Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Much loved flower pod pattern

I have been playing around the with below design for a couple of weeks not really sure where to go or what to do with it. I drew it originally about 6 months ago while doing an art class with Lila Rogers. You can see the original work here.

I always knew they would be used somehow, but until last week I wasn't sure. After a bit of recolouring I decided to put the designs on some linen cushions to create a small capsule home collection.

After finishing those I knew I to play around with a repeat design so I took all of the elements & had the best fun playing around with them. I think about 2 hours passed & I had finally finished.

And then finally onto my last cushion.

I am printing on a new fabric, 100% linen in a natural colour. It's really great playing around with a new texture.  I am so happy with how they have work out & look forward to loading them into my shop.

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