Saturday, January 21, 2012

My first KitchenAid experience

I received a KitchenAid for Christmas from my lovely husband. I have wanted one for a while, one of my friends has one, & I loved hers the first moment I looked at it. Not that I am a brilliant cook, or should really be need something so extravagant, but I just loved it. I actually enjoy cooking when time permits, & like many, I must be in the mood to try new recipes. My passion should I use that word so lightly, would definitely be making sweets. There is nothing more satisfying for me to smell something sweet & delicious whether is be going in the oven, on the stove or popped in the fridge. Yum!

So here is my new baby........She lives on my kitchen bench as at the moment as I need to find a space tall enough to keep her.

It was my sister in-laws birthday the other day so it was a perfect opportunity to have my first play. Also because my nephew has egg & dairy intolerance's, I offered to make something so he too could enjoy the sweet feast.

It was a rich chocolate cake that I made, nothing to out of the ordinary. What I wanted to show was how perfect my butter cream icing looked for the topped of the cake. Yeah yeah I know, nothing riveting buy I can't get over how perfect it looks. Really, it was so smooth, my other little beaters never performed like this. MMMMM just look at it, a perfect blend of nutalex (dairy free butter), pure icing sugar & cocoa.

Soooooo impressed!

Besides looking great it tasted good too. Awfully sweet though, & with the sprinkling of Milo on top.

My next big challenge will be coconut macaroons, I love those & have always failed making them as my little beaters could never whip those egg whites well enough into the lovely soft peaks needed.

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Shoppe Girls said...

looks fabulous and I look forward to the coconut macarons.
What recipe will you be using, as i would like to give them a go myself.