Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Break

I have decided to take a short break over Christmas as I really need it, like many of you who are reading this.

I have had the most wonderful year personally & professionally.

Some highlights are:

Watching my babies turning into competent & very clever little people.

New friends I have made through activities with Hudson.

New friends I have made also, via the amazing handmade scene.

I have seen significant growth in my business, which just keeps me smiling.

I have learnt to cook a few new dishes which are so time saving. Who would of thought a slow cooker would become my new bestie.

I have finally had enough patience & will to let my hair grow past my shoulders!!!!

I am really looking forward to 2012. I am bursting with new ideas and goals, some which include;

New designs & products for my business.

Watching Hudson start kinder and being involved.

I have asked my mum to look after the kids 1 day a week so I can work, which will hopefully brings more balance into my life.

Take a few more weekends off & go away with hubby & the kids....I think we're going to try some camping.

Try & complete some D.I.Y projects that have been filed away for too long.

Get out in my garden & make it prettier.

Strive to be as happy as I can every day.

I will be back early in the new year, I am not sure what date but it won't be long. I wish you all a very Happy Christmas & I hope your new year is bursting with inspiration and love.

Speak to you all in 2012.
Kylie xxxx

Friday, December 16, 2011

Cushion Love on Friday - 7

I adore this cushion I don't really want to or need to say much else, I think it speaks for itself.

With my Christmas sales period nearly over, I am quite buggered to be honest, & the description on this cushion pretty much sums up my intentions when I am done. I literally want to snuggle up on the couch and cat snap while watching some movies I have been wanting to see.

Have a great Friday xx

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Gorgeous Summer, Autumn 2011/2012 Nursery ranges by Boondie Baby

I just love bedlinen, adults, kids & especially babies.

There is nothing more delightful than seeing a cot, dressed up to nine's so to speak, in desirable bed linen. I am absolutely in love with the brand new Summer/Autumn collection of nursery linen from the brand Boondie Baby.

Boondie Baby is designed & created by the very talented Lauren. Her passion is seen in every piece she creates. Her goal is all about creating nursery linen which beside being beautiful, is practical, modern & overall is very hip!! I love her use of bold and modern fabrics that not only look great but are so comfy & soft for bub. She certainly designs for the mum who doesn't want something traditional but something eye catching, modern and fun.

How divine are the colours in these cots? Oooohh they are just perfect aren't they? As you would all know with my brand, colour speaks to me, the brighter the better. I think Lauren & I have the same design principle here too.

Using 100% cotton in all of the Boondie Baby collection is paramount to Lauren. She will only create bed linen for the nursery with the best quality cottons on the market.

I don't need to say much more so SUPER DOOPER cute!!!!!

If you know anyone having a baby, or need to redecorate your own bubs bedroom over the Christmas break, start here. Choose one of the beautiful colour combinations as the base of your bedroom design & let your imagination go from there. What's even better if you are stuck, not sure, or would love something else in a custom colour palette Lauren will create your very own custom order. You can visit here to see all of the wonderful custom orders she has created for others. Perfect isn't it?

On top of a great brand Lauren is the sweetest person, very passionate, a WAHM of 3 gorgeous kids. Make sure you hop onto her face book page & say hi, tell her I sent you :0)

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Charlotte's Bedroom

I get asked a bit what is Charlotte's bedroom like.
Today I thought I would show you.
It's been a work in progress since she was born. I was never one to set a bedroom up before my kids were born, as I believe their little personality will shine through, & that would determine how I decorate.

My walls are the same colour though the house, almost white with a hint of turquoise & white skirting boards. MMM not the best decision on the cleaning front!

So here it is with a few familiar brands I am sure you can see.
Mini Me & you Owl beanie & freckle rug.
Always bus roll from Almond Tree Frames
Winnie & Clem sun hat
Hobby horse from Rhapsody's Child

A bunting my me haha
Lanterns from Moonlight & Whimsy

Bird House from Nog n Piepe

Laser cut Owl from Bubba Bling
Wooden Tree from Rileah Designs
Accessories from Lani Banani & My Black Sheep

Miss ruby may doll
Tutu from Lani Banani

I will admit I love her little space it's always so bright.
How have you decorated your daughters bedroom?

