Friday, November 27, 2009

I am pregnant!!

My blog has been so negelected to to a wonderful reason.
I am 12 half weeks pregnant!!!
My absense has been due to me never feeling so damn sick in my life. To be honest I am still not feeling 100% but I can feel improvement on the way. Yes light at the end of the nauseating tunnel. Somedays I just couldn't move, I have never been physicall sick, just constant nausea has been taking over. I was never this sick with Hudson for memory. If I could sleep all day & all night I would, but for those amazing women who have more than one child know it's impossible. Some days I would look at Hudson & think, please go and amuse yourself while mummy lies on this couch.
Yep fat chance of that happening.
I have hardly blogged, created product, contributed to forums, uploaded onto Etsy, read blogs and feel truly out of the loop. I hope during next week I can start catching up a bit so apologies to those I usually say hi to.
Doing nothing has had one positive....It's given me time to reasses my current business, whats working and whats not, and also think about what & how much I will take on when I have 2 terrors. Any advice in this area will be taken with open arms.
I will be making a few products changes but nothing major, but more than anything looking forward to reconnecting in the blog sphere again.
Speak again soon,
Ky xo


incalesco said...

Congratulations that's lovely news!

I know how you feel. And now with about 12-13 weeks to go am wondering how on earth I'll cope with 2 kids! I enoyed a lovely nap with my little one this afternoon, plan on getting a lot more of those in before #2 arrives ;)

DELiciousDesignz said...

Congratulation Kylie - Great excuse to have been out of the loop - good to hear that you are starting to feel a little better. Couldn't resist, I just had to order some more Maybel yesterday - I just can't get comfy, quality basics in my town...

Cath from chunkychooky said...

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYY!!!! You better enter my giveaway then!!!!

Little Eve said...

Congratulations! I feel for you with the nausea. It's so hard to keep going everyday with it and the fatigue makes it worse! I had it with all 3 of mine all day. It subsided at 22 weeks with my boys and continued throughout the entire pregnancy with Sarah. So glad yours is getting better now. Just surviving one day at a time is good!

Amanda said...

Congratulations on your pregnancy :)

mary grace jewellery said...

Well that explains it!! lol.
CONGRATS to you! Don't worry by the time you have 4+ you will be trudging though that nausea like a determined mother! haha. Excuse me if im being rude ;) ...but do you think its worse than 6 kids with the tummy bug?!!
Join the ranks Kylie this is what your made for- you can do it! Now ...lets see those new stockings soon ;)