Thursday, December 15, 2011

Gorgeous Summer, Autumn 2011/2012 Nursery ranges by Boondie Baby

I just love bedlinen, adults, kids & especially babies.

There is nothing more delightful than seeing a cot, dressed up to nine's so to speak, in desirable bed linen. I am absolutely in love with the brand new Summer/Autumn collection of nursery linen from the brand Boondie Baby.

Boondie Baby is designed & created by the very talented Lauren. Her passion is seen in every piece she creates. Her goal is all about creating nursery linen which beside being beautiful, is practical, modern & overall is very hip!! I love her use of bold and modern fabrics that not only look great but are so comfy & soft for bub. She certainly designs for the mum who doesn't want something traditional but something eye catching, modern and fun.

How divine are the colours in these cots? Oooohh they are just perfect aren't they? As you would all know with my brand, colour speaks to me, the brighter the better. I think Lauren & I have the same design principle here too.

Using 100% cotton in all of the Boondie Baby collection is paramount to Lauren. She will only create bed linen for the nursery with the best quality cottons on the market.

I don't need to say much more so SUPER DOOPER cute!!!!!

If you know anyone having a baby, or need to redecorate your own bubs bedroom over the Christmas break, start here. Choose one of the beautiful colour combinations as the base of your bedroom design & let your imagination go from there. What's even better if you are stuck, not sure, or would love something else in a custom colour palette Lauren will create your very own custom order. You can visit here to see all of the wonderful custom orders she has created for others. Perfect isn't it?

On top of a great brand Lauren is the sweetest person, very passionate, a WAHM of 3 gorgeous kids. Make sure you hop onto her face book page & say hi, tell her I sent you :0)

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