Friday, November 27, 2009

I am pregnant!!

My blog has been so negelected to to a wonderful reason.
I am 12 half weeks pregnant!!!
My absense has been due to me never feeling so damn sick in my life. To be honest I am still not feeling 100% but I can feel improvement on the way. Yes light at the end of the nauseating tunnel. Somedays I just couldn't move, I have never been physicall sick, just constant nausea has been taking over. I was never this sick with Hudson for memory. If I could sleep all day & all night I would, but for those amazing women who have more than one child know it's impossible. Some days I would look at Hudson & think, please go and amuse yourself while mummy lies on this couch.
Yep fat chance of that happening.
I have hardly blogged, created product, contributed to forums, uploaded onto Etsy, read blogs and feel truly out of the loop. I hope during next week I can start catching up a bit so apologies to those I usually say hi to.
Doing nothing has had one positive....It's given me time to reasses my current business, whats working and whats not, and also think about what & how much I will take on when I have 2 terrors. Any advice in this area will be taken with open arms.
I will be making a few products changes but nothing major, but more than anything looking forward to reconnecting in the blog sphere again.
Speak again soon,
Ky xo