Friday, June 10, 2011

NEW!! Fabric wall decals

It's been a few days since my last blog post. But hey I guess thats life, I have had a bit going on at home. Mainly due a particular Little Miss Charlotte like to wake each night at around 2ish & stay awake until 4.30am before she decides she's tired again. In turn my eyes have been hanging out of my head as I still need to be up for when Hudson wakes.

Moving on to a far more exciting announce I am in the midst of launching my fabric wall decals. I know they are already popular & the market is very competitive, but I wanted something to compliment my cushion and doorstop range. Besides all of my drawings are my own so I guess they will have a unique appeal. I have selected 4 of my best selling designs to create the matching wall decals.

Personalising items is a HUGE part of my business so it seemed obvious to complete a range of personalised buntings.

To match my trucks & tippers cushion I have created a trucks & tippers bunting. It has all of the same details but will be special with your name on it.

Next is my personalised girls design which also matches my apple green and pink cushion design.
Both have the same details of birds, apples, trees, ladybirds & polka dots.

Robots, a boys best friend...The designs will look fabulous in any arrangement. Place them like I have, or all in a perfectly straight line. This design again matches my singe robot cushion design, and my two robot cushion design.

The fourth is a personal favourite, Garden Party. There are so many colours in this design it should suit any girls bedroom, & of course it matches perfectly with my garden party cushion. This design is also something your can arrange like I have or create your own garden party look.

I am so excited about them. For the next week I am offering FREE POSTAGE on my wall decals.
To obtain this saving you must order directly via me. Please conatct me on email with your questions and orders. tigesandweince(at)