Thursday, March 6, 2014

March Gift Essentials

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March which is also the beginning of Autumn is my favourite month of the year. It's the tail end of Summer, it's still warm but that stinging prickly heat has disappeared. Some days it even fees a little cooler, & usually by this time a year I yearn to wear a cardigan. The mornings are fresher, the days are warm & toasty, & by night I can sleep comfortably. I also love the traditional inspired colour palettes of Autumn, as I am a fan of reds, orange & yellow, it's such a warm & spicey look.

I just adore all of the pieces above & they are all things I would definitely want to buy for myself. From mustard cardis, to the stunning chevron blanket, adorable autumn inspired gum nut friends, & those incredible looking mason jars, with a touch of my favourite colour turquoise.

Which if the pieces above could find buying for yourself?

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