie for the millionth time. Don't even bring up how many times I am sure he'll watch the 2nd movie when it's released on DVD.

Wow what a novel idea, something to keep your toys stored. That wouldn't work in my house as everything is dumped on the floor. Tidying up seems to be a foreign word.

After looking around, I found this bedroom suite which although extremely over the top is just awesome. I think my husband would actually enjoy as much as Hudson. I could see him sitting & watching the Grand Prix in that bed!!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Large Apple & Pears Softies

I have been so inspired by my last post. It was an apple I made where I used my designs to decorate it. Anyway my mind has been racing thinking I could incorporate them into my shop.

I decided to make them very large, so they weren't as fiddly to sew, and of course use my own designs so they would look exactly as I would like them.

Here is the first.
A large Pear with some happy words, 'smile, 'laugh' & 'giggle', mixed with lots of hearts and my birds of course.

The next a large Apple.
Great for the boys, blue reds and stars, team with a vintage tricycle and an owl.

I am really happy with them both and of course have a few more designs floating around in my head. But most importantly they were so much fun to make.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

I made an apple :0)

Today I made an Apple!

I am so in love with it!

A wonderful pattern by retro mama help me create this little beauty.

Here is my finished product.
Now read below for the journey.

I used the pattern pieces from retro mama, scanned them in and drew my own designs.
they were a collaboration from my cushions, a bit of this and that.
Can you tell which cushion I used?
Once printed I just followed the pattern instructions.
Here they are all cut out.
Two views of all of the pieces sewn together. I did do my leaf and stem a bit different to the instructions as I wanted my own print. However they are backed on to felt, which was the suggested fabric.

Here it is all finished.
I couldn't believe how much stuffing this apple took, I had to stuff until it was very firm.

So what do you think?

I love this shape and have a few new ideas floating around, will come to fruition.
I still however have the pear to make also.

Friday, June 17, 2011

My experience - SIDS & Kids

Today I would love everyone to show their support for a very worthy foundation.

SIDS & Kids is dedicated to saving the lives of babies & children during pregnancy, birth infancy & childhood. In my opinion there are still too many deaths & so much research to be conducted to reduce this heart retching toll. Even though more & more is being learnt there is still so much to do.

Today's post is a very tender one for me, one which I will go into very lightly.

I have been effected by the death of a child. I lost a baby at just over 20 weeks, not just a baby, a daughter. Her name was Madison & unfortunately she wasn't growing properly. It was a a feeling that I can not describe knowing that I wasn't to have her, especially since I had 2 miscarriages before her. I wasn't old, 31 to be exact. It wasn't my fault, I didn't do anything wrong, it was nature, & completely out of my control. I never got to meet her, I named her & buried her, that's it. Sounds heartless doesn't it? It was the most gruelling period of my life of why me, why me, why me. I always imagine what she would look like, more like Hudson? Or more like Charlotte? My imagination will be the decider of that question. She isn't forgotten, it's a lovely reminder she is with my nanna & grandma now.

I now have 2 beautiful kids. Hudson was a blessing, & Charlotte a miracle. I never thought I'd have her, as I had another miscarriage after Hudson. It's an emotional roller-coaster not just for the women, but the partners & families, as it attacks everyone emotionally & mentally.

Please upload a red nose as for every nose is worth a dollar fund raised.
Pass it on to your friends, as it's also a lot of fun too.

I think Charlotte would suit being a clown.

Spread the word Red nose Me

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Mad for Apples and Pears

I have just realised lately I have a thing for apples and pears??

It's funny when a trend starts happening and you're completely unaware of it.
I love these 2 fruits, they are my winter favourites, but didn't really think of them in a decorative sense until recently.

First it started with these wire lanterns from Mozi. So cute aren't they?
You may remember them on a book shelf recently when I blogged about my home library.

Then I bought these adorable fabric baskets from The Spotted Barn.

Now I have decided to make some myself!!! Which is really exciting, I will keep you posted on my progress here as I want to design my own fabric for some.
Patterns from retro mama.

I did a quick search on Etsy and found these other little wonders. I am thinking I need those fruit memo notes.

What's your new unintentional love at the moment?

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I am not feeling well today & don't particularly feel like doing anything. It's the beginning of a cold, I feel tired, my throats feels a little questionable, & in general I feel blah.....
I am pumping the Vitamin C, multi vitamins & codral into me today for one reason only.

This lady....Kylie Minogue

I am off to see her tonight in Melbourne, I haven't missed any of her concerts, and I am very excited. Her concerts are shows stoppers, more glitz and glammer than one could imagine.
Dancers, exquisite costumes, make up and pure entertainment.
I just can't wait.
Is anyone else going?

Well off to the couch again while I try & recover a little.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Saturday Morning

I just adore this photo and wanted to share it with you.

I just wished my bedroom & I, looked as effortless as this on a Saturday morning.

Friday, June 10, 2011

NEW!! Fabric wall decals

It's been a few days since my last blog post. But hey I guess thats life, I have had a bit going on at home. Mainly due a particular Little Miss Charlotte like to wake each night at around 2ish & stay awake until 4.30am before she decides she's tired again. In turn my eyes have been hanging out of my head as I still need to be up for when Hudson wakes.

