Tuesday, June 28, 2011

New Design - Owl sitting on a Penny Farthing

My new bolts of fabric arrived today...Yippee!!
They are so beautiful & so much more gorgeous in the cloth so to speak.

Choosing these fabrics has been a task and a half, I looked everywhere and anywhere. I wanted to design my own on Spoonflower, which is something that I will definitely be doing soon.
You can read about & see my final selections here.

Today I am showing you only 2 of the designs.
These 2 are going to be in my new design story "Owl on a Penny Farthing". It's a softer feel for me, as you may be aware I love bright and bold. It's a lovely change. I am just loving the charcoal grey dot it really finishes the colour palette, giving it a bit of substance. As I knew I was ordering this, I started on an illustration that I felt best suited it. Sticking with the dots, (as I LOVE polka dots), I wanted to keep that theme.

A month ago, I was at Scienceworks with my mum & Hudson, & there was an original Penny Farthing bike on display. Right next to it was a huge step so you could climb up & sit on it. I just loved it. I am completely fascinated how anyone could keep their balance riding the damn thing. Personally I think I would fall off in a heart beat.

I was so inspired by it & wanted to use it in my next illustration. I also wanted to use my Owl again, I thought she would be lovely sitting on the seat. The balloons, they are there because they look pretty!

Here is the finished design, available at Etsy & Madeit.
I have also finished the back of the cushion with the a perfectly matching coordinating design you can see in my listings.

Also available as a doorstop or bookend.
Available on Etsy and Madeit.

Now I have my prints in my hands, I am looking at playing around with them with some other items. It's so exciting, I love being inspired.


Danielle said...

Oh my god. I need this.

Anonymous said...

That is such a cute print!

Your Blissful Day said...

Such cute items! Great job.