Friday, October 28, 2011

Cushion Love on Friday - 2

Some more cushion love this Friday.
Today lots for the owl lovers.

How happy is this little gorgeous little man cuddled up with his Owls?

3 wise owls maybe?

A Parliament of owls.....Did you know that is what a group of owls is called? (thanks google :0)
These owls are designed by the very talented Lauren of Boondie Baby.

Very cute.

I hope these happy cushions give your day a HOOT!

Have a great Friday.

All images were collected from my pinterest board.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

If only I could crochet.......

I have mentioned once before here, that I would LOVE to crochet, but like most working mums I just haven't found the time to learn this lovely skill.

My little girl Charlotte just loves "In the night garden", & I must admit so do I. At the sight of the stars at the beginning of the show & the simple notes played she squeals, & when Igglepiggle arrives, you would swear she was a teenager at a rock concert. She screams & jumps up & down & waves to him, its very very cute. I have bought her some figurines this year for Christmas, and the lovely Ninky Nonk Train, but nothing compares to these absolutely adorable dolls.

The are completely crocheted, how cool are they? I just love them. Unfortunately for me they are PDF patterns, & even more unfortunately I can not crochet. Bummer Bummer Bummer

Oooh I just love them, the whole gang.

Upsy Daisy

Good ol' Igglepiggle the love of Charlotte's life at the moment.

If you can crochet & would like to make these you can buy the patterns here on Etsy. They are so clever aren't they?

One day........By the time I get there she will be on to something else.

Monday, October 24, 2011

FREE - My Owl Barn : Owl Lover 2012 Calender

I am so excited to share this today, and can now officially tell everyone about it.

A month or so ago I was approached by the lovely Shivani, who is the author of My Owl Barn.

If you're a fan if owls like me, you are going to LOVE this site as it's completely dedicated to this lovely bird. The artistic creations made of owls just blows my mind, just when I think I have seen everything, Shivani posts something new and it always makes me smile.

Anyway...... I was asked to contribute to the 2012 My Owl Barn Lovers calender. Having not been familiar with this project, I looked into it out and was blown away by the artists involved in the 2011 calender, I feel so humbled that she felt one of my illustrations to be worthy of this.

Quoted direct from Shivani's site - Owl Lover 2012 calendar project is the encore of our last year's "Owl Lover" calendar project - a collaborative project between My Owl Barn and 30 international artists. The project was featured on several reputed blogs like decor8, poppytalk, and the calendar was downloaded by almost a hundred thousand owl lovers all over the world. The calendar page received more than 10,000 likes on Facebook.

This calender is completely FREE. You can download it already made, or you can also custom make your own by selecting what owl illustration you would like, with whatever month your would like it to appear. Very cool isn't it? Even use the designs as gift cards?

Here is the illustration of the owl that was asked to contribute.

Head over to the site and explore, it's just fabulous.
If you download it I would love to know what you thought, and I hope you select my owl as one of your months. Please share this very generous gift on all of your social media applications with everyone and enjoy!!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

My New Website Launched

I decided to build my own website, just because I don't have enough on my plate haha.

I really felt that I needed to be able to control every aspect of it, from changing it a bit here, and tinkering a bit there. The thought of someone else building it scared me as I honestly thought I would drive them mad with my constant changing my mind. I had a few friends advise me also, that with every change more cost was added.

Anyway it has taken me FOREVER, well nearly a month just to achieve this much. I still have a bit to do, and a huge amount behind the scenes with all of the tags & other odds and ends I am to learn about.

I am pretty happy with it, and quite chuffed that I did it. I used MrSite as I had experience with them before and found them quite simple to use. Simplicity was my key deciding point, if it was too hard and fiddly, forget it.

I would love you to pop over and have a look and tell me what I think.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Monday, October 17, 2011

More purchases for home.

I think I have confessed this before, but I really do love to shop.
Let me clarify shop, I really LOVE to shop especially online.
Of late I have been buying a lot of beautiful pieces that I want to use to decorate my house. Unfortunately a lot of them are still sitting in a little pile waiting to receive a spot for them.

I just received my latest purchase, 2 lovely prints from the beautiful artists Sweet William.

I really do like owls, especially this little guy as he is painted in my favourite colour, a rich raspberry pink. Love it.

