Monday, March 31, 2014

Mood Board - Farm House Happiness

There was no way I couldn't ever create a mood board around a fun farm house
What child, boy or girl doesn't love a visit to the farm? Or a visit to a metropolitan farm yard where animals are so excess-able. I know my kids loved visiting & still do actually. For Hudson's 4th & Charlotte's 2nd birthday I actually had a birthday party completely inspired by this. 

This farmhouse decor design is one of my most popular, & generally created for boys. My mood board is focused solely on a junior boys bedroom who has a keen eye for farm animals. It has an natural feel created with a timber bed & lots of wooden tones & pops of red to brighten it up. The products I have selected are based around my own farmhouse yard decor products, which are a great base for starting a room inspired by the farm, their animals, & so many other possibilities.

Below are all of the links straight to the gorgeous bedroom items above.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Mothers Day Range at Tiges and Weince Released

I have finished my mothers day collection, it's been a few months in the planning & I am so glad it's here. It may feel like mother's day is so far away, but actually it's only a matter of weeks away. Once we have Easter done & dusted, it will be time to celebrate a very exciting time of year. I love mothers day & lets face it, it's all about us isn't it?
I know organising gifts for yourself, especially very personalised ones like the type I have to excite you with, can be a challenge. I am here asking every woman who is reading right now, to let those me you know as a subtle hint, for him to purchase something for the mother of his kids. 
I have gifts for grandparents all sorted too. My mum & mother in-law every year benefit the fruits of my work with updated photographed products of the kids. A keep sake to be loved & cherished. 

Everything on this post is available in my shop here PLUS more

One last thing cut off dates to ensure delivery. 
For Australia - 21st April 2014. 
Everywhere else - 11th April 2014  

Friday, March 21, 2014

New Print - Seven Essential Ingredients of Love

I have just completed a new print, one that is part of my mothers day collection which is on it's way to completion & soon to be released. A few months ago I created a mini chalk board range & created this below print, well it has the same words & thats as much as it has in common. You can see it here.

The updated version is full of colour, pretty & completely different. 

I was having so much fun playing around with the simple lines of the chevron pattern, & have a ball drawing one of my favourite things...FLOWERS!! Lots of them, lots of petal, buts & greenery. Drawing heaven almost for me.

I really do love the words on this design, they come straight from my heart. True words spoken from a mother. These seven essential, yet so very simple ingredients that are gestures that I believe create affectionate, strong, and secure bonds between my children and I. 

I am such a pink girl but also know that not everyone else is, so I have created very different 3 colour ways I hope will suit many of you. You can see them all here in my shop.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Mood Board - Lolly Pink Happiness

Yay it's mood board day. Today's selection is definitely for the big girl, the one that is moving on from her baby toys & not wanting too much cutesy. But still wants to feel cozy, comfortable, safe & familiar? She still loves pink, but isn't totally obsessed with it like her younger self anymore. She wants to mix it up, add other colours, so it's a little more big girl style.

I adore pink and yellow together, it's one of my favourite colour combinations. It's fresh & has a really happy vibrance to it. I look at it & feel summery, it certainly pops a spring in my step. I am completely in LOVE with the pink peacock chair, it's divine isn't it? Also the pink wire light, what a great industrial feel but so pretty. 

You can see also how I have to mix my products in their. My "sweet love" cushion, it's been a great seller here in my shop for some time now, especially with the co-ordinating doorstop.

Below are all of the links straight to the gorgeous items above.

Sunday, March 16, 2014


I love Sunday's, it's one day in my week where everything is not as rushed, & isn't on a time schedule.
It's also one day where I give myself a decent 30 min coffee break, I grab the ipad & I get to surf around & snap up some online shopping, or put them in my wish list. Anything I can't buy then, I pop into the my style folder on my pinterest page. If you get the chance to do the same thing, I have loads of new products in my shop especially mew tshirt range, & of course Easter where orders close off 30th March 2014.

Have a great day, I hope you get to put your feet up.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Tiges and Weince's brand new kids printed tshirts launched

Hello lovelies,

An exciting launch of my children's tshirts. I have below 8 new designs & I am pretty happy about each one. I have so many more in my head I want to create, but if I created them all, you wouldn't see anything for a while.

So as I said here is the release of some new boys and girls T-shirts. Some can be personalised. Some you don't have to personalise at all.  It's up to you.

Boys Tees
Girls Tees

By the way FREE shipping on all tee's. 

Have a look & enjoy xx

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Mood Board - Bright and Cheery Zoo Animals

I thought I would have some fun today & create a mood board that is bright and cheery with the theme of zoo animals. Lets be honest, I create a lot of children's decor. I thought it was time to have fun, & find other co-ordinating bedroom furniture & decor pieces, to make up an amazing kids bedroom.
I have had a ball doing this, so I think it's going to be a regular feature.

Although this kids bedroom could be quite unisex, it does tend to lean more towards a toddler boys bedroom I think. With the main colours as white, turquoise and orange I think it lends it self to a fresh & spacious feel. The pieces I have selected are quite minimal, which is great as you could definitely add to this theme. Some wooden items would definitely ad some texture and fun. A little more yellow & pops of lime green would definitely make this room look fantastic.

Here is the resource list for all of the items above.
5. bed

Thats was so much fun, make sure you return next tuesday to see what new room I have created.

Friday, March 7, 2014

My top 5 top selling girls personalised cushions

I am often asked when somebody wants to buys a personalised cushion from me, which is your favourite? And which ones sell most? Great questions & sometimes tricky to answer.

I never release a personalised cushion design that I don't love, or that I wouldn't think would look beautiful in a girls bedroom. I actually don't have a favourite. I take a lot of time, effort & pride into everything I create. Each design evolves from something I am inspired by right then, sometime created after many requests for the same things, & definitely from trends that I see developing from international brands.

As for the top 5 selling girls cushion designs, it's hard to completely narrow it down. However I definitely know which personalised designs are frequently ordered. Here they are & are all available right now in my shop. In no particular order Summer Garden, Pretty Owl, Pretty Flower Christening Cushion, Elephant & Hot Air Balloon, & the very first design I released, the Charlotte Classic, named after my daughter of course.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

March Gift Essentials

source - 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8

March which is also the beginning of Autumn is my favourite month of the year. It's the tail end of Summer, it's still warm but that stinging prickly heat has disappeared. Some days it even fees a little cooler, & usually by this time a year I yearn to wear a cardigan. The mornings are fresher, the days are warm & toasty, & by night I can sleep comfortably. I also love the traditional inspired colour palettes of Autumn, as I am a fan of reds, orange & yellow, it's such a warm & spicey look.

I just adore all of the pieces above & they are all things I would definitely want to buy for myself. From mustard cardis, to the stunning chevron blanket, adorable autumn inspired gum nut friends, & those incredible looking mason jars, with a touch of my favourite colour turquoise.

Which if the pieces above could find buying for yourself?

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Much loved flower pod pattern

I have been playing around the with below design for a couple of weeks not really sure where to go or what to do with it. I drew it originally about 6 months ago while doing an art class with Lila Rogers. You can see the original work here.

I always knew they would be used somehow, but until last week I wasn't sure. After a bit of recolouring I decided to put the designs on some linen cushions to create a small capsule home collection.

After finishing those I knew I to play around with a repeat design so I took all of the elements & had the best fun playing around with them. I think about 2 hours passed & I had finally finished.

And then finally onto my last cushion.

I am printing on a new fabric, 100% linen in a natural colour. It's really great playing around with a new texture.  I am so happy with how they have work out & look forward to loading them into my shop.