Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Break

I have decided to take a short break over Christmas as I really need it, like many of you who are reading this.

I have had the most wonderful year personally & professionally.

Some highlights are:

Watching my babies turning into competent & very clever little people.

New friends I have made through activities with Hudson.

New friends I have made also, via the amazing handmade scene.

I have seen significant growth in my business, which just keeps me smiling.

I have learnt to cook a few new dishes which are so time saving. Who would of thought a slow cooker would become my new bestie.

I have finally had enough patience & will to let my hair grow past my shoulders!!!!

I am really looking forward to 2012. I am bursting with new ideas and goals, some which include;

New designs & products for my business.

Watching Hudson start kinder and being involved.

I have asked my mum to look after the kids 1 day a week so I can work, which will hopefully brings more balance into my life.

Take a few more weekends off & go away with hubby & the kids....I think we're going to try some camping.

Try & complete some D.I.Y projects that have been filed away for too long.

Get out in my garden & make it prettier.

Strive to be as happy as I can every day.

I will be back early in the new year, I am not sure what date but it won't be long. I wish you all a very Happy Christmas & I hope your new year is bursting with inspiration and love.

Speak to you all in 2012.
Kylie xxxx

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Simone - honeyandfizz said...

Have a wonderful xmas Kylie, sounds like you have had a fabulous year with an even more exciting one ahead! xx