Thursday, January 26, 2012

My Australia Day was celebrated with American friends......

Happy Australia day all!

I spent my day today not in the typically Australian way, including BBQ's, covering myself with Australian merchandise, or even hanging out with friends. My Australia Day was celebrated with American friends, the Disney kind. Today hubby, Hudson, Charlotte & I headed off to the convention centre in Melbourne to experience the Disney Live Rock Concert.

We started it off with my babies smiling for the camera.

Disney friends kicking it off with a bang....Goofy, Minnie, Mickey & Donald!!

A romantic performance from Aladdin & Jasmine.

Ariel & her gorgeous mane of auburn hair.

So excited.....Jesse, Bulls eye & Woody.

Too much for Charlotte, she fell asleep 3/4's of the way through.

A finale with all of the characters.

Final goodbye.

Closing curtain.

It was a good show, a little long in some parts as I could here kids getting restless, including my own. I think it would have been better with more audience interaction, as when they did do that, the audience came alive. I was happy to see Minnie Mouse, she is a favourite of mine.
Props were great. The best part of all was seeing Hudson smiling during it, I could tell he was really enjoying it. Also Charlotte pointing at Minnie when she first came out was so adorable, she did the whole ooooohhhh sound.

I would definitely recommend it if you can still go.

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