Thursday, January 12, 2012

Under the Sea

I am working furiously on new designs & will be happy to say most of them are complete. It's a very exciting time for me when I can start showing you what I have been up to.

While I was away we spent a lot of time at the beach, & also did some looking around under rocks to see what we could fine. I love the sea & it's beauty & have a tendency to daydream a bit, wondering what is going on under the water were I can't see.
What's there?
Who's there?
What colour is it?
Is there 1 fish or many?

I am a fan of the zoo, & the aquarium, & I could spend hours watching all creatures swimming. I love their beauty & their effortless gliding in the water, it look so smooth and gentle. I love the idea of a MASSIVE fish tank at home, just like this one below....How cool is it?? But just don't like the idea of all the maintenance.

So I decided to have an under the sea design theme. I knew I wanted a vintage style tug boat, starfish, seahorse, sea grass, jelly fish & of course fish. I found these fabulous images below to get the ball rolling, giving me shapes & colours to work with.

This is the end design result, still in a drawn format, but they are ready & waiting to be made into cushions, doorstops, a bunting & some ready to hang wall art.

After what felt like days & days of tweaking (which was only a whole night), changing & redrawing I am very happy with the result.

Are you a fan of the sea?

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