Monday, August 31, 2009


The screen printing has been done and a new design developed. I had never done any screen printing before and to be honest found it a challenge. Like every new challenge we undertake as artists, we usually find things are not always as easy as they look. It's very humbling actually and makes me respect those who are brilliant at something whether it be screen printing, quilting, to graphic design. I had many trials, and a lot more errors than I would like to admit. Little did I realise the importance of 'warming' the silk screen up up bit, as in do a few layers of screening so the paint warms and flows through the screen smoothly. My terminology may be a little technically challenged, so apologies to those experience screen printers possibly reading this.
So the design is done and the new "Everywhere and Everything Bag" in the Robot and Spring Time Bird, are launched. I am really happy with the pattern of my new bag as it is fully adjustable at the strap, just tie it according to the length you desire. The new Robot Bag is now posted, and Sprint Time Bird will be up shortly.
I have some more ideas for these so stay posted.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Whats your perfect Sunday?

What is your perfect Sunday like? Every one's idea is different, some like to relax, others participate in sport, shopping, pursue a new hobby, seeing a movie, having a massage, or reading. What do I think? Just the thought of having some peace and quiet having a few cuppa's, and catching up with my closest friends to talk endlessly all day would be perfect. Being a mum can make that a little challenging at times. I thought this beautiful print by Amy Giacomelli sum up my prefect Sunday.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Kate Cebrana libe in Melbourne

I was lucky enough to go and see Kate Cebrano last night, she was performing in Melbourne, at the Palms in the Casino. Wow what a show!! I have been a fan of Kate's as long as I can remember. My very first Kate experience was buying her "Brave" album on vinyl, from my pocket money, back then music not only an obsession, but was big dollars for me.
I always remember being as delicate as I could be when placing the needle onto the record, accidentally goodness knows what would have happened should ever I scratch it.
The last 3 years or so I would wait for each January to come around and watch her perform on a summers night at the Melbourne Zoo as part of their amazing twilight entertainment. I thought it was time to step it up, see the real deal, and that being her amazing voice in all it's
I was not let down either. She put on a great show, all based on the journey of her career. As well as her songs there was video imagery highlighting important aspects of her career with even a little personal snippets thrown in. She was funny and beautiful, and such an inspiring woman.
If you are even a slight fan do yourself a favour go and see her, or check out her website for when she hits the road in your state. She was supported by Carl Risely (Oz Idol) and he was great as well. A real show stopper the whole night.

A couple of CD's I had signed in January this year.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

NEW!! Huggies cover preview

I have just started a few new baby accessory patterns to coincide with some new spring items for September. There have been many trials, errors, and mock ups which have then been pulled apart & adjusted again and again.
On this particular item a quick brief....I have always wanted to cover the plastic compact of the Huggies baby wipes. I considered buying one already covered but patterns were adhered to it, which undoubtedly look fantastic. But I always thought it would be best to have one I could take on & off & most importantly wash. We all know these things end up accidentally on the floor anywhere, in mouths, and without a doubt end up with marks on them.
So I have made a cover in beautiful 100% quilting cotton (Moda basics), that can be taken on and off to wash. Problem solved. I am yet to post it up in my Etsy shop or other website as I am just tidying up a few loose ends. They will all be available in beautiful fresh colours, this one I am showing you is in buttercup, with a dinosaur or two. I would love some feedback. What do you think?

Monday, August 24, 2009

Finally, we're both looking in the same direction.

I just have to show you this photo. No nothing amazing except it's the first one in months where Hudson & I are both looking in the camera, & look half decent. As a first time mother I have never realised how hard it is to have a photo with your child, & hope you're looking in the same direction. Usually when we try to have a photo together, Hudson is touching my face, has a frown on his face, trying to get down, looking in another direction, sooking, is cranky, or looking elsewhere as there is something more important for him to stare at. Or it's me, my eyes are shut, I am ducking from Hudson's free swinging arms, or I have stone face through holding a smile for ages waiting for Hudson to look in the right direction. Boy...Who said working with kids was easy?

Friday, August 21, 2009

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Thank goodness Cadbury is Comming Back

I was watching ACA tonight & for those who didn't see it, there was a segment on how Cadbury was returning to it's original formula. You know for ages I have been wondering why the good ol' family block was tasting different, almost flavourless, greasy & plastic like. It was revealed that they stopped using 26% coco butter & replaced it with 21% palm oil. YUK!!! My taste buds were right along with the rest of the country. I am one of those people when I want to indulge I was to make all those goodness calories worth it. I dumped Cadbury as they had done their dash with me, and went straight to Toblerone which is still heaven in itself, but there is nothing like that famous glass & a half of milk. I only wonder now, when will the real deal be back on the shelves? My only assumption would be that the block is 250gm rather than the skimpy 200gm? If anyone else knows please let me know. In making my taste buds water I check out some Etsians who make the worlds favourite indulgence mmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Fathers Day Bookmarks

I have just completed all of the new bookmarks I have in my 2nd Etsy shop "Marked By Tiges And Weince". They have taken me an extra day or 2 to complete as I am fighting through another cold, thanks to my beloved Hudson.
Anyway...My original hand designed bookmarks perfect for Dad on his special day. Brand new,

Personalise them with your favourite photo's. All you have to do is email me the photo's you have decided on, select the colour/design you would like & that's it. I will do all the rest & get them to you ASAP. Upon order turnaround is generally 24-48hrs plus post time. (Please note I can not dramatically improve the quality of you photos so please send clear images)
At the bottom of each bookmark you will notice a box with wording ie "Dad", "Poppy", "Grandad". As this is a personalised gift you can have any wording you like, just email the wording required with your photos. Please ensure spelling is correct.
Last submission date for personalised photo's is 1st September for delivery that week, so don't leave it too late.

