Thursday, June 16, 2011

Mad for Apples and Pears

I have just realised lately I have a thing for apples and pears??

It's funny when a trend starts happening and you're completely unaware of it.
I love these 2 fruits, they are my winter favourites, but didn't really think of them in a decorative sense until recently.

First it started with these wire lanterns from Mozi. So cute aren't they?
You may remember them on a book shelf recently when I blogged about my home library.

Then I bought these adorable fabric baskets from The Spotted Barn.

Now I have decided to make some myself!!! Which is really exciting, I will keep you posted on my progress here as I want to design my own fabric for some.
Patterns from retro mama.

I did a quick search on Etsy and found these other little wonders. I am thinking I need those fruit memo notes.

What's your new unintentional love at the moment?


another donkey design by kate said...

There is just something about them isn't there. I also find myself drawing to fabrics, stamps and cards of apples and pears. I love these ones too: (no pun intended!)

Naturally Carol said...

Birds..I find myself thinking about the shape of them and the colours of them and how to construct them..I didn't want to join that trend..but..!!!??? Moose and Bird has a great pear cushion!

Conny's Cottage said...

very lovly...

hugs Conny