Thursday, June 7, 2012

It's superheroes galore in my house lately. Actually it's been going on for a while, I thought it may be a phase, but no such thing it's definitely here to stay.

Hudson is constantly being spiderman, batman, Ben10, or a super Mario brother!
It's such an adorable act to watch and listen to especially. I love it when he has his figurines all lined up for battle, and I can hear little conversations going on. It's a real adventure when baby sister Charlotte gets in the the act. At just 2yrs old she hasn't hit the "princess" stage yet, & follows Hudson around with superheroes also. Her heroes are Jesse & Bullseye from Toy Story.

With this force field going on in my house I thought I better draw inspiration from the events happening around me & create my own superhero cushion and artwork.

 A brand new cushion - large size 40x30cm

Words for superheroes only, be warned!

My favourite superhero in his favourite Bat Boy top, with built in concealed mask.

Both my superheroes. One with his mask, the other with his jacket on with built in spiderman face and all. Don't be stressed, this is not as bad as it looks....chocking that is lol.......It's Hudson holding Charlotte so I could take the photo, she was busy saying rarrrrrr at me at the time.

All new work is available in my online store as well as Facebook .