Monday, December 5, 2011

My Christmas Tree is up

I was really excited to put my tree up this year, mainly because Hudson is so aware of Christmas & Santa. It's actually a really exciting & special time, I am just loving it.
We put it up on Saturday night, unfortunately a few days later than I had wanted, but luckily Hudson isn't that aware of days & dates yet :0)

It's not a real one, boo hoo! I just love the smell of the pine despite the messiness of the pine needles falling. I will leave that for another year when Charlotte is old enough to contribute in the choice of tree we all buy. So it doesn't look like a tree you would find in Myer, but it's our tree with lots of input from Hudson as to where things had to be hung.

Our lovely hand painted personalised baubles, sitting along side the beautiful glass bauble ornaments from Muzz.

My favourite ornament of the year!!! I am so in love with these adorable Robins from the very well known Plushka, they are incredible, Katia (designer/owner) is so talented. I will be back next year for a couple more.

Charlotte's first bauble from my mum, I love how precious it is.

I know our tree will slowly get a little more "unusual" & less coordinated as the kids get older & start making their own Christmas decorations. I must admit I can't wait. I hope your tree is up and bringing you lots of happiness like mine has.

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