I love flowers to, especially this pretty peony as it's in a fantastic colour.

The walls in my house are almost white. They have a touch of minty blue through them, and this rich raspberry pink looks superb on them. I am looking forward to getting the time to hang them and show them off finished.

Along with all the other items I have shared with you all, completely unfinished.

Friday, October 14, 2011

FRIDAY STEAL - Buy 4 stockings & get one FREE

I thought I would offer a FRIDAY STEAL today.
With Christmas only 10 weeks away, literally freaked me out!

Until 8pm tonight you can buy 4 of my Christmas stockings for the price of 3!!
That includes personalising too.
There are 5 designs to choose from.

Christmas Tree

Bird on a Christmas Bauble

Blue Santa Owl

Pink Santa Owl


All you have to do is email me at & advise me of the designs you would like & the names, also your postal address. I will then email you back an invoice for payment. (Postage registered $5)

please visit my etsy shop or madeit shop for size & other details.

These are a great idea for the whole family.
They have been very popular for mummy, daddy, & the kiddies names.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Another design book full of inspiration to drool over

One thing I love, as mentioned before are my design books. I am starting to be a little bit obsessive. As soon as I see something I love, I am constantly buying when funds permits. Slowly, book by book, my collection is growing.

My new book is by the extremely awesome and talented Grace Bonney of "Design Sponge". I can not wait until I can focus on reading this from cover to cover, as well as absorbing all of the inspiration & D.I.Y's to attempt. It still blows me away how the most simple things can look amazing.

I am excited just typing here, can you tell?

Here it is.

Pages that grabbed my attention already.

MMM I wonder how I could adapt these ideas to my own house?

Ha......a quilt cover made from old shirts...Who would have thought?

Here is my tiny collection. Most I have flicked through without being able to give all of my attention. Along with design sponge the other book I am still obsessed with is Holly Becker's Decor8. Definitely reading these slowly over Christmas.

If you have any other wonderful design books that you think I would love PLEASE tell me I love to discover new books. Makes me squeeeal :0)

Monday, October 10, 2011

Designer Spotlight on madeit

An exciting Monday for me today.
Madeit interviewed me for the Design Spotlight feature they have.
I love this segment & always look forward to reading the stories & journey's of my fellow crafters & artists selling on Madeit.

Today it is my turn & I hope you enjoy the read.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Cushion Love on Friday

It's a known fact that I love cushions!

I also love to search for all of the amazing designs & style available. To come up with ideas is hard, & it is so important to constantly search for inspiration. Never to copy, lets make that very clear, but to find that one colour, one detail, one character, or a surface pattern, that can provide me with an explosion of ideas for me to design & create.

I have started an inspiration board on Pinterest, with all of the sweet lovelies that I come across. I wanted to share some of them with you today.

I love this pouffe & intend on making one myself one day.

I love spots they are such a clean simple way to add colour.

More pouffes. I think this image is divine, I love it. Especially loving the clock.

I love the simplicity of this design. Lots of felt circles, 2 layers of felt & each colour complimenting the other. All attached by a simple straight line. Simply divine.

I hope these colourful cushions have inspired your day.
Have a great Friday.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Dora the Explorer

Sunday I was at Fairy Floss Market. It was a special day, their 1st birthday.The birthday guest of honour was the very famous


I wanted to share with you the photo's my kids had taken with their favourite TV friend.

Charlotte was obsessed with Dora the whole time she was there according to my husband. I only saw these photo's taken as I was supposed to be working.
She wanted to follow her constantly & all she did was wave at her.....very cute.

Hudson was also excited, not as obsessive as the other, but was thrilled to finally have a hug with her. When we saw her live a few weeks ago he was a bit stinky with me as he wanted to meet her then, but it didn't happen.

I just love the reactions of kids. This Dora was a tad weird looking to me, but all the kids saw was pure enjoyment. I love the innocence.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Tomorrow I will be at Fairy Floss Market...

Tomorrow I will be at Fairy Floss Market.

They are celebrating their 1st birthday & I can feel it's going to be a great day. Come along & check out all of the stallholders as well as getting your kids faces painted, there will be a petting zoo, & an appearance by DORA & DIEGO between 11am-1pm.

Kirsty & the FF team have put in so much effort & great energy into making the day an awesome 1st birthday celebration. I hope to see you there.