Friday, March 7, 2014

My top 5 top selling girls personalised cushions

I am often asked when somebody wants to buys a personalised cushion from me, which is your favourite? And which ones sell most? Great questions & sometimes tricky to answer.

I never release a personalised cushion design that I don't love, or that I wouldn't think would look beautiful in a girls bedroom. I actually don't have a favourite. I take a lot of time, effort & pride into everything I create. Each design evolves from something I am inspired by right then, sometime created after many requests for the same things, & definitely from trends that I see developing from international brands.

As for the top 5 selling girls cushion designs, it's hard to completely narrow it down. However I definitely know which personalised designs are frequently ordered. Here they are & are all available right now in my shop. In no particular order Summer Garden, Pretty Owl, Pretty Flower Christening Cushion, Elephant & Hot Air Balloon, & the very first design I released, the Charlotte Classic, named after my daughter of course.

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