Friday, December 9, 2011

Cushion Love on Friday - 6

It's sweltering in Melbourne today a top of 32'C. So I thought I would cool us down a bit with these fabulous ice cream inspired cushions.

Image from here.
Image from here.
Image from here.
Image from here.

Image from here.

Good enough to lick!!

Have a cool Friday.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Today is my birthday!!

So today is my birthday, I have hit 36yrs!!
I remember when I was about 10 & my mum turned this age, I honestly thought it was almost dinosaur like!! How little did I know, it is obviously older but not as ancient as once thought.

Those who know me very well, know that as much as I adore lots of things handmade, I love my fashion & couture labels. Working in fashion for so long you tend to become a little consumed!!

Today, well at 12.05 this morning, I received a very surprising gift. A wallet, a very special wallet that I have had my eye on for what seems like forever, & today I can say it's mine.

Hello Louey.......

When hubby gave it to me, my half sleepy eyes opened, & my mouth opened with not a lot coming out. Which is quite unusual for me too.

He told me that the last 18mths he has watched me worked my butt off to create a job for myself so I could stay home with the kids. He knows I work 24/7, if it's not the kids, it's the business & if it's not that it's general house duties, so he thought I deserved something special & something I NEVER NEVER expected. I was hoping for this for my 40th!!

Mmmmm now what can I wish for hehe!!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

My in ground pool - part 1

I have been wanting an in ground pool for as long as I could remember. I had pools in the 2 houses I grew up in. I always loved my summers as I would spend long hours in the water, running & jumping, diving to the bottom, hand stands, making whirl pools, wrestling off blow up mattresses, & seeing who could hold their breath for the longest underwater. So many wonderful memories. Hubby & I talked about it for a while, but this year after going to the pool show we decided to take the leap & do it. I was so excited my heart was beating.

With the kids so young, I know we will get many many years out of it. I enjoy swimming, well lounging around in the water these days a lot, so I know it will be a great investment. It's going to be a basic rectangle 7mt x3.5mt, nothing fancy because as soon as you think that, cha ching $$, cha ching $$, & the cost grows.

So I thought I would share this chaotic event with you all. Mixed in with how busy I am with orders it's a real riot at the moment....NOT!! Also because the back yard is a danger zone the kids can't go out there so they are getting a bit restless, so I have to make a point of going to a park each day, or catching up with 'available' friends. I was told it was going to be ready in December just in time for Christmas, well I knew it wouldn't come true. It's running about 3 weeks behind due to damn council approval & rain.

So here is my very regular unmaintained garden. I have been struggling to make my yard look like a magazine!! The kids sand pit will be gone & we've moved the swing set, to a new location at a later date. The pool is all marked out & ready to go.

One big excavator resulting in a very large & deep hole. The vision crept in a little bit more here & I am quite excited.
A few days later, & after the down pour of rain, which has also delayed a few things, we have the shell of a pool.

More torrential rain equals MUD everywhere. With the pool going in we have to move our steps (that you can see in the 1st photo), so they don't run directly into the pool fence. Also hubby had to dig all of the trenches for the electrical cables to lay, & some other trenches for plumbing. Fun. Fun. Fun.

My 2 favourite men doing some hard work. Hudson was so excited to be sitting on daddy's lap & helping to drive.

With all of the rain in Melbourne lately, it has created a new play place (with supervision of course) for Hudson to play. In the pool shell, with his gumboots on & constant stomping in water & kicking it. A very cheap thrill!!

So there is the first stage. Well it was a couple weeks squeezed into one post. Since then a pool pump has gone in & tiles have been delivered ready to be layed.

Stay tuned for part 2.

Monday, December 5, 2011

My Christmas Tree is up

I was really excited to put my tree up this year, mainly because Hudson is so aware of Christmas & Santa. It's actually a really exciting & special time, I am just loving it.
We put it up on Saturday night, unfortunately a few days later than I had wanted, but luckily Hudson isn't that aware of days & dates yet :0)

It's not a real one, boo hoo! I just love the smell of the pine despite the messiness of the pine needles falling. I will leave that for another year when Charlotte is old enough to contribute in the choice of tree we all buy. So it doesn't look like a tree you would find in Myer, but it's our tree with lots of input from Hudson as to where things had to be hung.