If personalising isn't your thing, check out the new novelties especially for Fathers Day.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Small things entertain growing minds

I don't think I need to explain much here, my photo's say it all. This was one of the funniest things I have witnessed in ages, mind you my mum was panic stricken. Through tears of laughter I managed to compose myself to snap away.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Made a quilt and it worked!!

I was going through my fabric stock pile which I know many of us have, or should I say hoard!
Well I had lots of bits and pieces, not enough to make anything significant, yet large enough to do something. I have ALWAYS wanted to quilt, it just looks so dreamy some of the finished 'artworks' as I call them out there. Anyway I had a go & I did it. The finishing of the binding was a challenge, but after lots of googling I got through it. It's also in my shop. I have a couple more on the go, I will keep you posted on those.
Here it is, a mini one, I didn't want the task too daunting.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


What a great surprise I was just about to post something else, which I will get to soon.
As I always do I run a quick scan over my favourite blogs & I saw Lillyella's (Nicole) winner for her July name game. I knew the name I entered in there with many others was in the final judging poll, but I never thought I would WIN!!
The designer behind Lillyella name is Nicole & I have been following her blog ever since she was featured in "Quit your day job" on the Etsy's storque. Her jewelry is stunning, and her blog is always full of interesting things to read, giveaways, fashion to see, crafting projects,and recipes to eat.
The name that I entered which was selected is "Vintage Bloom" & here is what I won.
A matching necklace & earring set.

I have decided on the burgundy colour.

Make sure to check her Etsy shop out, and the new "Vintage Bloom Earrings and Necklace" will be there soon when she returns from her break.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Time flies

Well it's the middle of August already can you believe it? Time flies doesn't it?
Things to do, start thinking about, fathers day is around the corner, spring is nearly here, before we know it summer will be knocking on our door & I won't scare anybody saying Christmas is coming.
I am already thinking & doing plenty about a few of the above RIGHT now.
Fathers Day - I have started some new designs for my bookmarks that are specifically for dad. Great gifts especially from the grand kiddies as well as mums and dads of course. They will be themed as well as personalised. Pop you favourite photo's on them they will be a winner. But I will let you know more about those in the next day or so.
Spring/Summer - Well as Aussie craftsters we need to have our plan down for a new season of fresh new colours and creations. We have to also incorporate and consider some new 'fall' items for our friend on the other side of the globe. Here is a sneak preview at some of my new spring colours coming very soon.

Finally Christmas - What's you creative plan? My plan is on paper THAT'S IT!!
I have a ideas of things consisting of the very important tree, some angels, a reindeer, and of course santa's helpers. It's just a matter of piecing them all together so they collaborate.
Fun Fun Fun, I love it!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wednesday Wishlist

I am wishing very very hard today to win some online tutoring about "Multiple Streams Of Income" taught by Laura Bray from Katydiddy.
If I win a place in this class I will learn the following;

1.Learn that creating multiple streams of income is the fastest way to reach your financial goals while making a living a doing what you love.
2.Learn how to leverage your artwork and projects to make money for you over and over.
3.Learn how to create passive income. You can be independently employed, go on vacation, and still make money!
Find out the many ways an artist or crafter can make money from their art.
You probably haven’t even thought of some of them!
Learn from experts in creative income areas such as; online selling, art licensing, children’s book illustration and craft shows.
Create a personal business plan, outlining your income choices and the steps you need to take to make your plan a reality.

It sounds so inspiring right? Just what I love to learn, learn and learn.
She also is an artist herself and has beautiful whimsical items to sell in her Etsy shop, as well as the world of knowledge regarding making your craft business a success. I recently purchased from an ebook about Multiple Streams Of Income which had same fantastic ways that helped me plan my next business movement and the so many different avenues to make some hard earned money from it. In saying that it's still a long road ahead of me.
I loved her insight as it opened my eyes to things I never heard of. You can purchase her ebook here.
Laura is also a very willing and helpful, I have had a few conversations 'emails' with her ,and her positivity and happy to help attitude was fantastic.
If you feel like you need to know a little more check out her blog here.
Wish me luck, that is of course you enter as well.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Tasty Tuesday

MMM what's on the menu tonight, I had some diced lamb in the freezer, that will do. What shall I do with it? I had a search around and went back to my easy and fuss free cookbooks.
I have the "Symply too good to be true" series, there are 5 of them & you can buy them in the newsagent. They aren't very cool or funky looking but just easy low fat and very healthy 'family' meals. Truly they are great you should check them out.
Anyway the decision was Minted lamb kebabs. I haven't done these before but I am sure they will be great mmmmmmmmmm

Monday, August 3, 2009

The wheels are in motion

I have finalised 2 of my designs I am going to use as part of my new collection coming out.
I have so many ideas and it's hard to narrow them down, which as many of us know can be paralysing. I guess work with what I am feeling right now, and more importantly don't get ahead of myself this is a new venture I am diving in to.
I drew them by hand first, with lots of erasing, more sketching and more erasing, then scanned them, & redrew them in illustrator. Boy it was time consuming, but it's all good.
I have started cutting out screens which is the next phase, I will keep you posted.
Some spring time birds

Some fierce robots

Clutch Giveaway.....

Hi everyone I hope you all had a great weekend.
I just found a great giveaway on Spearmint Baby's blog, Mod Dot Textiles are giving away one their stunning clutches. They are great & there is definitely a design to suit everyone.
This is the one I love.