Friday, January 6, 2012

I am back.....Am I ready for 2012?

It only felt like a few days ago that I was finishing my last orders for Christmas, which then followed my a load of cooking for Christmas day, & then frantically packing for out holiday to Phillip Island.

Here we are January 6th already....

I don't feel like going into resolutions, mainly because I don't have any as they always seem to come unstuck. The only goal I really have personally is to incorporate some daily exercise into my life again, I am going to call this is rejuvenating an old habit.

Today I would love to share some of my favourite photo's from Phillip Island.

Charlotte's first experience on the beach. Those little legs & chubby feet initially struggled in the sand. It wasn't long & she was keeping up with everyone else.....well kind of.
Hudson doing the Rock Pool Ramble. This was a great experience for the kids, located at the area where the penguins come in from the ocean every night. He got to look at crabs & touch several sea anemones.

The week consisted of so many beach visits, walks, trips to the large play grounds, & the giant jumping pillow. The weather was perfect. I didn't get to snap up as many photo's as I would have liked as having my camera on sand, near salt water & on play grounds because a struggle. Not to mention my worries of someone stealing, or standing on it, if I left it in my bag.

I can certainly say I had a ball & it was just awesome to spend so much 'playtime' with the kids. In saying that like most parents know, it wasn't much of an R&R holiday, monitoring the kids 24/7 & coming home to LOADS of washing.... I am buggered.

Well it's the 6th January already & I have jumped back into 'work mode' a little faster than I had hoped. I am always excited about the new year as everyone is generally full of ideas, inspiration & goals they want to achieve. I do have lots of new ideas coming to Tiges and Weince, new designs, I am trying to develop a larger cushion, I am introducing a new artwork line, & amongst all of that starting to collaborate & complete the NEW Quirky and Quaint 2012 collection.

Am I ready for 2012? Yeah I think so.

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