Our lovely hand painted personalised baubles, sitting along side the beautiful glass bauble ornaments from Muzz.

My favourite ornament of the year!!! I am so in love with these adorable Robins from the very well known Plushka, they are incredible, Katia (designer/owner) is so talented. I will be back next year for a couple more.

Charlotte's first bauble from my mum, I love how precious it is.

I know our tree will slowly get a little more "unusual" & less coordinated as the kids get older & start making their own Christmas decorations. I must admit I can't wait. I hope your tree is up and bringing you lots of happiness like mine has.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Cushion Love on Friday - 5

My love for cushions continue. I decided to see what was out there representing the Christmas spirit.

These little wonders are actually pin cushions, they were just too adorable to not include.

Loving this decorative Christmas chair & festive cushions. It looks like a dolls chair doesn't it?3

I am loving these so much. Cushions in the design of letters to Santa...Love it!!

Have a great weekend.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Pressure of a busy mum

I don't like making excuses but I have truly missed writing in my blog this year. I have been so blessed that my little business has grown & keeping me very busy and occupied. Unfortunately when I am pressed for time, my writing space gets some terrible neglect. With both the kids home full time leaves me very little time to sit, surf, explore and blog about my passions I love. At At the end of the day I can only do what I can do, & my orders & my lovely customers are very important & I must keep them happy & interested in what I do. Lets face it they keep me at home & employed.

I was only thinking the other day why do women put so much pressure on ourselves. I know all about this as I am the number one offender. Like many of us I am incredibly ambitious, always have been. I like to take on more than I can chew whether it for business, pleasure or family. This is a snippet of my life, which I am positive will be a mirror version to so many other mums.

1. Look after my kids.
They are my number one priority, always will be, but MAN they are hard work.
Keeping them amused
Educating them
Going to the park, & lets be honest I don't always feel like it.
Running errands with them, which is nearly impossible unless they are eating.
Bathing them.
Constantly stopping them from destroying the house, asking them to not jump on that, please don't draw with that, eat over your plate, use 2 hands to hold your drink.....
Bribing them to eat their dinner
Leave each other alone
Don't snatch, hit, tease

2. Keep the house tidy.
Kind of.......I am over worrying about it as soon as I clean it & turn around somehow everything I have put away seems to sneak out again within the hour. My dream house, like in an interior mag will happen when I am an empty nester I have been told. Decades away!!

3. Exercise.
I was a fitness freak pre kids, & this has suffered worst than my blog. My poor body :0( I am a sucker for the "yummy mummy" syndrome. Too many glossy mags & celebrity mums take me on an unrealistic journey. I do realise that they look like they do because the have personal trainers, chefs, and full time nannies to watch the kids. But it doesn't stop me striving for great personal presentation.

4. Cooking.
With all of this Master Chef in my face, a bit of Donna Hay, & Jamie Oliver enticing me with so called ' easy meals' I find myself wasting time trying to damn well 'master' them. I wonder why I try as the kids never eat it anyway. Unfortunately I haven't been blessed with kids who eat 'everything'.

5. Getting enough sleep.
I work at night, & a bit when I can during the day when my youngest sleeps. When I go to bed depends on when I have finished what needs to be done. When I wake I have no control over it, as it all depends on when the little people's eye open & start demanding my attention. I wish I has a dollar for every time my mum told me, "You don't get enough sleep, you know it's not good to be burning the candle at both ends". Unfortunately at the moment it doesn't work that way.

6. Seeing my friends
A lot of my closest friends still don't have kids so going to dinner has become a challenge. That's OK though they get it, so we catch up every 6 weeks or so, & I go alone. the biggest positive of this is all of the new friends I have my lately, I feel so blessed. A lot of them from the handmade market scene. And a bunch of women I have Hudson to thank for this, as they have come into my world through activities for him. I have the best mothers group, great friends at his soccer class.

