Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My fitness journey....

A couple of weeks ago I decided enough is enough!!! I need to start feeling fantastic, not just mentally by physically especially.

I couldn't work out why I was losing my zing, even when I had a decent night sleep. As simple as my revelation may be, it dawned on me I am so unfit. Before I had Hudson I was & had always been quite fit & extremely healthy. Until your body has been in that state & then not, it becomes very obvious in all aspects of your life.

I have put on about 10kgs, some left over baby weight & a few chocolate bars more, hehe. I want to move it & have been trying very hard without any result but a lot of excuses. I am too tired, I am too busy, I can't with the kids, my knee is sore (which always is), I just need to relax. It wasn't even a new years resolution it was just a decision I made one morning as I was putting on my jeans which always feel firm on my waist. I knew this muffin top & I had to break this friendship.

So I have joined my local gym which is very shiny & brand new. It's 15min walk from home or 5min drive in the car leaving, no excuses for not getting there. It has a FREE crèche for the kids, as part of my membership. Both of my kids are quite clingy to me, but I have decided an hour of separation for us would be fine, they will cope & besides they will be together.

I have also bought 6 weeks of personal training sessions with a trainer to get me going & to help me towards my goal. To date I have had 3 classes with my trainer & all I will say is OMG!! OMG!! I can now see & understand why they are worth every cent they earn. I have never worked so hard in my life, or been so sore either. Normally if I was alone & it got too hard I wouldn't stop, but slow down to a more comfortable pace rather than pushing myself to make those changes my body needs. As hard as it's been I am enjoying it a lot.

Food....This is my week point. I have a reasonably good diet but my weakness, like most of us is that little piece of mouth watering chocolate, a sweet biscuit, a small bowl of ice cream later at night when you have the peckish urge. I am going to make a real attempt to kick that habit, that's right a habit!! Half the time I am not even hungry it's the sweet urge that over comes me that I give in to. I am getting a meal plan soon & will share what my trainers plan of attack will be. I have a hunch it will be less carbs & sugar & more protein & vegetables. I can cope with that, it's my chocolate love that will challenge me.

To date my weight is 75kgs (I can't believe I am writing this), I am 168.5cm tall & wear a size 12. Some may say not too bad, it's not horrendous but this is about a fitness journey, & a journey to give me that zing back. ENERGY ENERGY ENERGY is what its all about. I know for a fact the fitter you are the more you can handle as you have the energy to do it. I am looking forward to a few changes in my diet also, again I am going to be looking for foods to give me energy & make me full.

Wish me luck on my journey. Any tips from your own experiences would be lovely.

So here is my journey &

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Vik said...

I know exactly how you feel Kylie! I'm currently using the "it's too hard with the kids" excuse *sigh*. Free creche is fantastic though. I know we live fairly close, can I ask which gym it is? GL on your journey, I can't wait to read your progress in the next few weeks :)