Wednesday, December 7, 2011

My in ground pool - part 1

I have been wanting an in ground pool for as long as I could remember. I had pools in the 2 houses I grew up in. I always loved my summers as I would spend long hours in the water, running & jumping, diving to the bottom, hand stands, making whirl pools, wrestling off blow up mattresses, & seeing who could hold their breath for the longest underwater. So many wonderful memories. Hubby & I talked about it for a while, but this year after going to the pool show we decided to take the leap & do it. I was so excited my heart was beating.

With the kids so young, I know we will get many many years out of it. I enjoy swimming, well lounging around in the water these days a lot, so I know it will be a great investment. It's going to be a basic rectangle 7mt x3.5mt, nothing fancy because as soon as you think that, cha ching $$, cha ching $$, & the cost grows.

So I thought I would share this chaotic event with you all. Mixed in with how busy I am with orders it's a real riot at the moment....NOT!! Also because the back yard is a danger zone the kids can't go out there so they are getting a bit restless, so I have to make a point of going to a park each day, or catching up with 'available' friends. I was told it was going to be ready in December just in time for Christmas, well I knew it wouldn't come true. It's running about 3 weeks behind due to damn council approval & rain.

So here is my very regular unmaintained garden. I have been struggling to make my yard look like a magazine!! The kids sand pit will be gone & we've moved the swing set, to a new location at a later date. The pool is all marked out & ready to go.

One big excavator resulting in a very large & deep hole. The vision crept in a little bit more here & I am quite excited.
A few days later, & after the down pour of rain, which has also delayed a few things, we have the shell of a pool.

More torrential rain equals MUD everywhere. With the pool going in we have to move our steps (that you can see in the 1st photo), so they don't run directly into the pool fence. Also hubby had to dig all of the trenches for the electrical cables to lay, & some other trenches for plumbing. Fun. Fun. Fun.

My 2 favourite men doing some hard work. Hudson was so excited to be sitting on daddy's lap & helping to drive.

With all of the rain in Melbourne lately, it has created a new play place (with supervision of course) for Hudson to play. In the pool shell, with his gumboots on & constant stomping in water & kicking it. A very cheap thrill!!

So there is the first stage. Well it was a couple weeks squeezed into one post. Since then a pool pump has gone in & tiles have been delivered ready to be layed.

Stay tuned for part 2.

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