7. Guilt
Oh the guilt.........Not being able to do it all. I don't dwell on this as much anymore as I have come to realise I am only human & not a machine. I am doing the best I can with the hours I have, & the circumstances I am in, & I guess sometimes something have to give a little.

So this is my little list, I am sure it's very similar to yours :0)

Friday, November 18, 2011

Cushion Love on Friday - 4

I have a new cushion colour way I would like to share with you today, which was inspired by a customer request. A vibrant shade of purple, or violet, I guess it depends on how you interpret it. I quite the colour purple, so I decided it might be nice to see what other purple beauties are out there. I am just loving all of the different shades that are available, from bright and vibrant to soft and demure. I hope you like them too.

How cool is this owl? You can find it here.
A sweet hippo, you can find here.

I just adore this, I love flowers & this is a whole lot of flower. I actually have some hydrangeas in my garden - by Buffalovely

Lovely birds, & I am loving all the shades, its really pretty - by cushions covered

This is my latest colour palette in my classic girls personalised cushion design. Create especially for a customer, who is very happy about it.
You can buy this design here on madeit or here on etsy.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Egg & Cheese oven pies - easy peasy & not just for kids!!

I have been having so much trouble lately with my kids & food, especially Hudson. He doesn't like this, and he doesn't like that. Of course a 3.5yr old cannot explain why he doesn't like these things, so it's a very frustrating thing. I am sure I am not the only mum who suffers this. I saw this recipe on Nick Jnr a while a go, on one of those kids cooking shows & made a mental note of it. Today I thought I would give it a go, based on what I could remember & improvise the rest.

This little meal took about 15-20mins including cooking & is a great nutritious and high protein meal for any time of the day.

Ingredients based on 1 serve
1 slice of bread
1 egg
I piece of ham
Grated cheese, about 1/4 cup
Oil spray

Cut the crust off the bread (or not) & roll flat with a rolling pin making it quite thin.

Spray a large muffin tine with oil spray & lay the bread inside poking it around until it resembles a case ready for the egg.

Whisk an egg, dice some ham, & add you cheese.

Pour the mixture into the bread cases & sprinkle with extra cheese.

In the oven on 200'c & cook for about 10-12mins, or until cooked on the inside, & golden brown on top.

They came out of the oven tray very easily.
Here they are cooked. I cut one in half & the cheese was so runny & delicious.

The verdict.....................
Personally I though they were delicious & so simple to make.
Charlotte as per usual ate hers, like she does with most of her meals.
Hudson as per usual told me he didn't like it. After some persuasion he took a bite & was very surprised & nibbled away at it slowly. I did make them a little on the cheesy side which I knew would help me get Hudson to eat them.

I urge you to give them a go, its such a basic recipe & I believe you could definitely add to this is SO SO many ways.

Enjoy xx

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

At my house - A new feature wall

As busy as I have been I managed to find some time over the weekend to decorate a blank wall. This wall is at my house, right up against my double French doors that open to my outdoor area. I have been wanting to jazz it up for a while. Finally I got to it & took advantage of the warm weather over the weekend & got some raspberry red paint in a spray can.

I had a set of words that I bought AGES ago.


They were originally in white as I always had intentions of painting them the colour I wanted. Being raspberry red of course.

Here is the wall, a very blank canvas.

A finished wall.
I have two artwork pieces I recently bought from Sweet William that I told you all about a little while ago here. It isn't completely finished as I have a couple more frames to use. I am just not sure what images I want yet. When I buy things for my house, I tend to find that they find me, it'as always when I least expect it & I have kind of accepted that way of buying.

I even have my eye on a couple of lovely embroidery hoops, I am just not sure yet.

I will keep you posted again on the next items I buy.

If you have decorated a blank space in your house, I would love to know what you did.

Friday, November 4, 2011

What I have been up to.......

With Christmas getting busier I have managed to sneak in a few new products to my shop. This is what I have been working on & finally finished. I am hoping to add more in, but at the moment it's all about customer orders & getting their precious items delivered to them on time.

Brand new design - Vintage plane

Updated & new version of my Garden Party design

Magnetic bookmarks, perfect additions for stockings & inside Christmas cards.

All items are available in my madeit shop.