Friday, March 28, 2014

Mothers Day Range at Tiges and Weince Released

I have finished my mothers day collection, it's been a few months in the planning & I am so glad it's here. It may feel like mother's day is so far away, but actually it's only a matter of weeks away. Once we have Easter done & dusted, it will be time to celebrate a very exciting time of year. I love mothers day & lets face it, it's all about us isn't it?
I know organising gifts for yourself, especially very personalised ones like the type I have to excite you with, can be a challenge. I am here asking every woman who is reading right now, to let those me you know as a subtle hint, for him to purchase something for the mother of his kids. 
I have gifts for grandparents all sorted too. My mum & mother in-law every year benefit the fruits of my work with updated photographed products of the kids. A keep sake to be loved & cherished. 

Everything on this post is available in my shop here PLUS more

One last thing cut off dates to ensure delivery. 
For Australia - 21st April 2014. 
Everywhere else - 11th April 2014  

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