Moving on to a far more exciting announce I am in the midst of launching my fabric wall decals. I know they are already popular & the market is very competitive, but I wanted something to compliment my cushion and doorstop range. Besides all of my drawings are my own so I guess they will have a unique appeal. I have selected 4 of my best selling designs to create the matching wall decals.

Personalising items is a HUGE part of my business so it seemed obvious to complete a range of personalised buntings.

To match my trucks & tippers cushion I have created a trucks & tippers bunting. It has all of the same details but will be special with your name on it.

Next is my personalised girls design which also matches my apple green and pink cushion design.
Both have the same details of birds, apples, trees, ladybirds & polka dots.

Robots, a boys best friend...The designs will look fabulous in any arrangement. Place them like I have, or all in a perfectly straight line. This design again matches my singe robot cushion design, and my two robot cushion design.

The fourth is a personal favourite, Garden Party. There are so many colours in this design it should suit any girls bedroom, & of course it matches perfectly with my garden party cushion. This design is also something your can arrange like I have or create your own garden party look.

I am so excited about them. For the next week I am offering FREE POSTAGE on my wall decals.
To obtain this saving you must order directly via me. Please conatct me on email with your questions and orders. tigesandweince(at)gmail.com

Monday, June 6, 2011

More ways to find inspiration

You may have realised I am a little obsessed with maintaining your inspiration, as I guess I rely on it you could say.

I found a link today from a tweet, & unfortunately for the life of me I can't find who's it's from, so sorry if you're reading this. The link was a great one that I wanted to share with you.

"33 ways to stay creative".

Most of the points aren't anything you haven't heard or read before, but there were a couple of new ones that I quite liked.

source & image via today tomorrow

1. 'Don't force it', which I connected to immediately.
Sometimes when a drawing isn't working for me, I admit to forcing it to work. It's a very frustrating process. I need to just leave it for a few hours, or over night, and look at it again in the morning with a refreshed perspective.

2. 'Stop trying to be someone else's perfect.
I think this is a great point everyone needs to think about, especially me. I am a bit of a perfectionist and at times probably put to much pressure on myself, to make everything for everyone. I always stay true to my style, but always have in the back of my mind, will everyone love it. I have come to learn over many years, not everyone will love your work. As much as that is a slap in the face it's so true. So stop trying to be perfect for everyone else and work harder at trying to be better at what amazing work you're already doing.

3. Gets lots of rest
I know this is important, as I honestly believe your best ideas pop into your head as you're drifting off to sleep. Hence why its good the have a note book next to you. Unfortunately for me I am not always guaranteed of this as I have a 1yr old who doesn't believe she needs to sleep through the night. She is getting better, and I am sleeping more, and have had some lovely new ideas come to mind. Restful sleep equals awesome potential ideas and thoughts. It's definitely on my list for improvement, however still a bit out of my control.

This is a great list to read on a Monday to prepare you for the week. I hope that there are some points that help you out.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Stripe Mania

Yikes 2 days in a row of my head....

There is a reason though, I thought I would take part in the "STRIPE MANIA blogger round up, inspired by Holly Becker from Decor8 and friend Igor.

I was actually wearing this stripe top yesterday, & I know it seems a little silly, but I couldn't resist having some fun & joining in.

So here I am, a self portrait of a blogger in stripes, very thin navy & white ones to be exact.

If you would like to be part of this you can read all about it here.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Time Capsule Moment

Do you have photos that you love so much you wish you could pop the moment in a time capsule?
Then later open it later and have that moment again?
Like most mums I have so, so, so many of those.

This is one of my favourite photo's, it's not professional just a regular family happy snap taken by my husband.

I love this moment because just before it was taken, Hudson was telling me how much he loved Charlotte and I. Awwww so sweet and as I already said, i wish I could bottle it up and keep it.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Arrrrh Pirates

I have been wanting to do a pirate theme for a while, but just haven't had the time to get to it. With the release of Pirates of the Caribbean , and yet another instalment for me of being able to stare at Johnny Depp for a few hours had me very inspired.

I kept my design very classic, starting with the Pirate Ship. I wanted to keep my colours to a minimum. I absolutely adore the colour palette of red and blue, whether it be red & navy, or red & royal blue, or red and aqua. Unfortunately there aren't too many 'nice' shades of red, before they look like maroon or pink :0( It's so classic, and will generally work in any boys bedroom decor.

Next was my pirate, a cute boy, not anywhere near as handsome as Jack Sparrow, but a fun interpretation of what I wanted. I had been so nervous about drawing him, as I haven't done figures for ages. Drawing clothes has always been a breeze, I can draw them with my eyes shut, only due to many years of having to do so when working full time. But to draw a face, for some reason I get a little panicked and just go blank. I don't know about what you think, but a bad face can kill a drawing. After drawing and redrawing him, I finally finished, knowing it was as good as it was ever going to get. I am happy, he looks bright and cheerful, and of course like a pirate.

I am really happy with the 2 of them, they coordinate perfectly, and would look great on any little mans bed or quiet sitting space.

Everything is listed in my Etsy & madeit shops.